1. Wow says

    “Let me just remind you that this judgement comes from a man who has made a living beating up other men. Just saying.”

    Sterling commentary, Belonsky. As always.

  2. meowen says

    who cares what this a*hole says. Catholicism is quite ingrained in the filipino culture. Luckily my boyfriend – a filipino – has a great and understanding family who are strong catholics but still very supportive of our relationship. The most important thing to them is that we love each other and they treat me like family.

  3. Rick says

    “Let me just remind you that this judgement comes from a man who has made a living beating up other men. Just saying”

    Er, no, it comes from a man who has made a living fighting other men who are evenly matched with him in a sport that requires great skill.

    Just like the hockey players and pro football players who have endorsed gay rights recently are involved in sports that involve violent contact with other evenly-matched men.

    And just like the gay men who participate in the same violent sports, like Wade Davis, who just came out in recent days.

    It is part of being a man, Andrew, which, admittedly–and sadly–is beyond the comprehension of a substantial number of gay men, namely those who model their behavior on women rather than men.

    Homophobia is the demon we need to dispense with, not masculinity.

    Fortunately some of us understand that, even if others don’t.

    Pacquio’s comments are reprehensible, but they are not due to the fact that he is a boxer any more than Michelle Bachman’s homophobic attitudes and comments are due to her wearing panties and high heels.

    Thank you.

  4. says

    has anyone ever noticed that the gay men who come on to insult “effeminacy” never have the balls to show themselves?

    very telling.

    “i hate femmes” gay men are like “i hate gays” male christian republicans. sooner or later you’re gonna get busted with your ankles in the air while you coo “I’m a SIZE QUEEN!”


  5. MKisNE says

    And by “living” that’s 67 million dollars last year according to the Forbes celeb 100 list. So let’s hope he’s not holding a grudge against anyone, but I really don’t want to hear him “almost” sing in anymore phone commercials.

  6. meowen says

    Rick, I don’t get hung up on trying to be “like a man” or a “like a woman” I just simply am me. And no, I wouldn’t be what you would call “effeminate” Why do you care so much about other peoples’ mannerisms?

  7. wyocowboy says

    I won’t waste my time listening to babbaling idiot open their mouth…man religion “F” bombs people mind..crazy crazy

  8. pixelasian says

    This from someone allegedly prone to marital infidelity…and that one–UNlike homosexuality–is specifically mentioned in the ten commandments. Manny Pacquiao, you are such a hypocrite. I am ashamed that you are a Filipino.

  9. Bart says

    *Yawn* – oh sorry, what did that little guy say again?

    Wonder if he stands outside Red Lobster restaurants and yells at the people going inside to eat shellfish. What? That’s not a sin anymore?! Well go figure that…

  10. Tom in long beach says

    He can speak his mind, and I can boycott any product he is paid to promote…

  11. Rick says

    @Meowen Don’t try to make me the issue. The author of the piece clearly tried to posit a cause-and-effect relationship between being a boxer and being a homophobe…..and I simply pointed out that there is no such relationship and that the motive of gay men who try to posit such relationships is that they see masculinity as a “problem” rather than homophobia….and see the solution as being to undermine masculine values, when the real solution is for gay men to develop a male identity that so many honestly lack–which will cause homophobia to melt away.

    And the melting away of homophobia is what we all seek, right?….which is why I care so much about “mannerisms”–although it is about a whole lot more than just mannerisms; it is about the alienation that effeminate gay men cause by identifying with women rather than with men, which has lots of manifestations, of which “mannerisms” are only the most salient and easily observed characteristic.

  12. John says

    Boxers aren’t really the brightest bulbs in the bunch, so anything he says I interpret as incoherent babble from a battered brain.

  13. Dan says

    There are 176 abominations. No one and I say no one keeps any. Dont they see that. Oh, I forgot. They get to pick and choose what they want to yell about.

  14. Francis says

    Ignoring the attention whore, nothing Manny says regarding morality is relevant, and based on the reaction he received after he made the homophobic statements he did, not many people take what he has to say seriously regarding human behavior of others. Personally, I just want to see what happens, presumably after his fight with Bradley, regarding sponsors, because if making anti-gay comments don’t result in some sort of responsibility or penalty here, then that’s not a good sign. He being Catholic isn’t an excuse for his utter stupidity.

