1. Paul R says

    Daniel Craig is hot as hell, but it’s hard to believe those are his real eyes. I’ve known exactly one person with eyes with that vivid blue color. Other blues are beautiful, but that color is extremely unusual. If it’s true, good on him.

  2. UFFDA says

    November! I have to wait until November to see more of this yummy man? This isn’t a trailer, it’s torture.

    ANGUS – so English isn’t hot? So you post to look stupid! Welcome to success.

  3. R says

    looks solid. lets hope its as good as casino royale.

    ps his blue eyes look real enough to me. they’re not that unusual (well, for an english bloke).

  4. Andreas says

    I don’t find him hot or even handsome. He’s creepy looking in person and can only say he looks decent when sporting a beard. Plus, I think he is a lot older than he says.

    Clive Owen would make a much better Bond!

  5. sparks says

    Elijah Wood has the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Daniel Radcliffe’s are a very close second.

    But Matt Bomer has the prettiest blue-green eyes, on top of the prettiest overall package. 😛

  6. Zlick says

    I was very disappointed with Quantum Solace, but every other Bond almost reliably a good one. Rawr, Daniel Craig is hands-down the hottest Bond since Connery … and what’s that, Ben Wishaw as the new “Q”??? November can’t get here fast enough!

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