1. Roger says

    Fast food, workouts, Goldman Sachs commercials, news recap, yes. No Rmoney to be found. Repost, please?

  2. Ricco says

    Before she can shatter our correct, spot-on perceptions of her husband, turning them into misconceptions,she would have to first uninform our perception that has not worked a day in her life.

  3. Andrew says

    I don’t care who is cooler or funnier or who I’d rather have a beer with or invite to a BBQ.

    I want the smartest, most capable person, period. I want someone who is going to turn our economy around and turn our country around from becoming even more mediocre than it is.

  4. Brains says

    The only thing inside Romney is the heart of a Carpet-Bagger corporate raider!!

    This compulsive liar and his delusional wife should go home!!

    Running for President, a job to which you are not qualified, for the past nine years gets a bit tiresome!!!!!!

  5. Wavin' Dave says

    Um, how to you type “vomited in my mouth?”
    A few more variations of this and we’ll get to see Sasha and Malia’s marriages on the White House lawn.
    Fine with me, Mormon robots.

  6. qj201 says

    Does Mitt like sex in something other than the missionary position?

    Or does he like the lights on during sex?

  7. SFshawn says

    When I read the TV caption I thought it said ‘Ann Romney on her growing HOLE’
    It actually makes more sense since ANYTHING that comes from her mouth isn’t worth mentioning or any serious consideration.
    I wish these two would just pack it up and go home.

  8. Oliver says

    I’m with Roger (above). Fast food, workouts, Goldman Sachs commercials, news recap, yes. No Rmoney to be found. Repost, please?

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “Does Mitt like sex in something other than the missionary position?”

    Of course, not. The Mormon Church is filled with missionaries. It’s their duty. It’s only us Christian heathens that do it doggy style…sometimes with no vaginas in sight

  10. Matt says

    Yes, I believe this story. Romney no doubt hopes to “wildly and crazily” attack personal freedoms in America based on religious gobbledygook.

  11. Paul R says

    So she doesn’t let him speak, wears blouses made out of seemingly endangered species, and lives in total denial.

    Well goodness. I’ll take her word on anything!

  12. Randy says


    The facts are Romney will be the most unpopular nominee the Republicans have had in decades.

  13. Javier says

    Ann Romney’s message… “You don’t know the truth, only I know the truth (narrative).”

    Could it be that senior campaign advisers let Mitt and his wife know that they need to control the narrative by manipulating the media…. hmmmm?

    Oh Ann, PLEASE! Our most humble Mitt has graciously spoken from both sides of his mouth for how long now? Mitt is for something and then against it on how many issues? His own rival candidates had a field day pointing this very issue out.

    Their is a total lack of clarity and transparency when it comes to Mitt and I would like to think that voters will have serious issues with his credibility.

    Would Obama be able to get away with as much flip-flopping as Mittens and still get re-elected? I think not.

  14. says

    She is sooo NOT first lady material… actually she is not Michelle Obama material… the bar has been set much higher than just first lady