Former MN Governor Jesse Ventura Denounces Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura says he'll do anything he can to defeat the anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot there in November, the Post Bulletin reports:

VenturaVentura said the issue is personal for him because when he was a professional wrestler he had a friend who was gay who had been with his partner for more than 20 years. When his friend's partner got sick, he was unable to be by his bedside because hospital rules allowed only spouses or next of kin.

"And because they are not allowed to be married, he's neither. That's cruel," he said.

Ventura said he believes the majority should not be able to make decisions about the civil rights of a minority.

"If you did that, we would still have slavery because the majority isn't going to think about the minority," he said. "You have to have politicians with courage, who will stand up and say this is a civil rights issue, and where do we get off that the government should decide who you should fall in love with and marry?"


  1. MichaelJ says

    I’ve had mixed feelings about Jesse Ventura over the years, but one thing I like about him is his willingness to clearly say what he believes without concern for his popularity. And what he’s said about marriage rights and the notion that they should be determine by a vote is totally on target.

  2. AJ says

    Thanks for your support, J. And thanks for the Light Rail here in Minneapolis which would have gone nowhere without you. However, he didn’t do all that much for us when he was governor. Thanks for supporting us now that you are totally irrelevant, I guess. Although, truer words were never spoken about the unfairness of voting on Minority issues. It’s absolutely outrageous and infuriating.

  3. Jack says


    Lean in a little deeper, I’m not sure you’re looking the gift horse in the mouth enough…
    Thanks for giving backhanded compliments to people who have come out as allies, I’m sure that makes more people want to support us.

    F*cking bitchy-ass fags

  4. Jere says

    I applaud Ventura for throwing himself into this fight, but his statement makes me wonder about the friend he cited who could not visit his partner in the hospital. If this is/was such an important personal issue to Ventura, why didn’t he raise it and promote marriage equality when he really could have made a difference: when he was governor of Minnesota.

  5. Dan says

    When Jesse was governor, he both supported rights for gay couples and worked to make them law. He succeeded for a time in giving gay state workers the ability to extend their health care to their partners. Tim Pawlety latter reversed that though. Do a simple google search about Jesse and gay rights limiting the time frame to when he was governor. He was not silent.

  6. Jose S says

    The notion that Jesse is a ‘nutjob’ is simply ridiculous. He may have different opinions on certain things like 9/11, national security, national debt, all I think are pretty valid because this is a guy that *thinks outloud* and is not ashamed of it (and to an extent provides proof to what he is saying).

    A nutjob is somebody like Brian Brown (who now calls himself the Big Mo), Porno Pete, Maggie Gallagher, Bryan Fischer, Paul Cameron… these nutjobs are the ones with the crazy conspiracy ‘theories’ that gays hate America, are nazis, are mentally unstable, are terrorists etc… all not based in reality. And of course, Jesse sees the world through a ‘reality lens’ and hence why he supports (and has always supported) gay marriage.

  7. Dave says

    God Bless Jessie, he is a real American. He is right, the majority can not make sane and rational decisions for the minority, if they did we would still have slavery. Also it is not the job of religion or government to tell us who we love and who we marry. It is time to get religion and government out of our bedrooms and keep them out. If we are ever going to really be free in America.

  8. Hem Raj Jain says

    Sub:- Open letter to Ex-Governor (Minnesota, USA) Jesse Ventura

    Dear (Ex-Governor) Mr. Jesse Ventura

    Attn: Mrs. Terry Ventura

    I understand that your goodness is contesting 2012 US President election.

    After reading your book “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me”, I find similarity of my views with your over-all views. Therefore I humbly submit that in your election manifesto the following 18 issues / points will be of much assistance to your election campaign:-

    (1)- “Income Tax” to be replaced by “Consumption Tax”

    (2)- Dollar to be converted into global currency with head office of ‘Global Currency Bank’ (GCB) in USA and branch offices in other countries and with currency against asset back (precious metal, real estate etc) under physical or constructive possession of this GCB.

    (3)- Private persons too are to be allowed to create currency through GCB against recognized asset back-up.

    (4)- Cumulative public debt (through fiscal deficits) of governments (Fed and States) to be strictly against the security of their consolidated funds (the income of one year) and other collateral.

