Gay Wedding Video of the Day: Tim and Nic


Towleroad readers Tim and Nic write:

Timnic2Tim and I recently got married in Melbourne despite being not legally recognised in Australia. With the Marriage Act currently being put to the test and expected to be defeated, we still went ahead and celebrated our relationship in front of an audience of 100+ guests. A video was made highlighting the best events of the day, letting the world know that a LGBT wedding is no different from a heterosexual one - an event filled with love. Please share this with Towleroad's readers as we hope that many more LGBT couples will be able to do this with the support of their community.

In addition, on 26 June, the Australian Christian Lobby will hold a forum in Melbourne against marriage equality. The proceedings will be addressed by conservative Christian politicians, journalists and academics, and will be broadcast into churches around the country. We hope our video can add to the voice that stands for equality.


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