1. CHAD says

    Aim higher? Damn, Andrew hit the bulls eye!

    I likes me some softcore titillation mixed in with my depressing-anti-gay-religious-freaks-are-after-us-news.

  2. MattS says

    I was not on board with this idea when I first read about it, as Justin Hartley will forever have the title of Green Arrow, but DAYUM! Stephen Amell is amazingly hot (or inappropriately hot…LOL). Love his brother on Alphas, too. Think that family won the gene pool or what?

    Anyway, this looks like Smallville quality and I’m looking forward to watching.

  3. Matt26 says

    Oh dear, what a hunk, the body, the face, the voice. The training his character has, super hot.
    The story, hopefully it’s ok, the leading man is at least Dreamy.
    (Again, couldn’t see the video, had to find it on youtube.)

  4. Rick in Cincinnati says

    Jamie, Green Lantern is the DC super hero that will be gay in the comic revamp, not Green Arrow.

    And Justin Hartley will always be my Green Arrow. (And I think he’s hotter than this Arrow… but that’s just my preferences.)

  5. Jon says

    Don’t you queens have anything better to do than take time out of for day to post comments about a generically attractive white guy? Are you all just ancient and retired and have nothing better to do?

    Also, this post would have zero replies if he were black. Thank god he is not.

  6. DeeperStill says

    JON, and what exactly does that say of you then? You’re obviously not interested in this post, but still come to read all the comments, and even find time in your busy, bust schedule to post a comment yourself… Moron.

    Also, in my experience, when someone refers to other people as “queens”, they are usually the most flaming queen themselves.

    Oh, and… Moron.

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