1. Bernie says

    How sweet. Good for them both. Is it OK for me to truning 5 shades of green right now?

  2. Dean says

    He got scooped up pretty fast. He obviously needs artificial structure in his life. From his grandfather’s religion to gay marriage. How can all these people get married without Federal approval?

  3. JPinSF says

    Looks like a wonderful day. Glad to see all the people at their ceremony. They look very happy.

  4. anon says

    I like it when gays rethink the tropes of a standard wedding. It helps make it seem fresh and new and gay, rather than a str8 wedding in drag.

  5. Rick says

    No, Mikey, I thought it was quite moving, actually. I almost shed a tear. And yes, Bernie, it’s OK; I wish I could be young and beautiful again and could have done this when I was.

  6. Kevin B says

    @Dean How is this artificial structure? Please explain by defining what natural structure would be.

  7. kit says

    I think it’s also important to emphasize that this is Oral Roberts’s grandson in a beautiful wedding with a man he loves. The younger generation is our hope — the future is not going to be filled with the bigots (like Oral Roberts) that made the past so hateful. History is on the side of love and of equality. Even the kids who are raised in the very middle of right-wing evangelical xtianity can rise above it. Eventually, love wins out over hate.

  8. Lazlo says

    Why does someones post have to “labeled”? Who defines or validates what opinions are acceptable? Ugh, message boards. Anyway I think this is great for them, but I’m kind of over the focus on marriage/kids/adopting/etc. I wish the movement would start to focus more sharply on ENDA, poverty, etc. But whatever. I realize marriage is important just a bit tired of the hetero-normative meme.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    Andy, you’re killing me with these. What a mess I am. Congratulations boys!

  10. Bob says

    I hope “Anal Roberts” sees this video in Hell, and comes back to tell his followers that he has changed his mind, and so should they.

  11. Dean says

    Lazlo: The “hetero-normative meme” is what the fight is all about. Everyone can say it’s beautiful,. but will they get their moment in the sun? That’s what todays’ gays want, and that’s the discussion. That’s how it will be until the divorce wave hits. Roberts seems like he just came out, and he’s jumped right into marriage. It reminds me of the 1950’s Boring as hell.

  12. ORAL ROBERTS says

    Husband my sorry ass. My grandson going straight to hell, and that fat woman with the big streak of white hair too. It’s all Sin, more sin than there has ever been. I didn’t do enough to prevent it when I could have which is why…God it’s hot down here!

  13. TJ says

    DEAN – Relationships are not hetero-normative. They are human-normative. They are not a bad thing. Sometimes boring, just like the rest of real life. It’s up to you to make the most of it. That’s when it pays to be creative. And it’s not the lights and music and balloons and streamers that make the party. It’s the people.

  14. anthonyj says

    I was curious – gay marriage is not legal in Texas. Are civil unions? I thought they were only legal in Travis county (Austin) in Texas?

  15. Bob says

    @ AnthonyJ
    whether it’s legal or not, it’s OUR marriage and our ceremony. We will continue to have them while fighting to make them “legal” in the government. Now step aside while the rest of us enjoys the beauty of this.