  15. BobC562 says

    Rick, I could be wrong but I think you’ve kinda missed the point of the last sentence. Completely. My take on it is that this man is being judgmental of lesbians and gays because of scripture, which also proscribes (in certain spots, not so much in others but who ever said the Bible was consistent, well, who in their right mind would say that) intentionally inflicting harm on others apart from self-defense. That, I believe, is the point. Not that engaging in violent sports would, ipso facto, make one homophobic.

  16. Rick says

    You’re all just a bunch of weak-minded effeminate queens who are jealous that I’m masculine and don’t worship divas. Because so many gay men have co-opted the effeminate mannerisms of the divas they worship, manly men like me who are normal find it difficult to find anonymous sex partners.

  17. Jeff says

    Rick I guess we’ll just have to take your word that you are a manly man. Just keep in mind your idea of manly might fall very short of my idea of manly.

  18. Rick says

    Once again, just ignore Little Kiwi’s desperate attempts to divert attention from the real issues by posting as an impostor under my name ( the comment beginning with “You’re all just a bunch of……)

    He is deeply threatened by the resonance of my arguments, understandably so.

  19. Derrick from Philly says


    You’re obsessed, Rick…absolutely obsessed with this issue bringing out the inner masculinity in us queens. You aint gettin’ out of me, Miss Thaing.

    Rick, you just wanna get your booty banged by some big ol’ muscle boy.

    So do I.

    Except you want your “top” to be blonde with a swastika tatooed on his dingaling. Give me Floyd Mayweather (with his sleazy rough trade self).

    You know that Floyd Mayweather came out in favor of marriage equality after the press asked him about Pacquio’s remarks. Yeah, right. Well, who knows what’s in the heart of a rough macho man? Do you know, Rick?

    Plenty Drag Queens can tell you about prize fighters. Oh, yes.

  20. UFFDA says

    This fighter guy is no one. Forget about him…

    ah but, (glancing at other posts) I see that this has turned into another RICK-KIWI fight (always good), which I’ll get back to later when I’m ready for the days’ entertainment as Madam de Farge.

  21. Rick says

    Derrick, your pathetic liberal nonsense rings hollow. And the only man I plan on having sex with is my father because he gives it to me like a real man does. Without lube, while shouting homophobic epithets. Imagine Last Tango in Paris if Brando was in his late-career fat stage.

    The real issue is that real masculine gay men like me who are respected by our peers can prove how manly we are by making anonymous internet posts. Clearly, this devastating example of manly courage is a threat to you weak effeminates who want thinks like facts, back up and proof.

  22. Rick says

    To prove how masculine and manly and respected I am as a gay man I’m going to never prove it because proof is for femmes.

  23. Jim says

    Who cares what this guy thinks? At this rate, he’ll be
    vegetative in a few years after being pounded into the ground.
    Human rubbish

  24. says


    his endorsement reach by signing deals with Monster Energy and Hennessy. Other partners include Nike and Hewlett-Packard.

  25. JellyBean says

    Wish Rick and Kiwi both would go away.
    Kiwi needs to worry about his own blog-he has posted anything since November 1911.

  26. says

    Apologies Andrew, but I really don’t give a $hit what this worthless toad ( apologies to toads too, I do like them ), has to say about anything in the universe.
    He is a repulsive dung beetle……that’s better than disparaging toads.

    @ RICK : “the solution is for gay men to develop a male identity which so many lack….”

    I can only conclude that you are mixing with the wrong crowd……ie the self loathers.

  27. Johnson says

    Pacquiao, like most “Christians”, likes to pick and choose which Bible verses he believes in. For instance, the tattooed Pacquiao isn’t interested in the Leviticus prohibition against tattoos. It’s contained in the same book of the Bible he uses to condemn GLBT persons. He is a rank hypocrite.

