Judge Denies GOP-Led Effort To Halt DOMA Case

BoehnerCryingA judge in Connecticut today rejected the Republican-controlled House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group's petition to stay proceedings in Pedersen v. Office of Personnel Management, which is challenging the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.

"The Court finds that the harm which would befall the Plaintiffs if a stay were to be entered is significant," Judge Vanessa L. Bryant, a George W. Bush nominee, wrote in her decision. "Entering a stay in this matter would essentially deny the Plaintiffs the right to advocate for their own interests, asking them instead to ‘stand aside while a litigant in another [case] settles the rule of law that will define the rights of both [parties]."

Judge Bryant concluded, "The Court finds that public interest weighs against the entry of a stay in this matter, as the challenge to the constitutionality of Section 3 of DOMA presents an important issue to the nation as a whole such that the Second Circuit and potentially the Supreme Court would benefit from as many opinions and analyses as possible to enrich their review."

Mary L. Bonauto from Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, lead counsel in Pedersen, said her clients "are being denied access to vital federal programs under DOMA, and we’re gratified that Judge Bryant affirmed their right to a resolution of their case."


  1. Jeff Kurtti says

    GOP gave up “the public interest” some time ago, unless that public hews to a very narrow view, mostly “Christian” fundamentalist.

  2. AJ says

    I love how they don’t trust the courts and how terrified they are of rational-minded people being asked the very simple question of why a person’s gender matters in issues of marriage. They are hurling themselves before the train trying to get it to stop. Ultimately, they will just get run over.

  3. RONTEX says

    “They are hurling themselves before the train trying to get it to stop. Ultimately, they will just get run over”. Couldn’t agree more with every letter of this statement

  4. says

    I think that somehow a Higgs Boson particle got up Boehner’s a$$…….it’s rather appropriate really…..the god particle has found a righteous home.

  5. woodroad34d says

    Her statement shows why Boner is unfit to lead. He’s an immature child in an adult’s body. Perfect picture of him looking like he’s going to stamp his feet and cry…such a mean, spoiled little boy, who doesn’t have a whit of wit to know he’s incompetent.

  6. says

    I love “…to enrich their [the SCOTUS’s] view.”

    Yeah, Boehner is a true waste of oxygen. And meanwhile he’s wasting tax-payer dollars when he claims to be for austerity.

  7. David says

    I’ve said it before, the Dems would do the country a favor if they targeted Boehner for defeat in his congressional race.

  8. David says

    I’ve said it before, the Dems would do the country a favor if they targeted Boehner for defeat in his congressional race.

  9. Icebloo says

    Just looking at John Boehner makes my skin crawl. He is the most evil-looking person I have ever seen. I’m glad he’s part of the evil empire of the Republican Party. He is perfect for the part. Good to see him fail AGAIN here with this attempt. The “man” fails time and time again.

  10. Brad says

    Indeed Boner is what all the other writers here say he is, but Eric Cantor and, ESPECIALLY, Daryl Issa are true thugs.

  11. Steve says

    Most of your comments are so bitchy and evil. There is a price to be paid. You all need a heavy whiff of ass to remind you what you’re really fighting for.

  12. Tom Cardellino says

    As the Republicans parody an effort to govern, their true purpose in political life is to counter every wave of a waxing tide called human history. As used to rubbing their tuxedo-clad elbows with the billionaires worldwide who want to wrestle control of the richest economy in the world, our USA, from the impediments to their further self-enrichment, a/k/a the American citizenry, these well paid attack dogs of the wealthiest world citizens will bark at and bite anything that encourages or enables the total commitment of all Americans to their country, as well as that pesky impediment to Oligarchy, the US Constitution. The Republicans are paid agents of “citizens of the world” who drool at the prospect of forever imprisoning 100’s of millions of Americans as their tax-paying slaves so that the worldwide 1% can continue to glut themselves on the daily proceeds of the wage-slaves who can’t find a way out of their squirrel cages for either themselves or their children. When the stakes are this high, why would any opportunity to speak against the onslaught of the Cabal of Wealth be squandered by some stupidly base bodily function comment, especially in a gay forum where we usually are the first to be beaten and imprisoned when we get too “uppity?”

  13. Gregory says

    Tom: Your meds are working overtime. Keep pretending. There’s a tsunami of opposition out there.