Gay Torchbearer Kisses Boyfriend; Olympics Fans Cheer

Chris-OlympicsLong the public face and chair of Britain's Gay Football Supporters Union, athlete and activist Chris Basiurski was one of the last individuals to carry the Olympic Torch in its three-month relay through the British Isles. He lit his torch in London on Thursday, approximately 28 hours before the flame's route through the city brought it to Olympic stadium.

As he prepared to light his torch, Mr. Basiurski kissed his boyfriend, drawing cheers from onlookers. Mr. Basiurski told the crowd he and his boyfriend will be married next year.

From Gay Star News:

[Mr. Basiurski said:] ‘I'm honored to have carried the torch through London and it was amazing to see and hear all the support from both my family and GFSN members along the route.’



  1. jed says

    thank you for posting this brandon. i appreciate positive stories like this. and i appreciate your work at towleroad. it’s one of a few selected blogs that I read everyday.

  2. JP says

    This is awesome and THIS show of courage to be yourself and introduce your partner as your husband-boyfriend is what it takes to attain normalcy and equality.

  3. Real Talk says

    Being hidden in a closet hurts not only you, but millions of others. It’s displays like what this man did that makes being in a same sex relationship real, normal and loving. I wish more LGBT would be unapoogetic or in shame about who they inherently were meant to be, and who they inherently love.

  4. says

    That “flamer” comment was cheap and undeserved. I think he’s cute and love the rosy cheeks. The youtube video of this event cuts off right before they kiss…bummer.

  5. JESS says

    Someday making a distinction that someone is gay will no longer be in the vernacular. I find it odd, that WE do it more than THEY do on a regular basis. WHY is it necessary to say I/We/They are gay? We do not make the same distinction when someone is straight. Odd, very odd! WE play into THEIR hands when we discriminate against ourselves.

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