1. Lucrece says


    “anti-discrimination training”. AKA pay a middleman to make it seem like you did something.

    We all know “sensitivity training” works so well….

  2. Billy says

    Hello Martina. I’m sorry the world cannot be tailored to your particular and uncommon sexuality. New York has cleaned up quite a bit. Some compare this newer version to “Disneyland.” I don’t know if you were aware there are gay nights at the actual “Disneyland.” As for reality, don’t we wish every displeasure could be eased, by sending a letter to the “right” person. Unfortunately when you choose the gay card, you will no doubt get people without a full deck reacting to you. You’re letting words dominate your life. You’re a big girl in the city. Grow up. Last I checked gay has not be relegated to royalty just yet. Many people in NY from the 20th century haven’t received “the oppressed minority” memo. It’s almost worked.


    Yow BILLY, that’s some high horse you’re on.

    Did you really just call a former world champion a “big girl in the city”?

    Either you’re 80 and have a few world titles or Nobel prizes of your own, or you’re a condescending misogynist bigot who looks down on anyone who doesn’t fit or agree with your worldview.

  4. Billy says

    Better to be on a high horse than being pulled by an electrical vehicle. Get out the adjectives honey. I’m none of those. And she’s a world champion of hitting a ball with a racket. She sucked at “Dancing With the Stars.” New York is the largest city in the world
    You get everything. Is “bigot” the new catch phrase? I’ve met many gay women — some very famous – groundbreakers.. Sling all you want. I’m a gay male. So being a male, I can take it. I won’t be wasting any ink to validate my influence. There’s an expiration date on that. Sorry.

  5. Johnson says

    So, in other words, the racist, heterosupremist POS keeps his job.

    I won’t be visiting NYC anytime soon.

  6. Billy says

    Have you been to NYC? You see that all the time, but there’s something called “street sense” that you develop to survive there.
    So take all your adjectives and words and stay out of NYC. Cause you’d be eaten alive. Spineless dweeb.

  7. Sick of PETA says

    I don’t condone this man’s language, but why do these PETA idiots whine and cry about EVERYTHING? Horses have been used to carry carriages for CENTURIES. Get over it!

  8. Blue says

    Johnson: Brilliant. When was the last time you were with a boy? Are you gay in definition or action?

  9. AZEXPAT says

    @Sick of PETA – yeah, horses have been used for centuries. Only recently have they had to dodge SUV’s. And as people evolve they actually consider that what they’ve always done might not be in any one or any things’ best interest. Like having horse drawn carriages on city streets.

    As for Billy and Blue: STFU.

  10. Thomas says

    I posted this on the original post, am posting it here on the update for anyone who may not have read the original story, hope that’s OK:

    As with any mere blip of video, there’s a backstory.

    For 6 years,a growing group of radical animal rights activists have been assembling on 59th St, to harangue, harass, insult, & bait the drivers and their passengers, while attempting to interfere with a legal business.

    They say things off camera, and then turn it on when they get a response, or just edit down to spotlight what they want. They have used all types of racial, ethnic, and misogynistic slurs, have made children in the carriages cry, even told a pregnant carriage driver that her baby ‘should be born dead or retarded’. Of course, none of that makes the final cut of the video.

    In internet forums, these people have championed actual sabotage of the carriages and stables.

    It goes without saying that pointing to bad behavior does not mitigate other bad behavior; what this driver said was wrong, period. What he said doesn’t reflect the opinions or feelings of the industry, has nothing to do with the issue, and it doesn’t even reflect the real feelings of the man who said it, as he employed a gay man for 6 years as a driver on his OWN carriage, and has friends from every race imaginable (yes, I know that sounds like the old ‘some of my best friends are black’, but it happens to be true.)

    Remember Alec Baldwin called a carriage driver a ‘faggot’ back in 1992, right inside City Hall? It was reported in the media, and he was called on it by out-Councilman Tom Duane, and had to make a public apology at Duane’s behest. He did, and all was forgiven.

