Meghan McCain On GOProud: ‘Rogue Group’ Who ‘Exacerbate The Stereotype’

McCainGOProudMeghan McCain told Michelangelo Signorile exactly what she thinks of Republican gay group GOProud. They're a "rogue group that has publicly said very nasty things about me, very nasty things" and "the type of gay Republicans that I think exacerbate the stereotype," McCain told Signorile on his radio show.

The always outspoken McCain, daughter of former GOP presidential candidate John, went on: "Ann Coulter is who they had speak at one of their conventions and was touted as some kind of icon, a woman who uses gay slurs on television. In gay Republican circles, GOProud are not respected. They do not like me and I do not like them."

A member of the Log Cabin Republicans, McCain was also adamant that not all gay Republicans are self-loathing.  "They just believe in their country being run a certain way. And until I think the Democratic Party comes out and actually passes legislation, we’re not impressed."

I'm not impressed with Obama going on TV and saying, 'I have gay friends and I think they should get married.' That to me is the same thing as saying, 'I have black friends and they should get married but I’m not actually going to pass legislation that interracial marriage should happen.' If you put it in those terms it’s a completely different situation.

And the fact that people just seem to be okay with President Obama doing that, as far as I’m concerned, he’s not doing enough for the gay community and it's not enough to sway me. I'm glad it's okay with you guys but it's not enough for me. I know lots of gay people that are voting for Romney, because I think in America, people aren’t one-issue voters.

To many people, though, marriage is more than just a single issue: it's economic, philosophical, religious, romantic… The list goes on.


  1. Polyboy says

    DADT was struck down by an act of Congress, so I think she is dissembling more than a little. And given the make up of Congress, she’s going to continue to be “not impressed” for a goodly bit.

    Good on her for having a go at GoProud though.

  2. Tyler says

    Thank You, Meghan, for showing us all that you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    GOProud are a useless bunch of idiots, but this comment of hers shows she’s not too far removed from them when it comes to being intellectually honest.

  3. Mickey says

    “I know lots of gay people who are voting for Romney” LMAO Sure you do Megan… Sure you do…

  4. Matt in NYC says

    I saw the gay, Log Cabin, Romney voters marching in Sunday’s Pride Parade.

    I think they numbered…6? 7?

    Meghan’s arguments for voting against Obama are actually more insidious than the way Ann Coulter operates – at least Ann is transparent in her position.

    (Hateful, sure, but still transparent.)

  5. Michael says

    Wow, so let’s rag on someone who has been an outspoken advocate for our community.

    Good going guys.

  6. RHR IN TN says

    Michael, should we turn a blind eye to the fact that she will be using her influence to put a man in the White House who has pledged to not only stop the equality momentum, but to actually revoke rights that are already in place? Just because she “has been an outspoken advocate”?

  7. graphicjack says

    Okay, she has a point that Obama is a lot of hopey/changey talk and little action, HOWEVER, if forced to chose between him and Mittens, whose talk is homophobic and his actions are worse, I’d still vote for weak-as-water Obama. Sorry, Meghan, you kinda missed the point.

  8. says

    I agree Michael. Isn’t it appalling that McCain is ragging on President Obama, the most pro-LGBT President in American History, and yet she complains about him and encourages people to vote, instead, for anti-gay-policy Romney, or her own father?

    So much for defending the advocates for our community, eh?

  9. luminum says

    But Michael, I thought Meghan was saying that we shouldn’t be “one-issue voters.”

    But her argument makes tons of sense: I’m not impressed with a politician who’s pro-gay. In fact, I find it offensive, and I think it’s sad that gay men are supporting him because of this. That’s why I back a candidate who is outspokenly anti-gay.

    Because nothing is a saner than deriding people for supporting a tepidly pro-gay politician and saying that the better choice is to support a rabidly anti-gay politician and his homophobic party.

    And how out of touch is she that she thinks that gay politics aside, Romney has anything over Obama? If their candidate did, there’d be an interesting discussion to have. But if Obama’s a damp towel, Romney’s soaking in a puddle on the gym floor.

  10. Steve says

    Even if it were really only just talk (which it isn’t), that’s still infinitely than anything Republicans have ever done for gay rights.