    (5)- Free health –care (except prescription drugs) to 60 % economically humble citizens out of ~ 8 % GDP which governments (Fed + State + Local) are already spending and planning to spend on health-care.

    (6)- Social organizations, Missionaries, NGOs should be encouraged to run these free governmental hospitals on lease basis.

    (7)- Depositors and investors of “Banks and Financial Institutions” to be converted into shareholders.

    (8)- Without economic freedom democracy has no meaning hence under “Right To Work” the jobless are to be given employment by US Government

    (9)- Residential & commercial buildings can also be constructed under this ‘Employment Guarantee Program’ and given on rent too (to be decided by ‘US Rent Determination Commission’).

    (10)- The ‘Right to Property’ to be respected and no bail-out to private sector.

    (11)- Federalism to be restored in USA where civil matters will be with State and only martial matters with Fed. The natural resources and their related rights should be exclusive properties and legislative subjects of respective States.

    (12)- All other relationships (LGBT) to be given equal rights, liabilities, respect, protection etc. but the term ‘marriage’ to be strictly restricted between hetro-sexual couple.

    (13)- In view of Syria fiasco, the ‘League of Democracies’ (within UN if possible and out of UN if necessary) to be launched without veto to any member and with voting rights to each member based on formula based on contribution (of men, money, material) with OP-1 converted into MP-1 of ICCPR for human rights enforcement in member democracies.

    (14)- In the interest of justice & permanent peace in Israel, the solution of one State for Jews and Palestinians to be pursued.

    (15)- The American value of ‘Mobility’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ are to be preserved. The FDI / FII by US citizens / corporations to be discouraged and US companies in other countries with 51 % and above equity to be encouraged with provision of up to 15 % employment to US citizens in such US companies.

    (16)- Government to respect civil liberties and right to dissent and to provide adequate facilities for carrying out demonstrations etc. (in future no bleeding of many demonstrators due to police assault as happened in Chicago during NATO Summit in May 2012)

    (17)- Protection of environment through ‘Saving of Power’ to be encouraged (in State like Minnesota A. C. and lights are unnecessarily on even during 8 months of clement weather and good sunlight. Good public transport can save lots of fuel consumption, but it is hopeless across State)

    (18)- In accordance with ‘US Sovereignty’ and ‘Rule of Law’, the ‘human rights’ of millions of illegal immigrants should be respected and their ordeal should be finished. They should be identified, tracked and should be either deported (if Mexico accepts them) or they should be given citizenship (after paying reasonable fine) and by demanding commensurate territory or equitable exclusive mineral rights from offending country Mexico.

    Sir, your goodness will bring immense pride to Minnesotans by contesting Presidential election 2012 and by becoming US president. Moreover there is hardly any one else on this earth who has excelled in so many fields namely armed forces (SEAL), wrestling, radio & television talk show host, football coach, acting in films, Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Governor of Minnesota, professor at Harvard and so on and on, and it is not an exaggeration to say that USA, the leader of free world, deserves nothing less than your goodness as its President.

    With regards and best wishes.

    Yours truly

    Hem Raj Jain

    (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

    Richfield, Minnesota – 55423, USA, Ph:- 612-202-4053
    Presently at – Bangaluru – 560041, India, Ph:- 080 – 41694386, 07829074704

  9. says

    Denken Sie mich, wenn ich sage, dass ich will, dass Penis-Vergrößerungskapseln leisten, wie irgendjemand anderer tut. Lebensstil würde so viel weniger schwierig sein, wenn wir eine tägliche Pille und sechs bis acht Wochen später denken konnten, sind unsere Penisse magisch um einige Zoll gewachsen. Das Menschenpaar von zusätzlichen Zoll wird helfen geben uns, die bedeutsam selbst gebraucht haben, verbessert sich die Vertrauenszunahme im Schlafzimmer und ein Vertrauen für die Existenz im grundlegenden. Es ist dennoch sonderbar, dass es gerade nicht eine Pille gibt, die Sie gerade nehmen können, der gibt Ihnen enorme Arme in 8 Wochen, oder vielleicht sogar einen Block, der macht Ihre Kiefer-Linie viel mehr Quadrat?

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