Decision On Scotland’s Marriage Equality Process To Come This Week


The marriage equality debate is really heating up in Scotland, where lawmakers say they'll reveal plans for to proceed on same-sex nuptials this week, a move that will put further pressure on Parliamentarians in England.

"I would be surprised if marriage equality were brought in in Scotland but not in the rest of the UK," MSP Joe Fitzpatrick told Huffington Post UK. "The UK's going to have to catch up."

Hoping to put the brakes on any inclusive new laws, the Catholic Church in Scotland vowed this week to another £100,000 in what Cardinal Keith O'Brien called a "war on gay marriage."

"Marriage is under threat and politicians need to know the Catholic Church will bear any burden and meet any cost in its defense," he said.

Meanwhile, supporters of marriage equality will hold a mock gay wedding to show their support for legislative progress.

From the BBC:

Gay rights campaigners are to hold a mock wedding outside Holyrood as a sign of support for same sex marriage.

More than 100 guests are expected to attend the mock marriage, involving Jaye and Ruth, a Christian couple from Glasgow.

After the ceremony the couple will deliver a 10,000-signature petition and letter to First Minister Alex Salmond, urging the government to "announce equal marriage legislation without delay".

The government now has to decide how to proceed. If they use their powers to legislate marriage equality, they will then have to draft a bill that will be finalized and introduced into Scottish Parliament next year.


  1. ratbastard says

    Let me get this straight [pardon the pun]: you can put up stories and post comments on the goofy and silly dogma and practices Catholics, Christians of all denominations, Muslims, etc. believe and practice, but we can’t leave up a story and critical posts regarding a barbaric Jewish religious practice? I’m not the least anti-semitic [anti-Jewish or anti-Arab], but if that story was taken down because of powerful Jewish interest groups or dare I say Jewish controlled advertisers, that is BS. And it conveys all the very worse stereotypes and conspiracy stuff that is rampant. Not to mention it’s grotesquely hypocritical and obnoxious considered the considerable Jewish ‘intellectuals’, comedians, etc. who have no problem mocking and ridiculing, for example, Christian dogma or Muslim.

    I’m very disappointed in TR.

  2. JAMES in Toronto says

    “Marriage is under threat and politicians need to know the Catholic Church will bear any burden and meet any cost in its defense,” Cardinal O’Brien said.

    Oh, for sure, until you threaten “them”.

    The last few times “the bishops” were caught meddling in politics and social engineering in Ontario, there was a huge public backlash.

    …and that “Gay Straight Alliance” legislation that the Catholic separate school boards opposed so vehemently? They started (again) a public push to have the Catholic boards dissolved into the public sector.

    The RC Church has NO moral high ground to retreat to, in any country… if pushed, they will back down.

    Just threaten to tax them!

  3. ratbastard says

    @James in Toronto,

    I agree. Take away their tax exempt status. And do the same for the other Christians,Muslims, and [don’t know if I can say this on TR] the Jews.

    Pedo priests, pedo rabbis, and barbaric religious practices like mutilating and sucking an infant boys penis has no place in a modern society. What do you think, Brian? Think we need some protests in front of synagogues or something?

  4. Gordon says

    To be fair this is an issue in Scotland (though it’s increasingly rare to bump into a decent gay without a civil ring on his/her finger…)

    There are catholic schools whereas a Muslim or Jewish or any other singular faith school would cause outrage… from catholic’s – we have two football teams in one city that much of their popularity is Protestant v catholic & you can guarantee a significant proportion have never been in a church except gettin married.

    Why gay’s gettin married is such a big deal I don’t know, most civil marriages are dissolved in a few years & most straights don’t bother or if they do still get divorced, swing or kill prostitutes.

  5. ratbastard says


    Don’t use the old antisemitism card. It’s as obnoxious as the race card, and as factually untrue. EVERYONE should be held to the same standards, and this includes the ability to question and disagree without being called ‘anti’ this or ‘phobic’ that. When a Jewish person criticisms the Pope or Christianity in general I don’t question their sincerity or accuse them of ‘racism’, etc. So spare me the BS, Andrew.

    I lived for years in a heavily Jewish neighborhood and was born in NYC, so I am quite familiar on a one on one basis with Jewish people. This is unlike the vast majority of people who may well have never known, have friends and relationships, with Jewish people because the Jewish population is TINY, and centered mostly in a few well defined locations. And like I said above, I was born in and grew up in several heavily Jewish areas of America.

    I think most reasonably intelligent people understand why that article was taken down, who complained, and why it was eventually [censored] put back up. It’s not rocket science. And it leaves a very bad taste i my mouth, no pun intended.

  6. ratbastard says


    Being part Irish AND Scottish, I know Scotland’s NOTORIOUS bigoted reputation and OBSESSION with religion, at least in the distant and even recent past.

    I’d suggest Scotland and the UK be like the U.S. in this respect and have strict separation of church and state. Religious schools in the U.S. aren’t publicly funded and they do fine, and there are all kinds of denominations and religions. In fact in the U.S. it’s quite common for non-Catholics, even Jewish kids, to attend ‘Catholic’ schools. I’ve taken classes at a ‘Jewish’ university in the Boston area. No big deal. As for the Catholic/Protestant football thing, yeah, it’s best described as pathetic, sad and embarrassingly parochial.

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