  11. Wavin' Dave says

    She’s cute and all, doubtless well-meaning, but (Britishism) as thick as two short planks. Are my eyes and ears bleeding…?

  12. says

    She’s right about GOProud, though her diss of them seems to be more about the fact that they said nasty things about her than about any true philosophical disagreement with the group. In her shallow way, she’s doing what they and the LCR’s do: claiming to be unimpressed with Obama’s pro-gay actions while ignoring the virulent anti-gay positions and actions of the mainstream Republican party, basically giving them a pass.

    She’s trying to level a playing field that clearly isn’t level: the 2012 Democratic party is essentially pro-gay, the 2012 Republican party is essentially anti-gay. Who’s defending DOMA now? Her party. Who supports a constitutional amendment to undo all currently legal marriages of same-sex couples? Her party’s nominee for President. Which majority has never passed a single piece of pro-gay state or federal legislation? Her party’s.

    She wants to have it both ways, having us like her cause, you know, she’s cool about gay rights, but expecting us to buy her LCR-style propaganda and think, oh yeah, those Republicans are really on our side! She also makes the Republican mistake of assuming that gay Obama supporters are one-issue voters. In fact, the vast majority of us are not. We think Romney and her Republican party are wrong on a long long list of issues.

  13. Belthazar says

    @Graphic J – I’m not evening conceding, and rightfully so, that Obama is “weak-as-water”. I believe Rachel Maddow ran down a list of the things that this administration has done concerning LGBT rights. The “Google” is a wonderful thing.

    To use a sports analogy, have they scored a touchdown and extra point, No (but who has). Have they significantly moved the ball forward, Yes. And as Kiwi said, the most Pro-LGBT President in American History.

  14. Mike8787 says

    “I don’t understand why people vote for Barack Obama, when he only says he’s for gay rights. You should vote for Mitt Romney, who is actively working to limit them!”

    Logic fail. Not that I expect more from her.

  15. Daniel says

    “I’m not impressed with Obama going on TV and saying, ‘I have gay friends and I think they should get married.’ That to me is the same thing as saying, ‘I have black friends and they should get married but I’m not actually going to pass legislation that interracial marriage should happen.”

    As opposed to Romney who says he would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage completely.

  16. Pete N SFO says

    She’s officially a media talking-head; every comment could be a press release, with no basis is reality.

  17. TonyJazz says

    I’ve always had some measured level of respect for the Log Cabin Republicans, though I think the members have their own self-interests (financial) at heart, which is sad.

    However, GOProud deserves no ones respect (except maybe by the Tea Party or the KKK)… They’re just a couple of fools who would promote more anti-gay laws if it got them more press…..

  18. belo says

    First, neither GOPunks nor LCR are gay groups. They’re both republican organizations with gay front men who do the bidding of their far right boards of directors. Both are financed by republican extremists whose goal is to co-opt the LGBT message. This is why they each have a primarily non-LGBT board of directors. Ann Coulter is on GOPunks board. Andrew Breitbart was on GOPunks board. GOPunks recently endorsed Romney, but only 2 of those who joined in the endorsement were gay. If Meghan McCain doesn’t know this, then she’s ignorant as all get out. Beyond that, the suggestion that she favors Romney because Obama doesn’t push federal legislation for same-sex marriage is stupid and dishonest beyond belief. We don’t need federal legislation. We already have a Constitution that guarantees us equal protection and due process. If the SCOTUS ever says that is not so, THEN we’ll need legislation. But good to know that Meghan McCain is really more of a republican apologist, but not a very good one.

  19. Patrick says

    “because I think in America, people aren’t one-issue voters.”

    The majority of the fundamentalist right, a good chunk of the GOP framework, are “one-issue voters”

  20. Peter M. says

    “And the fact that people just seem to be okay with President Obama doing that, as far as I’m concerned, he’s not doing enough for the gay community and it’s not enough to sway me. I’m glad it’s okay with you guys but it’s not enough for me.”

    But she’s totally cool with Mitt Romney’s pledge to outlaw same-sex marriage in the whole USA. Typical GOP garbage. Every gay person who votes for Romney this November is a quisling to the LGBT community.

