1. Byron St. James says

    I see you are trying to turn this into another Joe.My.God with the constant Fisher tirades. He is obviously baiting you and is enjoying every minute of it – and the Gays fall for it every time.

  2. Matt26 says

    What evangelicalism meant originally is very different from what this sad man is doing. I would call him far-con evangelical, and in his (and many others) case it is a political movement with main goal to hate and destroy everyone and everything not alike themselves.

  3. Terry says

    This guy isn’t what we should be worrying about, its the people that hang on his every word. One of these days we’re going to see a story of some gay couple’s kid being abducted by one of these nut jobs.

  4. AJ says

    Ignore it, and it goes away. He is a lunatic. Just like Westboro Baptist. If people stop noticing their sad little protests, they lose their power.

  5. danielw says

    Yes, children in a loving, nurturing home with same-sex parents is just like owning slaves.

    Harriet Tubman would be proud!

  6. dh says

    I’m sure there are children of evangelicals who’d like to be rescued from their families.

  7. says

    What Byron St. James and AJ said.

    Geez, wake up, TR.

    His reach small, but you help greaten it. And you also contribute to misinforming and faux-empowering gays who believe this crazy is real and threatening. What’s your primary motivation? Traffic or paranoia?

    Gee, thanks. You’re doing the cause a great service.

  8. Scott says

    Any legal experts out there? If he is encouraging felonious activity,, can’t he be arrested for that? It seems like the line of free speech is crossed when you begin telling your mob to go out and do harm. But seriously- if there are any legal-people out there, are there any charges he can be brought in on from these comments?

  9. candideinnc says

    I work in the courts. Two days ago I was with a sad, sad woman doing time in our state penal institution. She had accidentally killed a child using Michael Pearl’s evangelical discipline techniques. The nerve of them to condemn loving gay families! These twisted people like Fischer are breathtakingly evil.

  10. says

    Can we just ignore this raving lunatic and his inane ramblings? I bet he comes to this site and masturbates while reading the comments on his latest case of mental diarrhea.

  11. pdxblueyes says

    I hope that if ANYTHING even remotely resembling a kidnapping from an LGBT family occurs, that he is held and charged for inciting the action, as well as the idiots who listen to him and take his words to heart. THIS MAN IS CRAZY AND HE IS DANGEROUS. There are idiots out there who hang on his every word…THAT scares the crap out of me.

  12. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Attention Department of Justice/FBI:

    This man is probably trying to find families with gay/lesbian parents in Bible-belt states right now. That would amount to conspiracy to commit kidnapping. An investigation is in order.

  13. says

    Once again: this is prompted by the kidnapping that HAS occurred.

    Kenneth Miller is on trial in Burlington NOW on charges of international kidnapping in connection with the Lisa Miller case.

  14. Robb says

    Two comments-

    Say “lesbian” again….


    Yes, the ______ are going to steal your children!

    Insert gypsies, jews, homos, or whatever other group tickles your bigoted fancy here….

  15. Diogenes Arktos says posted today “Why we have to keep monitoring Bryan Fischer”:

    “Every once is [sic] a while, we will get criticized for supposedly paying too much attention to the AFA’s Bryan Fischer, with people accusing us of giving him the attention that he craves and suggesting that we’d be better off just ignoring him.

    “Believe us, we’d love nothing more than to be able to ignore Fischer’s daily litany of idiotically bigoted ravings … but we can’t do that as long as leading Republican candidates keep appearing on his program, as Missouri GOP Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin did just today where they rejoiced in the fact that ‘freedom seems to be on the march again’.”

  16. Dback says

    Tell you what, Bry. We’ll set up “safe houses” and “refugee spaces” for kids trying to escape from nutjob fanatical Christian fundie parents who abuse them, torture them, imprison them, etc. We’ll have one each in Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Miami. Then we’ll take out nationwide ads letting kids know they exist.

    You go ahead and set up your “underground railroad” for kids who want to “escape” from their gay parents to “safe houses” in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Houston, Cincinnati, Nashville, Tampa, and Atlanta. And you reach out nationwide to let kids know they exist.

    At the end of six months, if you did a comparison study, I think you’d probably find several thousand kids crammed into the gay-friendly refugee houses, vs. maybe one or two in your fundie Christian houses (and those would probably be there because their two dads or two moms wouldn’t let them borrow the car overnight, or go to an unsupervised party, or refused to buy them the new i-Phone).

    Unconditional love wins out over fear and hate.

  17. Jack says


    He has to be inciting imminent and unlawful behavior. Raising the idea wouldn’t support prosecution.

