Kathy Griffin, Other Celebs Celebrate Anderson Cooper’s Coming Out


Scores of gay stars are offering Anderson Cooper congratulations for coming out. Most of them used Twitter to do so — Ellen Degeneres @ed Cooper with the message "I'm proud of you" and Neil Patrick Harris wrote "Good for you, @AndersonCooper. You're awesome." — Cooper's best pal Kathy Griffin used 1125 words to offer her take at The Daily Beast.

Her introduction sums Cooper up:

My friend Anderson Cooper is the scion of one of America’s great shipping and railroad families, the Vanderbilts. He’s covered the military coup and eventual unseating of the democratically elected (albeit bat-shit crazy) Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He’s covered the small wars in Africa that use children as slave soldiers. He knows more about the women of The Real Housewives than perhaps even I do. He’s covered the seemingly endless large wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And by “covered,” I mean he’s really gone and covered them—with a security detail and without; embedded with troops and unilaterally—not from the relative safety of the Green Zone in Baghdad or the international zone in Kabul. He’s sat down with despots in countries like Somalia, covered the atrocities in the Balkans and Burma. And he also happens to be gay.

Griffin also discusses what it was like before Cooper came out, like when she would gripe about constantly having to talk around his private life. Cooper would reply, "Kathy, I don’t get asked as much about my sexuality as you get asked about my sexuality. But here’s my standard party line: ‘I want to report the news. I don’t want to be the news.'"


  1. Rovex says

    He right of course. Good reporters need to be neutral, in politics, sexuality and everything else. They need to be able to say it like it really is without the thing they are reporting or the person they are interviewing reacting to their presence.

    From now on every time he reports on a gay issue he will be called biased, its that simple. Before he came out, even though we all knew he was gay, his homosexuality wasnt used in that fashion.

  2. Mike says

    It is good to see him come out and now he has made it safe for others to come out as well. Together we LGBT people can work together to get gay marriage and good jobs we can keep and get all of our right and freedoms if we all work together to do this and do it now. Now is the time to make it happen.

  3. endo says

    My guess is at this point in his career, Anderson Cooper is not planning on doing any further traveling to dangerous places for gays, and that’s why he felt comfortable coming out now. So Kathy Griffin’s “warning” seems oddly silly.

  4. DCer says

    Why do you think he wouldn’t travel to dangerous places? He was just in Syria not that long ago. It’s actually brave of him to do this, as not only does it threaten his perception as a neutral newscaster, but I’d imagine it makes it more difficult for him to go to certain parts of the world and report the news. The idea he “owes” anyone anything and is somehow required to be open about anything is just absurd. It’s great he’s done it, but I don’t think he owed it to me or anyone.

    I will say it is neatly timed since he is on vacation from AC360 this week.

  5. JJ says

    @Rovex, I’m not sure I agree that journalists need to be neutral. They just need to be open and honest about their biases and factually accurate, rigorous, and complete in their reporting. That gives people all they need to know to weigh a journalist’s reports against other information and draw their own conclusions. Expecting people to be robots is unrealistic.

  6. endo says

    I just figured he won’t be traveling into the field as much because he’s now doing a daytime talk show and on 360 he seems to have evolved into an anchor.

  7. says

    how on earth are heterosexual journalists able to maintain neutrality, or private lives?

    just curious.

    wouldn’t this logic only make sense if “orientation neutral” reporters were used – as in those who are neither hetero nor homosexual?

    or are only heterosexuals capable of “neutrality” why all homosexuals are not?

    i’m confused. i don’t know any heterosexuals who are vague, evasive or secretive about their heterosexuality. i know they’re straight, but i don’t know squat about their “personal lives.”

    here’s to hoping more gay people realize that we can be openly gay and maintain “personal lives” as well.

    i mean, it’s 2012 folks…..

  8. says

    and for the record, the people who will say that “he’s biased because he’s gay!” are complete plebeian idiots who should therefore be ignored.

    oh no. maggie gallagher will say he’s biased. because she’s a font of journalistic integrity and intellectual honesty.

  9. mike/ says

    methinks the fun is just about to really get started between Kathy & Anderson! can’t wait; she’s been biting her tongue so long, and not even her mother can get her to hold it, that she could now become relentless with him.

    did you ever get the impression on their New Years Eve shows that he was just waiting for her to slip something in? he always looked a little bit nervous.

    they could be the next hot comedy team…

  10. TJ says

    KIWI – of course it’s ridiculous, but it won’t stop people from thinking it and saying it. Perception becomes reality, because people so seldom examine or question their perceptions, assumptions, beliefs.

  11. Carl says

    Congratulations to Anderson Cooper. He came out of the closet on his own terms. People should understand that every person has a unique experience in their upbringing and coming out is a process. I think Anderson was already out to co-workers, family and friends and ultimately to his television audience. Newer generations won’t wait that long. Bravo Anderson!

  12. Carl says

    Congratulations to Anderson Cooper. He came out of the closet on his own terms. People should understand that every person has a unique experience in their upbringing and coming out is a process. I think Anderson was already out to co-workers, family and friends and ultimately to his television audience. Newer generations won’t wait that long. Bravo Anderson!

