1. Steve says

    They were selling the damn property. So they really had nothing to say about what happened with it. Even then, worrying about gay marriages there is beyond silly.

    Well, at least they weren’t going to rape children there…oh wait…

  2. Luke says

    Sorry, unless they are alleging breach of contract, I just don’t see the benefit of trying to force them to sell their property to someone they don’t want to. It would just reinforce the burgeoning meme that gay rights lead to the diminished religious rights of others, and quash gay rights from advancing federally and the majority of states that do not have them.

  3. says

    I don’t know, it seems to me that knowing your wanting something from the church folk, I don’t think telling them I want to buy this place from you so I can have gay weddings here, is exactly the approach I would have taken.

    I would have been the most lilly white, hetrosexual, always wanted to be catholic, married man they could ever pray to God for. . . .

    I would of got the best possible deal, I would of got the papers signed, and I’d be doing whatever I wanted with my property!

    And if that bothered the church folk . . . hey! It’s good to smile! 😉

  4. Tom Cardellino says

    Heaven forefend that there should be inter-racial marriages, too, at this merely physical property that the Roman Catholics cherish so much that they’re selling the God damned piece of realty. Should we incorporate that age old “Gentleman’s Agreement,” too, that none of those Israelites will step foot on this Holy Ground that the Holy Roman Catholic Church wants to sell simply to further fill their overflowing coffers? The gut wrenching hypocrisy is nauseating, and worse than that, few if any Roman Catholics will tell their male dominated, tainted with girl and boy rape abuse, Hierarchy to back off, take the damned money and refrain from making a simple real estate deal another opportunity for hateful Catholic men to poke the LGBT community in the eye with a Catholic Bishop’s Scepter.

  5. andrew says

    It seems to me that if you own a property and you don’t want to sell it to someone because of a future use they may make of that property, thats your right.

  6. FRED says

    It’s just a building, bricks and mortar. The church doesn’t need it anymore, not suprisingly of course. Is this church being sold off because the doicese needs to raise cash for lawsuit settlements, or maybe because of the overall decline in membership in the catholic church because they are losing people disatisfied with the church’s actions lately? Both would be ironic.

    The catholic church should know (because it’s in their bible) that a church is just a building. God doesn’t want or need ornate shrines built in his/her honor to worship in. So, really I don’t think he cares what happens to it. Period.

    They should really be using the money to help the poor, you know, the people God really wants us to worry about. It shouldn’t be sent to the vatican to support Catholic Incorporated.

  7. Marco Luxe says

    Parishoners: you’ve done it before; you’ll get to do it again. Get ready for an extra passings of offering plates to pay for the latest illegal act by the church.

    Anyone remember “restrictive covenants”?

  8. says

    “..may be illegal.” ??? I have my real estate license – believe me, it IS illegal. Damn the Catholic Church. Pure hatred and evil through and through….

  9. scotty says

    True point Andrew, however most sellers are looking for a quick fix for financial gain. I suspect, based on the recent history of the Catholic Church in Mass. that they need to dissolve this asset quickly. Being from the Detroit area, where so many Catholic churches have been abandoned and sold (usually for use as a off beat protestant church) I find it odd that they care so much about a property that was never really considered “hole ground” to begin with. Sounds more like some plebe trying to fight a mythological battle. Geesh

  10. boone68 says

    It shouldn’t be that difficult to find some kids who were raped by the clergy in that diocese. Really, where hasn’t it happened? Those victims should then sue their asses into infinity so that they are forced to sell diocese assets to pay for all their raping of children.

  11. BobN says

    “It would just reinforce the burgeoning meme that gay rights lead to the diminished religious rights of others”

    Please point me to the religious freedom right that says you can refuse to sell your property because the future owners might conduct religious ceremonies you don’t like.

  12. BobN says

    “It would just reinforce the burgeoning meme that gay rights lead to the diminished religious rights of others”

    Please point me to the religious freedom right that says you can refuse to sell your property because the future owners might conduct religious ceremonies you don’t like.

  13. Caliban says

    This is a commercial transaction, nothing more. How is this different from a seller, ANY seller, refusing to sell to someone of a certain race or religion?