    This driver — pushed to the brink by lunatic activities week in and week out, for years, followed, filmed, and dogged, called ‘bog trotter’, ‘drunken Irish scum’, ‘dickless’, ‘ball-less’, ‘animal abuser’ etc etc ad nauseum — said something hateful which was meant to hurt the people who were hurting him; he was fighting back by pushing buttons. Who among us has never done this? He now very much regrets his words and intends to apologize for them. He is genuinely horrified that he stooped to their level.

    You can believe me or not, but I know — because he is a good friend, in addition to being one of the best drivers and horsemen in the industry.

    To those of you who think there is abuse or cruelty in the NYC carriage industry, you very much mistaken. Our horses enjoy amenity-filled lives with more oversight than children at risk in this city. I’d be happy to answer any questions any of you have.

  11. Blue says

    You kids are great at code: STFU Raised in a world of no face to face communication, their little initials serve them well. These PETA people inject themselves into what they perceive to be the animals
    “feelings.” Everything today is over think. Santa Monica ,CA charges for shipping bags. They recently passed a law banning smoking in one’s home. I’m not saying smoking is good but really… And Azexpat: Go FU-K YOURSELF! Oh my, real words!

  12. Jack says

    Martina thinks she the poster girl for gay women. Rosie has guts. She’s my favorite. Ellen need to be put out to pasture. You can have Gramps Anderson, and Prissy Roberts. Nate Berkus is today’s image for the gay male. No pretense, talented and cute.

  13. AZEXPAT says

    Right, BLUE, a horse has no feelings. It has intellect. Put it on a modern city street, and it just KNOWS, with its advanced brain, how to deal. Because horses know how to reason through adversity. When they put blinders on a horse, it’s just for show. It’s quaint.

    You are a F*CKING IDIOT, BLUE. How’s that for words? I’m an unapologetic carnivore. How’s that for more words? I use animals. I’m okay with my place in the food chain. But dominion doesn’t have to mean abuse, you F*CKWAD.

  14. BLue says

    Now that I’ve enraged you, I can see from your behavior that you should never consider adopting or having any children, or even consider marriage I was raised around horses, I would never harm one. You’re a lunatic.

  15. Kule says

    Billy the fact that you call Martina’s sexuality uncommon in the manner you did, and I can quote it here if you’d like, speaks to where you stand on our communities issues. You’re bias is showing boo boo

  16. AZEXPAT says

    Oh Blue,, don’t flatter yourself. You haven’t enraged me. You’ve just irritated me, like spicy food, and I thought I’d dump you just as quickly. You are here to stir up sh*t. Congratulations on your lofty goals, troll. GFY.

  17. Michelle says

    Has anyone noticed this site’s comments section has literally been taken over by trolls?

  18. 2Cents says

    @ Michelle

    Yeah. The comments section on this site is some of the worst I’ve seen. So many other fantastic gay blogs with civil and level headed commentators. I love towleroad, but the amount of subtle to overt homophobia displayed in the comments by the trolls is making some people move on to the thousands of other gay blogs on the net.

    @ Billy

    Find a new hobby you psycopath. Nothing you said above made the least bit of sense, except for to convey your deep emotional issues

  19. Joey says

    What the hell are you talking about? I’ve lived in NYC my whole life. People most definitely do NOT go on racist or homophobic rants if unwarranted. There’s gay people in every corner of this city and it’s not common for them to be on the recieving end of homophobic tongue lashing. Infact, this city is great at pretending no one around you exists. People dont even look at the person next to them, much less interact with them, much less randomly call them slurs out of nowhere. You must be thinking of jersey. In this city, people don’t go on verbal attacks unless they have a reason to. So don’t bring that BS about gay people growing a thicker skin. Any NYer will tell you, if someone disrespects you on the street, they’re asking for a beat down and most peeps are too preoccupied in themselves in this city to be inviting drama and mess randomly.