  13. Gregv says

    Who cares if some irrational person might make a baseless comment about “bias?”.
    That same irrational person might say that a woman should never report on an issue like breast cancer because she has breasts and will, therefore, be biased. (It probably never would occur to him that, using that logic, insisting that only a man report on the issue could result in no less of an an opposite bias and therefore only robots could report on breast cancer).
    Being familiar with an issue can, when it’s done right, result in better perspective and more intelligent questions.
    The way a journalist proves he is reporting without bias is by asking fair questions and retorting with facts — not by feigning ignorance and unfamiliarity with the issues being discussed.

    We should no more expect gay reporters to project a hetero persona than we expect female reporters to go on the air in male drag or black anchormen to appear in white-face disguise.

  14. jamal49 says

    Good for Anderson, I guess. God, everyone here and elsewhere have been raging against him for not being, uh, “openly gay” for so long, it’s downright anticlimactic. And silly.

    I hope it doesn’t restrict Mr. Cooper’s ability to do field reporting. Remember that is was his spot-on, fearless, take-no-prisoners, no-holds-barred reporting in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that pretty much exposed the Emperor Bush’s new clothing and was a major factor in the American public awakening from their stupor and seeing the Bush regime for what it was: corrupt, immoral, dishonest and incompetent.

    Mr. Cooper’s reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan and other troubled locales was astonishingly courageous and put most other working journalists to shame.

    So, good for you, Anderson. If it now will silence all your Towleroad critics for not coming out when they insisted that you do then I for one will be eternally grateful.

    In this age of Twitter, TMZ, Facebook and other electronic aberrations where personal privacy erodes further and further from the shores of sanctity, it was inevitable that you took this step.

    Godspeed, sir, and do not give up the good fight in keeping journalism honest. God forbid that the Twit-crowd should ever believe that what slops out of TMZ or Perez Hilton or any other of the execrable, celebrity gossip blogs is actually journalism.

    I know, sir. I ask too much.

  15. G McGinnis says

    I thought he was about to come out on Kathy’s show when she told him one of her “citizens” was his new girlfriend and he got that shy smirk and told Kathy you know that is never going to happen. I waited and he never explicitly said it. Good for you Andy Cooper; all in your own time and on your own terms.

  16. bobbyjoe says

    Anderson was great on Kathy’s show and always seemed just– this– close to coming out the whole hour; I have to wonder if he had so many people tell him how much more fun and real he seemed there that he just finally decided “the h*ll with it.”

  17. gregory brown says

    I think he did this in a reasoned and classy way. People who have admired his skills as a reporter without quite getting that he’s gay will now choose to be reasonable or they will get in a tizzy. For the latter, their loss.

  18. Randy says

    “happens to be gay”

    I just want to smack whoever says it, every time I hear it.

    Because it means: “is gay, and that’s so terrible, but think of all the good he’s done that makes up for this tragic flaw of moral character”

  19. Darrell says

    Anderson, Congratulations! The more prominant American media/political personel state their sexuality the faster it will become a “non-issue” in the US. Slowly and one step at time the States are joining the 21st Century. Hopefully your professionalism and courage will increase those stept to join the other nations that have already matured in regards to the issue. Since the US is the most influential nation on earth it is time for Americans to move ahead to promote equal rights for everyone and you will really help the cause.
    Welcome to the year 2012. Love Canada!

  20. Mark says

    Yes, it’s wonderful that Cooper has finally come out. I couldn’t help but take a more critical view of all this…

    The best Anderson Cooper can do — with his family background, social status, education, experience, and knowledge — is end up with a Gay bar owner who looks like a stripper/escort? Really?


    Transparent “Peter Pan Syndrome”, arrested development and issues with masculinity. Locked in the fantasies of a 13 year old boy.

    “Even though my job puts me in the public eye, I have tried to maintain some level of privacy in my life.” -Anderson Cooper.

    Oh, I see. So is that why he goes to David Barton Gym — a very public, very Gay Manhattan gym — with his boyfriend (!!!) instead of a private training facility? To guard his precious “privacy”?

    Is that why they’re both photographed all over Manhattan together? Wonder how the photogs always “manage” to find them? Coincidence? Sounds like the very hard and calculated work of publicists.

    “I’ve always believed that who a reporter votes for, what religion they are, who they love, should not be something they have to discuss publicly.” –Anderson Cooper

    “WHO they love”? No one wants names (ew). Disclosure of one’s *own* sexual orientation has nothing to do revealing the names of partners. Sadly, this distinction escapes Cooper.

    The “privacy” pretense is as embarrassing as the closet iteself — a classic defense used by self-loathing closeted homosexuals who reluctantly come out.


  21. JauntyJohn says

    wow. rant much?
    your level of vitriol seems wildly disproportionate.
    Cooper seems like a guy who’s taken the advantages he was born to and really tried to do something substantive with them. Having a “hot” boyfriend (whom you judge solely on appearance)makes someone an example of arrested development? Thus someone who has a boyfriend you think is not “hot” is somehow more evolved? Whatever, Mary.
    I don’t know what you’re so angry about, but it sure isn’t Anderson Cooper. Good luck with that.

  22. anthonyj says

    I always totally understood what Anderson meant – if people knew he was openly gay they would automatically assume his he had an overly pro-gay bias on all gay-related stories he reported on. Sad, but so many people still think that way. Even when I look at stories on TMZ related to gay celebs, people comment “The only reason TMZ is doing this story is cuz Harvey Levin (the guy who owns the site) is gay.

  23. Mark says

    Anderson Cooper DID NOT come out.

    He sent Andrew Sullivan an e-mail who came out FOR HIM.

    How passive-aggressive and manipulative.