1. MJ says

    It’s videos like this that remind me why I love being gay and MOST gay men. We don’t have to worry about being uptight. Minus a few the closet case trolls on here who resent many gays are unapologetically LIVING life, it’s videos like this that make me realize how awesome gay men truly are. Just F-U-N

  2. DRG says

    this made me SO happy! That’s how i feel inside whenever this song comes on. :)

    And before RICK et all decide to spout there ugly heads off…i’m not ubber gay and happen to be raised in Texas, wield shotguns, know my way around tool boxs, love carry-in camping, wakeboard, played sports, follow college football and regularly drive a tractor on my parents lake property. So live a little and stuff the whole masculinty BS where it belongs.

  3. UFFDA says

    OS2GUY – that’s how to demonstrate classy behaviour, if not leadership. But we have to be reminded. The wisdom, not to say kindness, of restraint. I don’t do it well, but you do. Best to your boys.

  4. AladinSane says

    What a great start to the weekend! I’ve danced like that to this song at home but beeches betta watch out if its ever played at a wedding reception now…

  5. Chad says

    Good for him! Especially see how so many self loathing, closet cases who identify as “straight ACYING” visit this site, this video should make their blood pressure boil, and hopefully cause a heart attack for them. For this guy- rock on! You represent what being gay is all about baby. Care free, fun, easy going and cheerful. LOVE IT!

  6. Red Velvet says

    God I love this video. He’s absolutely adorable. I fully expected the hyper masculine crowd to feel insecure by him because, well, gays who are naturally themselves do make the fake masculine crowd feel threatened. But skrew those losers, I live my life like this kid…for me and for enjoyment.

  7. t says

    Totally made me smile and I’m LOVING the overwhelming support he’s getting. Looks like the well adjusted gays are shunning the closeted gays on here (finally) and yeah, if you take offense to identifiable gays being G-A-Y, you’re nothing short of closeted. sorry the rest of us don’t want to join you in there. we’re too busy living our lives.

  8. Bob says

    YES, VIRGINIA, there are Gays in the Midwest, too.
    ….. and the track is Angela Bassett in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, not Ike and Tina Turner, as best I can hear it. Angela did a great job, but she does not have Tina’s grit.

  9. Seattle Mike says

    Love it. But it’s not “real” in the sense of an improvised performance that just happened to get captured by someone with their iPhone. Look at the multiple-camera editing. Still – LOVE it.

  10. Anthony says

    This is obviously fake/staged. The filming and lighting is perfect from several different angles. And have you ever seen a wedding reception video where people behave like this? They’re not walking across the screen or in and out of frame. I just don’t understand what the point is.

  11. AJH says

    “This just in, here at Fox News…we’re getting word that we have….what’s that? Yes, it’s been confirmed that we have video of an agent of Obama damaging tradition marriage, and destroying the Reagan Memorial Chair. Can you roll the film, please….”

  12. Kris says

    hah! love this. I agree, something very sexy about a guy who is authentically himself and isn’t afraid to be goofy and fun. Probably why I’m more attracted to naturally fem gays.

  13. William says

    I started out watching this video thinking, “This guy had one too many to drink.” I ended up thinking, “This guy and everyone around him is having fun.” Either I had one too many to drink during the duration of this song, or this guy knows how to light up a wedding party.

  14. Icebloo says

    Is this the best you can come up with for “news” on this website ? REALLY ? Is this guy the only guy to ever dance on his own and be video taped ? PATHETIC ! He wasn’t even good !

  15. Contrarian says

    But why did this person go to a wedding reception dressed like a Mormon missionary? I’m all for assimilation if you freely choose it, but looking like Mitt Romney’s lost son is a bit much.

  16. Mary says

    “But why did this person go to a wedding reception dressed like a Mormon missionary? I’m all for assimilation if you freely choose it, but looking like Mitt Romney’s lost son is a bit much”

    Comments like this are why I love Towleroad so much! Contrarian, that was funny!

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