In Indiana, Republicans And Democrats Straddle Muzzy Middle On Marriage Equality

MikePenceYesterday, Indiana Democrats convened in Summit City to create their party's 2012 platform. The talk was mostly economic, though Sen. Tim Lenane did make a forceful statement opposing any amendment to the state constitution that would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

But this year, Indiana's Republicans seem uninterested in pursuing such an amendment. When the state's GOP gathered last weekend to lay out their own platform, for the first time in six years they declined to make the pursuit of a marriage amendment one of its planks. The party insists the softening is no softening at all — that it reflects the direness of the current economic situation, rather than any kind of political calculation. From the

JohnGreggRepublicans say their platform is simply a change in focus in an election that is all about jobs. Democrats say their platform reflects both their long-standing commitment to equality and the changing attitudes among voters.

… Micah Clark, leader of the American Family Association of Indiana, which wants Indiana to have some type of ban in the constitution, said he was disappointed by the GOP silence this year.

"That kind of caught me off guard," he said.

Interestingly, both of Indiana's major gubernatorial candidates — Republican Mike Pence and Democrat John R. Gregg — oppose marriage equality. Neither is talking about it much on the campaign trail. Neither is Libertarian candidate Rupert Boneham, the hirsute Survivor contestant, who declines to even mention the subject on his website



  1. William says

    I visited my family in Indiana for Easter this year after nearly two decades away. I’d originally left Indiana because of the intense homophobia in that State at the time. I was told Indiana has since changed.

    What I was told turned out to be true. Being a New Yorker, Indiana is still not up to my level of understanding or acceptance of gays; but the are much more tolerant and open to hearing about it now. Things move slowly, but they are moving.

  2. candide001 says

    Don’t be fooled by this. It’s typical GOP cunning and deceit. They’re just trying to appear more moderate than they really are before the general election to lure in gullible undecideds.

    It was during the primaries that the GOP revealed its true, ugly face on gay issues. If they had enough votes, they’d ban us entirely.

    Remember Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign promises of being moderate on social issues despite all of his well-documented anti-women, anti-gay stances in the past? How did that work out for Virginian women and LGBTs?

  3. William says

    I saw a primary debate between Murdoch and Lugar while visiting Indiana. I didn’t see any difference between their respective policy issues. There was a big difference in their rhetoric, though. I thought at the time, “Let Murdoch win the primary!” I was convinced, and remain convinced, that opens the door for a moderate Democrat to win the Senate seat. Indiana is still very conservative, but not really Tea Party-conservative.

  4. Adam says

    This seems odd, insofar as Rupert rode in the Indianapolis Pride Parade and signed autographs at the Celebration held afterward. To hear his supporters tell it, he is fully supportive of marriage equality. Maybe he’s just trying to outlast, outlive and outplay!

  5. says

    Correction: There is a VERY strong statement by Rupert Boneham about Marriage Equality on his website. In fact…it’s on the front page!(fourth article under latest news)

    Rupert on Marriage Equality (Jan. 27th, 2012)

    By the way… is linked to in that article.

    The one and only campaign issue video that Rupert has made, so far, is on Marriage Equality. The issues page is ever evolving but those were a few of the top issues that Rupert started his campaign with, back in October.

    On his campaign Facebook Page ( the profile picture is a pledge to support Marriage Equality in Indiana.

    I would encourage you to read the article, linked above, to see what Rupert’s response was to a woman who said Rupert had lost her vote due to his support of 100% Marriage Equality. You can also see the MANY posts he and the team have made on Facebook about standing in full and public support of LGBT Equality.

    If you would like to see other materials on how Rupert is pro-choice, pro-union and very pro-LGBT… please feel free to email me at the address provide. I hope you will correct this article quickly.

  6. says

    When a “fan” said that Rupert had lost her vote, due to his support of Marriage Equality, this is how Rupert publicly responded:

    May 15th –

    I’m sorry to hear that Nanci. But as Governor I will be sworn to uphold both the Indiana and U.S. Constitution which applies to every single one of us, without exception.

    The fight for Liberty starts with equal treatment under the law. Committed and consenting LGBT adults should have the same legal benefits, protections and responsibilities as every other couple.

    As far as the government is concerned marriage is not a religious ceremony or an institution of the church. It is a civil contract being made be a couple that seeks recognition of their union for the express purpose of gaining automatic rights, privileges and responsibilities that are only afforded to joined couples. There are 1,138 of these on the federal level alone. They range from visitation, power of attorney, property rights, adoption and next of kin status to name a few.

    The legal recognition of same-sex couples as “married” has no religious impact. Churches have been and will always be free to set their own standards for which marriages they recognize and for whom they perform weddings for. That is also a Constitutional guarantee that I will be sworn to uphold.

    When it comes to my faith and how I will governor… I will be charged with protecting and expanding liberty and freedom for all Hoosiers. Not just the ones I attend services with. I hope you can see that people can disagree and are free to accept or not accept each other, but we can not let even one us be treated, as a matter of law, as less than or unequal to anyone else. I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a world where we pick and choose who is worthy of their constitutional rights and who isn’t. We had enough of that in the 50’s and 60’s.

    In Liberty,

  7. Jason says

    I believe there’s been some oversight on Mr. Thorpes part regarding Rupert Boneham and his outspoken support of marriage equality.

    Here’s a video clearly detailing his support from the camapign website.

    The dated image of Rupert used in the article also indicates an assumptive attitude on the part of the reporter.

    Remember.. if you are voting for Gregg or Pence for Indiana Governor in November, you’re voting for a homophobe.

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