‘Boston Globe’ Tells Romney Campaign: ‘No Basis’ for Issuing Correction to Bain Story

The Boston Globe will not be publishing a correction to its story alleging Romney misrepresented the timing of his departure from Bain Capital by three years, a falsehood which according to FactCheck.org could be a felony offense.

Bain_romneyEditor Martin Baron, wrote, in part, in response to demands for a correction from the Romney camp:

The Globe story was based on government documents filed by Bain Capital itself. Those described Governor Romney as remaining at the helm of Bain Capital as its “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president” until 2002. The story also cited state financial disclosure forms filed by Romney that showed he earned income as a Bain “executive” in 2001 and 2002, separate from investment earnings.

The Globe story accurately described the contents of those documents.

Meanwhile, Romney has said that he was at Bain for 25 years. Was he accidentally telling the truth?


  1. candide001 says

    Alert! Invasion of the self-loathing Romney trolls!

    I’m guessing they will be infesting sites like this from now until November with their off-the-wall Obama bashing.

    Self-destructive self-delusion of that magnitude is actually a little bit interesting to watch.

  2. jason says

    You should learn from previous experience. Obama lied to us about being a fierce gay advocate. He’s done basically nothing except for sign off on DADT repeal, which, really, was the result of Joe Libermann’s efforts. All he wants is our money.

    Obama will definitely not be getting my vote. He hasn’t earned it, and he’s been dishonest.

  3. says

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think Jason was just a provocateur trying to get people to recite AGAIN all the things Obama HAS done for gay people far beyond DADT.

    Just google “Obama gay rights accomplishments” and you get several long lists.

    But the issue here is Romney, who unlike Obama has demonstrably falsified his record.

  4. atomic says

    Typical GOProud / Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Republican thinking. If a Democratic administration advances GLBT rights, it’s a cynical ploy to get money. But if a Republican candidate goes on the record about being anti-gay, anti-equality, it’s “liberal media” misrepresentation. Never mind the fact that NO Republican administration has EVER done ANYTHING for our civil rights.

    Those of you who pander to Romney and his ilk have a serious mental disorder. You are retarded, stupid, greedy, self-loathing, and vile. You reap the benefits of all the hard work and sacrifices that real, honest, hardworking GLBTs made to advance equality, but if we had things your way, you’d be in concentration camps.

  5. atomic says

    It just astonishes me how someone can look at Obama’s record and say “he hasn’t done enough,” but is willing to vote for someone who is GUARANTEED to do everything he can to repeal DADT, pass a constitutional amendment taking away our right to marry, defend DOMA, and basically TAKE AWAY everything we HAVE accomplished thus far.

    Delusional. Just completely, utterly delusional.

  6. GeorgeM says

    Evan markus won’t answer you back, he never does and yes he ment it as a racial remark

    Jason did you vote for Obama in 2008?
    And a reminder had it not been for your side we would have only needed 51 votes to pass DADT repeal. Your side required 60 votes

  7. says

    Mittens is such a brilliant “economic manager” that he doesn’t even know when he departed a company. Did the magic underpants cause a three year blackout?

    Let’s face it, Romney looks like someone who might play a President on TV, except he’s too wooden to get the part. He’s on a roll, though, and if he keeps it up he may yet go down in history as the most lackluster and charisma-less presidential candidate of all time, with an alluring whiff of felony. (It’s the most exciting thing about him at this point.)

    FOX is gonna be spinning so hard they’ll all look like Linda Blair by November.

  8. RxR says

    Oh Mittens, just put on your Grand Wizard garb and come out from behind your damn 1% xenophobic freak show curtain … I can’t wait until you are expunged and I/we don’t have to read about you or hear about you and your evil anymore. Shame-shame-shame on you and your party

  9. ? says

    Factcheck.org? Give me a freaking break. Maybe you should “factcheck” its connection to the Annenberg Foundation, and thereby its connection to Obama.

    And those of you who refer to gays who support the GOP as “self-loathing” are simply spoiled brats. I got news for you: NOBODY owes you anything. If some gays want to vote for Romney then that is their prerogative. I, for one, don’t give two shits what some random obnoxious gay queen on the internet thinks of my personal political choices.

  10. yonkersconquers says

    In a way it’s helpful reminder to see how sour and homophobic Romney supporters who found this site through Google News actually are.

  11. GeorgeM says

    Question mark, yes your right to vote anyway you want

    But does it bother you when the GOP goes anti gay? When someone runs under the GOP and votes and campaigns on anti gay ideas does that bother you? Are you able to look past that and focus on other issuse? If so why is it wrong for the gay left to consider that damaging to our community when in fact some, not all, do cause damage?

    There are many pro gay republican just like their are anti gay democrats (like the mayor in FL).
    No fight just conversation

  12. ? says

    Polyboy, I guess you will have to crawl into a “latrine pit” if Romney wins the election. This isn’t like the 2008 election, when the setting was right for ANY Democrat to win the presidency. This time around, it could go either way. The effect of the “hope and change” Kool-Aid already wore off a long time ago.

  13. Peter says

    Boston should get busy on that “Louise Day Hicks” statue. She was that famous spokesperson against busing in the ’70’s. That’s the true Boston. There’s nothing cool about Boston. It contains the most uptight, angry, opinionated, neurotic people in the country. They burned the witches in the 1600’s and the mentality never left. Of course they are the center of their universe believe they are brilliant by osmosis. Make sure your return flight is booked in advance. Wear sunglasses to avoid being stared at. It’ a regional trait. If Romney could stand Massachusetts he can take anything.

  14. NY2.0 says

    Self loathing GOP’ ricks Jason, Markus and “?”

    Funny pests like these only show up around election time with their typical Faux News Obama bashing talking points.

  15. say what says

    ?: yeah, well the GOP made sure there wouldn’t be any “hope and change”.

    Posted by: WHAT? | Jul 12, 2012 10:20:13 PM

    PREACH IT! total truth

    romney is bleeding and the sharks smell the blood in the water with

    Newt, Huckabee, and other repubs already piling on for mitt to release his tax returns

    Uh oh mittens….they might put someone else in at the convention and mittens has to walk off into the sunset

  16. Icebloo says

    …of course the majority of the US media is owned by the Republicans so they will ensure the majority of people will not hear about this story ! This is why we need media laws like in Europe to ensure both sides get equal coverage in the media.

    The US is NOT a democracy until we have equal coverage in the media. The media makes or breaks an election. Currently our “news” is just as biased toward one political party like China !

  17. Mark says

    Here is my theory….Romney is toast after this story and the republicans know it.. He doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning.. SO what the repubs plan on doing is getting Romney to nominate a VP who is so far to the right..then just before the election Romney will drop out as presidential nominee for some bogus reason then the VP will step in Romney’s place and then he will nominate another far right republican VP. This way it looks like its on the up and up and the republicans wont lose any face.

  18. johnny says

    The scary elephant in the room:

    Who the f*ck are the Rethugs going to prop up in front of their sheep to vote for after this melts completely down?

    I shudder to think… whatever it is, those idiots will vote for it, because they’d never vote for a black man or a democrat.

  19. Gary says

    I’m so glad Obama has taken the Middle Class Tax Cut idea from the Republicans. I wish Romney would win just to change the culture in Washington. Pat Nixon spoke with body language. We know Betty Ford’s contribution. “The Silver Fox, Barbara Bush was feared but loved blue. Nancy Reagan came in and did a beautiful redecoration of The White House. And who can’t couldn’t call Laura Bush nice. She loved reading. Those were the Republicans. I wonder what Mrs. Romney would add? You know she wouldn’t be digging in no garden.

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