  20. says


    You’re an idiot to epic proportions. We’re not an oppressed group? Of course the LGBT is opressed in many avenues, but that’s irrelvant to this story. Lesbians got disrespected with vile words hurled at them… I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, expect some consequences for your profound bigotry. When you put your bigotry on blast in the street, expect a backlash. That backlash can be anywhere from a punch in the face, or recorded you tube video which equates to public humiliation for the bigot. I think you got the gay and lesbian community mistaken for far weaker than we are. There’s a new crop of gays in society today, and we don’t go crying home when faced with homophobia, we cofront your kind head on.

  21. lazerlightbeam says

    Billy, you sound like a dang ghetto mess. Just a mess. Your writing spell out so much resentment, bitterness, jaded, anger. Poor thing. And you’ll never be able to change that misery either. You’ll always remain that miserable.

  22. says

    People like Billy do sadly exist in the gay community. They’ve had a few bad apple encounters with a few gays and lesbians and suddenly, they resent the whole community. They are quick to defend an outside opresser or anti gay ilk, or always put to question the motives of gay people. They’ve internalized their bad experiences with some gays, and justify it to resent all gays.

    They resent advancements made by the community. They resent protests made by our community. It’s their way of “getting back at us” but really, their anger is misdirected. They are the reason the community couldn’t be accepting of them.

    If you walk into an environment unwilling to learn/grow and be sensible, you will be shunned. Some go inward and better themselves as a result, and some, like Billy, use it as an excuse to target the gay community altogether. What they don’t get is they are just making themselves more miserable in the long run: the gay community will continue fighting for causes near and dear to them… And loudly so. One bitter party in the sideline demanding we not care about out rights and respect won’t deter us because in the scheme of things, we can’t even hear you. You’re all but a small insignificant voice.

    So ask yourself Mister know it all Billy, with angst toward our community, who are you really hurting with your grudge over gays? It’s certainly not gays, 99.9999999% of whom don’t even know you exist. Really let that one sink in.

  23. AJ says

    @ Billy,
    You just got yourself a verbal beat down by Christopher Landry. Hope you enjoyed us calling out your transparent issues for what they are.

  24. Pollie says

    If you verbally harass someone with homophobic crap, then be adult and face the consequences of your actions. Clearly your mommy and daddy let you get away with saying anything you wanted as a spoiled brat, but society won’t. Deal with the consequences of your bigoted actions, or don’t practice bigoted actions. Your choice as a grown adult.

  25. Adeler San Diego says

    God I love when bigots are put in their place!

    Thank you Christine and Martina for standing up for your convictions

  26. says

    Christine Quinn consistently impresses me with her tenacity, determination and strength. What an inspiring force.

  27. Rashid NYC says

    Was proud to give Quinn my support when she was running, and now all my friends and I are very motivated to support her in her future political aspirations- if she so chooses to pursue more. Sincerely am not one to gravitate toward elected officials but this women means business and stands strong for what she believes in

  28. Destiny'sInfluence says

    Thank you Martina and Christine Quin. It’s when out community unites in challenging homophobia where true change is implemented. When we are willing to get uncomfortable and go the extra mile and truly showcase that overt outward homophobia will not go ignored. That people will respond to it, and have every right to respond to it, and will seek to correct it. That’s where true change can be inspired. Not by being complacent, but by being proactive and productive with our goals.

  29. Paul says

    Billy/ Blue (same poster. We have a great way of decodinf you trolls on here)

    Santa Monica? As if you’re behind could afford living in Santa Monica. Based on your writing, we both know which area you are taking space in, and it’s not the West LA/ Santa Monica area. And maybe if you actually had a job and didn’t depend on tax payer income to provide for you, then ten cent bags wouldn’t be an issue.

  30. J.J says

    Blue kind of reminds me of our resident angry black man on here: Christopher Allen Horton. Something about the style of their writing…

  31. Truth Speaker says


    You’re on a gay site every day getting heated and worked up over gay stories. And by the sound of it, seem really angry in your posts. So who exactly is making who miserable? You are constantly being reminded of the very thing that makes you angry, and it shows in yout posts and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. That added with your smoking is the perfect recipe for cancer, which I’m sure you’ll have in the near future. Let’s hope it’s pancreatic as I hear the life expectancy after diagnosis is very short. You could always off yourself before the going gets rough. Just sayin’ either way… Welcome to our site! May all these gay stories make for a quick and speedy cancerous tumor, which I’m sure is growing as we speak :)

  32. Los Angelino says

    Billy – Blue
    Stop trolling and get a real job. For every second you troll on here, and painfully get called out on it, is minutes in your lives you’ll never get back. We’ll continue being gay, going to gay clubs, gay social events and living our gay lives, but yours is wasting away commenting on our life. Kinda pathetic, no? But keep on wasting away.