    Otherwise, Snoop could be arrested for saying “smoke weed everyday.”

  18. Caliban says

    @Diogenes Arktos, I get that. I really do. I’m glad that *someone* out there is keeping an eye on these people, but I’d rather stick my head in a toilet and flush then watch one of his videos. Same thing, really. I’ve never actually watched one of these vids and I have no plan to. It’s not really a newsflash that there are some really deranged @ssh@oles out there spouting this stuff.

    So how about instead of the DAILY announcement on TR that the AFA’s Bryan Fischer said some nutty homophobic crap, which is right up there with ‘the sun rose this morning’ in its newsworthiness, that Bryan Fischer “news” be limited to when a political candidate appears on his show? It makes sense for RightWingWatch to document his every utterance because that’s what they do, watch the right wing. If someone wants to keep up with it, it’s right there for them. But on a gay news blog it these almost DAILY stories feel gratuitous, like “look at this fresh pile of dog poo we found to rub your face in! Enjoy!”

    “AFA crazyman Bryan Fischer says gays are evil while he’s a friggin’ SAINT!” There. I’ve just written ALL the Bryan Fischer headlines for the foreseeable future, so until he deviates from that formula there’s no reason to announce every time he breaks verbal wind.

  19. Mona says

    The gay community has every right to be outraged, but where are the Christians in all this controversy? Why aren’t Christians coming out to condemn this tirade? Have they not heard about Bryan Fischer? Or are they afraid of him?

  20. Gregoire says

    Um, his ‘reach’ isn’t small. He has about one million radio listeners. This isn’t some podunk radio program. This man is condoning kidnapping to an audience of susceptible listeners. That is concerning and should be pointed out.

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Caliban: Amen.

    @Mona: Of all people, Romney has condemned Fischer. From on 10/08/2011:

    “Earlier this week, when we found out that Mitt Romney would be speaking directly before anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-Mormon extremist Bryan Fischer at the Values Voter Summit, we called on Romney to ‘prove us wrong’ and call out Bryan Fischer. And today he did, even if not by name. The implication was clear when Mitt Romney said that the speaker following him, Fischer, crosses the line and uses ‘poisonous language.'”

    Of course, Fischer was clueless about what he could possibly have said that was ‘ponsonous language’.

    Of course, that was almost a year ago. No telling what Romney would say now. After all, Fischer has continuously waged war against him.

  22. says

    Yesterday National Public Radio did a report on domestic terrorism that included Daryl Johnson, formerly with DHS.
    “I was always fascinated with why people use religion to justify violence and believe the world was ending — and had a role to play in hastening that end,” Johnson said.

    After he completed a report about how extreme right-wing groups merited attention, and that he predicted such groups would recruit returning military to be the American version of “suicide bombers,” right-wing politicians attacked him for what they felt as his attack on “freedom of speech.” (sound familiar?) DHS head caved and reduced his staff of 6 to one person and doubled down on the focus on Muslims.

    One of the topics was on how to define “domestic terrorists”–and while I think NOM and Fischer qualify, nothing can be done until “imminent” danger can be proven.

  23. says

    As KevinVT said, Fischer’s lunatic tirades are inspired by an actual kidnapping. He wants to take what happened in this case and make it a movement–a completely illegal one, of course, but the zealots aren’t troubled by legalities. They only follow their own moral code and see it as law.

    One man who aided an ex-gay mother in kidnapping her child from the child’s other legal parent (who still lives in our state, VT) is now on trial for the kidnapping. The man on trial is, surprise, the pastor of a religious sect. The ex-gay kidnapper mother’s lawyers were, surprise, the anti-gay Liberty Counsel. She’s been on the lam for years, aided by her religious buddies and lawyers, depriving the other legal mother of the legal custody she has been repeatedly granted by the courts. Sadly, the child is probably so brainwashed by now and such a stranger to the other mother, that it’s hard to imagine a happy outcome to this.

  24. andrew says

    Bryan Fischer is just a bomb thrower. He doesn’t believe all the crap he says. He just realizes that it fires up the morons on the fringe right and increases his ratings and speaking fees.

  25. Diogenes Arktos says

    From some comments on the Right Wing Watch blog regarding Fischer:

    “Can Fischer talk about anything besides homosexuality? I doubt if gay people think about their homosexuality as much as Fischer does.”

  26. Diogenes Arktos says

    Oops! I overedited the intro to the quotation in my prior comment.

    Fischer’s topic that day was President Jefferson. He still managed to get the conversation around to the evils of LGBT folk.