  21. Dumb H0 says

    WTF is this bimbo talking about? Obama needs to do more for gay rights??? Yeah, this is coming from someone who’s father ran for president saying he was against gay marriage. STFU you irrelevant clown and go get a real job. Nobody cares what you think.

  22. Sam says

    Well, Ms. McClueless, I’d rather have a president who supports the LGBT community idealistically and then tries to pass legislation…which gets kicked aside by the republicans in congress whose only political goal is to make him look bad(no matter how much damage they do to the country)… Than a man who has promised to ban gay marriage on a federal level. Rip apart families with deportation. And reinstate DADT. And who rejected a proposal to make elevators more handicapped accessible while having a massive elevator constructed for his cars. A man who enjoys “sport” and who knows about the trials the average NASCAR fan faces because he’s good friends with the team owners. A man who says he’s not concerned with the very poor, and said mass health would work great on the federal level, until he said he doesn’t think that…and that he never has.
    Whoever would vote for romney is either a bigot, uninformed, badly misinformed, or all three.

  23. djork says

    Why does this moronic little butterball continue to be given a platform? Gay + Republican = Self-loathing racist. “They just believe in their country being run a certain way.” Yeah, by a white guy.

  24. Bob says

    Too much air in the head.
    She misquotes Obama, then suggests that he is weak for not taking on the completely futile task of interfering in the marriage laws of the States.
    The best he can do with State laws is to encourage the public who does not like them to change them.
    However, his refusal to defend DOMA, is going to result in more marriage freedoms, as cases against it are piling up.

  25. Akira says

    Come on Megan, I appreciate your support, but let get real here. You know gay guys who will vote for Romney. Okay, i do not argue that. But, what do you think Romney will do for the gay rights compare to Obama? Obama acknowledges that he is supporting the same-sex marriage. Romney still believes in the 3000 year history of marriage is between a man and a woman…and he totally forgets that his grandpa had five wives. Maybe you should initiate a group of republican who will vote for Obama this season or you will continue to carry cognitive dissonance.

  26. woodroad34 says

    There’s that sense of the Southern backhanded compliment to Meghan’s statement: I know lots of gay people that are voting for Romney (Bless His Heart), because I think in America, people aren’t one-issue voters.

    What’s Romney going to do that Obama (who is juuuuust this side of Republican) hasn’t done? Republican policies got us into this economic mess, which exacerbates social mores, hence the screaming, anti-gay rehetoric and violence. Romney helped with his Bain Capitol (oh, wait, we’re not supposed to mention that) and his Mormon titheing (oh, wait, we’re not supposed to mention that) and Obama adopted HIS healthcare program (oh, wait, we’re not supposed to mention that). At least Meghan is more palatable than Anne Coulter, but she really needs to think before she speaks in order to get the thinking gay’s respect. I know sooo many Republican gays and they operate out of extreme economic selfishness and bile — they make drag queens blush in their cattiness and self-interest.

  27. Dave says

    Dear Ms. McCain, President Obama is doing as much as he can to support the GLBT community, dealing with the cards he was dealt. It is said that “The wheels of justice grind slowly”. However, with the current make up of our brain dead politicians (insert political party here), The wheels of justice are currently up on cinder blocks. The admin and the many courts are defending the constitution tooth and nail on our behalf, it is an uphill battle that is still being fought and will be for a long time to come. Give praise where praise is due.

  28. Kyle Murph says

    If she supports Romney (which is implied here), she is supporting someone who wants to prevent all future same-sex marriages. Obama’s is in favor of future same-sex marriages. The contrast could hardly be greater.

    And this is not a little or small issue to a great many of us. If you support LGBT equality and support Romney that tells me that your commitment to and interest in LGBT equality is actually not that great.

  29. I'm Just Sayin' says

    The fact which you seem to ignore, Ms. McCain, is that Obama has done a hell of a lot more for the gay community than your Daddy would have done. Yet you actively campaigned for him over Obama. So isn’t that a lot like saying I have gay friends but I am not going to do what I need to do to help them?

    You’re sweet to be so accepting Meghan and use your psuedo celebrity to help advance the cause, but you’re not the most strategic tool in the shed if you think that gay equality will not suffer a devasting blow with the election of Mitt Romney. You really need to stop drinking that LCR kool-aid.