  28. Rick's daddy... says

    @Rick…get out of that sundress now son…or I’ll beat you silly…you little fag. Your mother said never to touch her eyeliner & lipstick you sissy. Put that doll down! It’s your mother’s doing..she always babied you.
    Go out to the back 40 and shoot us up some nice possum…BE A MAN !

  29. Rick says

    “I can only conclude that you are mixing with the wrong crowd……ie the self loathers”

    So the diva-worshippers/woman-idolizers have a male identity? Or are you saying that they are the self-loathers?

    If your answer to the second question is yes, then I agree with you. If your answer to the first question is yes, then I have no idea how you could possibly draw that conclusion.

  30. Ricky's Mommy says

    Rick, ever since you started blowing daddy he never feels like raping me anymore. Thanks!

  31. Bob R says

    Like Rick, maybe this guy has taken one too many in the head, if you catch my drift.

  32. Rick says

    @Derrick I have no idea what your gobbledy-gook comment is supposed to mean, but the fact that Floyd Mayweather endorsed same-sex marriage REINFORCES my point, rather than contradicting it.

    Lessons in logic are available at your local community college if you want to take advantage of them.

  33. Ricky's Mommy says

    You’ll have to excuse my son, Rick. He’s still upset that the gay boys his daddy hated have enjoyable lives where they go out, have dates, have relationships, have sex, and listen to music they enjoy, while my poor little Ricky doesn’t want anyone to know he’s gay and has never had a real boyfriend.

    Also, he wet the bed until he was 15.

  34. Paul R says

    Cripes. Why does anyone respond to Rick? He’s an immature idiot seeking attention.

  35. gomez says

    “Let me just remind you that this judgement comes from a man who has made a living beating up other men. Just saying.”

    weak sauce, andy. like boxing’s an ignoble sport. stupid

  36. Tyler says

    Boxing would be an ignoble sport in the eyes of the man (Christ) that this hypocrite claims to have such faith in.

    that’s the point, Gomez.

  37. Rick's daddy... says

    Oh no Gomez…boxing is a very noble sport. Just look at the “noble” participants. It takes training…so does eating dirt.

  38. gomez says

    i don’t see any conflict between boxing and xianity. it’s a sport, it’s not done out of malice.

    @rick’s daddy/little kiwi/troll. until a boxer or an mma fighter comes out (which there have been). then a little praise, maybe?

    and why are obvious troll comments left up?

  39. Derrick from Philly says

    “Lessons in logic are available at your local community college if you want to take advantage of them.”

    How dare you. Why, I’ll have you know that I had 3 semesters of taking courses in gobbledy-gook logic. Aced ’em all! How’d you do in yours, Rick?

    The point of my comment, Rick? Your cause has become comical.

    Gay people are diverse when it comes to gender role norms and perfomance…been that way for thousands of years. And there aint a motha’ f.ckin’ thing you can do about it.

  40. Michael says

    It is very well known this guy cheats on his wife and he wants to complain about the “gay sin”. I guess he forgets the whole “Do not judge less you be judged” and, lemme check…, yup being gay isn’t on the Top Ten list at all but wait… Yup! Right there at #7 it says DON’T F*CK AROUND ON YOUR WIFE.

    F*ck him.

  41. tomwood says

    tattoos are against gods law as it is written in little mannys bible. Guess he missed that verse.

  42. Pig is A PIG! says

    Who cares about this ugly pig? He looks like that midget on “Fantasy Island”.

  43. Solomon says

    Someone should force Manny Pacquiao to watch hours and hours of nonstop gay porn with his eyes pryed open until it clicks.

  44. Solomon says

    Someone should force Manny Pacquiao to watch hours and hours of nonstop gay porn with his eyes pryed open until it clicks.

  45. Glenn says

    But straight sin is okay? This is from the person who has a lot of rumors of affairs and girlfriends swirling around him.

  46. Joe says

    well he father several babies from different women, his wife knows it but too scared to leave her “gold mine”

  47. jamal49 says

    This kind of crap from a guy who was notorious for dating transsexuals back in the day. Um, I gotta ask ya Manny, just what is the, uh, “sin” I commit? Gotta be more clear for the queer ear, Manny. I’m told that you might be familiar with that particular “sin”, you know, back in your pre-bejesus days.