Aussie Reality Star Arrested After Anti-Gay Attack

DFolkesAustralian reality "star" Daniel Folkes was charged after he and two of his pals allegedly verbally abused a man while Folkes urinated on him, the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

A cast member of the reality TV show The Shire has been charged following an alleged homophobic attack in Surry Hills on Thursday night that also involved two other cast members.

Daniel ''Folkesy'' Folkes, 24, was arrested shortly before midnight after allegedly urinating on a man while the two other cast members, aged 27 and 28, abused him with homophobic insults.

The 28-year old cast member, named Jye, was arrested to verbal abuse. The men were reportedly out celebrating a birthday. Because nothing says "I'm older and more mature" than bullying someone.


  1. jason says

    This happened in so-called open-minded Sydney? I always knew Sydney was homophobic in reality. No amount of PR can disguise it. I avoid Sydney like the plague.

  2. AJ says

    @JASON: Over-react much? One reality show d-bag does something and the whole city is intolerant? I mean, the dude looks like he is wearing the Scumbag Steve hat for cripe’s sake!

  3. Charlie says

    It’s The Shire, the most derided reality TV show in the history of the genre. To call him a star is a bit of a stretch.

    Oh wait, I just saw the inverted commas. Well played.

  4. Brian says

    AJ, Jason hates everything outside the US, with a special hatred for Australia. He’s never been, but he had a friend who went there once and didn’t like it, so that’s that. He also hates women and minorities, and thinks everyone is bisexual. I don’t think he actually reads the posts any more, he just looks for references to females or foreign countries and pastes his usual reply in the comments section.

  5. Rick says

    Hahaha @ Alex and JW. I was going to say that I hope the guy who got peed on was into water sports, but you guys beat me to the punch, in a sense.

  6. gregory brown says

    Those Aussies! I read an article a few years ago about the similarities in behavior, personality and personal style of Aussies and Texans. Worthy thinking about.

    I celebrated MY birthday on Tuesday and didn’t even piss on myself. Drat.

  7. jamal49 says

    Ain’t no white trash like Aussie white trash. Unless it’s southern, American white trash. Must be a genetic thing or something. All that inbreeding.

  8. luke says

    the shire is basically no different from laguna beach or the hills. it has alot of jersey shore vibe in it, but it’s not a bunch of people living in a house together doing random odd jobs etc. there’s also the spoiled brat with her two super camp gay best friends trope too if you’re into it.

    you’re going to have arseholes wherever you go, no need to brand our whole country as inferior. have come across alot of americans like this lately, what did we do to you :(

  9. MateoM says

    Brian, you nailed it. Jason/Rick/Ratbastard only respons to race-related, obama-related, or women-related posts purposely to spew negative bs.

  10. Norman says

    The Shire is a southern subburb of Sydney (Cronulla area) that is extremely conservative. That being said, Sydney in general is a very gay friendly city. My best friend when I lived in Australia was from the Shire and he is straight but not narrow at all.

    “The Shire” the TV show is basically the Aussie version of “Jersey Shore”

  11. Sad says

    Not surprised. Sydned is labeled as “gay-friendly”, but in reality, it and all of Australia for that matter are VERY homophobic.

  12. nic says

    The Shire is godawful tv and no one watches it here. The shire has always had a reputation as have the boys and some girls who live there. 2005 Cronulla riots…anyone?

  13. Michael Khalsa says

    It really horrify’s me that anyone reading this story. Can read about someone being abused with homophobic names and held down & pissed on. And they can think “I would like to be pissed on by him” Very sick and I hope they know that.

    As far as Sydney being homophobic it is far less so than Melbourne. That place is shocking. If anyone gives you homophobic I give it straight back to them. Like the point about being arrested for verbal abuse.

  14. Jack says

    Australia is no more, and no less, “homophobic” than any other country on Earth.
    And given our excellent, free, and accessible healthcare, our beautiful and varied landscapes and climates, our *relative* absence of religious/political fundamentalists, our strict gun-control laws, and our strong state and federal anti-discrimination and hate-speech laws, I know where I’m happy living!
    If you want to have a piece, come on over! :)