  14. Francis says

    Well, Luke, if there is backlash that comes as a result of this story, quite frankly, we can handle it. But we cannot simply allow these religious bigots stomp on us and treat us like lepers anymore. And if a lawsuit is available here, I hope Alain and Jim go all in.

  15. FRED says

    I have seen catholic churches sold and used by other religions. Some of these religions have beliefs that catholics are against, so what is the difference here? I always thought they spouted the love the sinner not the sin mantra? Also, aren’t they judging others with this position? I thought they weren’t supposed to do that??

  16. Icebloo says

    Is this not against the law ? Oh, no of course it’s not. This is this is the USA – there are virtually no laws to protect gay people because the Republicans control almost everything even if the Democrats are in power.

    The US is a disgrace. This is not a democracy.

  17. 2Fathers says

    We need to start ATTACKING religion and religious people the same way they have us. They can’t prove ANYTHING in these man made fairy tale books, but SOOOOOO much of our society and law and elected officials want to derive our LIVES based on a fake..*F-A-K-E* “holy” book that has yet to be proven that it exists (because it doesn’t and never did)
    The pressure shouldn’t be on us proving why gays deserve full equality, it should be on religious people who swear their MAN MADE book is truth to PROVE everything in it. We need PROOF that your Bible is real, otherwise, it is irrelevant garbage like using the book Cinderella to make laws.

  18. andrew says

    Icebloo: As usual your remarks are extremists. The USA , as flawed as it may be , is one of the greatest democracy in human history. This gay man loves this country, served in the U S Navy, votes in elections and along with millions of others has gradually made this country better. You are factually so incorrect, I wonder if it is ignorance or malace on your part. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are just ignorant.

  19. TommyOC says

    bostonfairhousing-dot-org indicates that it is illegal for a single-unit to discriminate against a house buyer based on sexual orientation, regardless of whether the owner is an individual or partnership/corporation, providing that the house being sold is a single-unit dwelling.

  20. a shame says

    They have done it before. They would rather see historic buildings torn down than sell them to “certain” people. What a shame the MA church rather sell a historic church in Springfield. The historic and beautiful French Church in downtown Springfield MA was torn down to build an ugly and smaller bank building rather than sell it to gay run historic groups.

  21. millerbeach says

    Isn’t it against the law to discriminate when it comes to real estate? Too bad the bishops can’t operate a simple e-mail without blowing it (no pun intended). Interesting…I sure hope these guys know a good contract lawyer…sounds like these guys have a very generou$ ca$e on their hands.

  22. dancobbb says

    LUKE: Well Luke, if you have no problem with someone refusing to sell to gays –just because they’re gay– then I guess you have no problem with EVERYONE refusing to sell to gays! Me thinks you would be one of the loudest squealers! And I guess you have no problem with whites refusing to sell to blacks only because they’re black! Nice KKK attitude you’re sporting these days!

  23. Amanda B. Rekendwith says

    The Diocese said they didn’t have time to respond to this today. Of course they didn’t. They’re still responding to the 15th century.

  24. DC says

    If the couple offered full price and met all of the requirements of the deal, the church is solidly in the wrong and they will lose if it goes to court.

    Something not unlike this recently happened to me and my partner. In the end we did not get the property. This is what we learned: Keep you mouth shut about how you intend to use a property. It is nobody’s business and not everyone is going to share in your enthusiasm or vision. A painful lesson for us, but a lesson nonetheless.

    The couple in the article should consider doing a blind sale through a (different) attorney. It’s probably too late for that now though.

  25. jamal49 says

    The Diocese put the property up for sale. A private citizen gave a reasonable and honorable bid. The Diocese accepted the bid, then reneged because of a suspicion with no confirmation of the “potentiality” that the space would be used for “gay marriages” if the property was sold to the apparent highest bidder. This thing is so blatantly discriminatory on so many levels that it practically is screaming for a lawsuit. I hope Mr. Beret will look this gift horse square in the mouth and sue the Diocese for all its worth.

  26. anon says

    The law protecting minority home buyers is based on sale price. You can’t charge more to a minority than a non-minority, and you can’t refuse an open auction price from a minority. It does not mean that you can’t withdraw the sale altogether, which would affect all buyers equally.

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