  33. ratbastard says

    DARE I SUGGEST 99% of the ‘trolls’ are ‘radical’ progressives trying to make their arch enemy, ‘conservative” are middle of the road or a little to the right, look’, especially homosexuals who.

    It’s all about forcing people to go to the far left away from the middle [or on the opposite, the far right away from the middle]. This is the #1 goal all ‘radicals’, especially among minority groups have, to ‘radicalize’ with fake outrages and trolls.

  34. ratbastard says

    JESUS! This site can be PAINFUL to post on!

    CORRECTION: My above post came out all mangled. This is how it should appear:

    DARE I SUGGEST 99% of the ‘trolls’ are ‘radical’ progressives trying to make their arch enemy, ‘conservatives”, or those who are middle of the road or a little to the right, look bad; especially homosexuals who lean to the right on some issues, or who are middle of the road.

    It’s all about forcing people to go to the far left away from the middle [or on the opposite, the far right away from the middle]. This is the #1 goal all ‘radicals’, especially among minority groups have, to ‘radicalize’ with fake outrages and trolls.

  35. Bob Pomilla says

    Oh, how Ms Quinn’s “rebuke” of the vile tirade of this driver must have stuck in her throat. For, this sort of behavior has been exhibited by these drivers for many years – a fact that Ms Quinn has been apprised of, many times, evoking nothing more than silence from Madame Speaker. I have personally been witness to the racial, homophobic, misogynistic and even ageist, slurs issuing from their sewer mouths and the physical threats and assaults by these embarrassments to the city, whom former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton, likened to “public urinators” and “squeegee pests”.

    Though Quinn has been made aware of the actions of these drivers many times, it took a high profile gay person to finally get Quinn to issue her tepid statement of protest. Quinn undoubtedly, saw Ms Navratilova’s statement as potentially harmful to her standing in the gay community, a community who’s support she will need if her aspirations to Gracie Mansion are to be realized and thus was impelled to take an action that she was loathe to in the past. Quinn promotes her gayness for political expediency, not social justice.

    To the NYClass supporters who were victimized on this occasion: if your goal is getting relief for these long suffering horses, would you care to tell us why your founder and president, Steve Nislick, is supporting Chistine Quinn, the number one obstacle to getting these creatures off the streets, for mayor?

    And to those who fail to see the connection between all social justice movements, including justice for animals, it would serve you well to heed these words of the remarkable Cesar Chavez:

    “Kindness and compassion toward all living things is a mark of a civilized society. … Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are cut from the same fabric: violence.”

    Read more:

  36. Billy says

    I’ve never heard of Christopher Landry. Isn’t it refreshing not to hear of someone? Wasn’t a brat, don’t smoke, not black, not homophobe,
    live in Brentwood. You can see how wars start with bad intelligence.
    You may get a world where only a small class of people (likely none of us) will not only have the power to define reality — real reality — but the power to force the rest of us to live in it, whether we like it or not.

  37. Chris says

    You can control your girlfriend Marina, but you can’t control a city.
    Gays have no real power. They like to imagine they do. When you face it, then you’ll know who has it. It’s called history.

  38. Billy Joe says

    Landry is writing his own narrative, none of which relates to the truth or me. His ten cent psychology is ridiculous. Did his logic come from Kurt Cameron? What a jack ass. This “Billy” character really caused a stir. It’s all sport to me. You expose yourselves and provide even greater dimension to today’s gay psyche.. Landry’s even got his comments online. Must be pretty proud of them. He’s written a manifesto to himself. People believe this stuff. Low point.