1. Mitch says

    I wish they were outraged by something substantial – like the gridlock caused by their own party or by their being held captive by a small group of tea party religious extremists.

  2. AJ says

    OMG my UNIVERSE for a time machine. Just to go forward a few months and be DONE with this effing election. I swear, I wouldn’t use it to go back a few days and win the lottery. I just want it OVER. We are getting it twice as bad here in MN with our stupid marriage amendment and crazy people cutting cats throats with Obama signs and lighting them on fire. ENOUGH!!

  3. Mickey says

    So charges of Obama being the Kenyan, Muslim, Socialist, Communist, Antichrist, Dictator, Anti Religion, un-American Food stamp President is greeted by applause by the GOP but Biden says “Back in chains” and its “OUTRAGEOUS” and “not acceptable in our political discourse”

    Clearly the GOP is running on empty

  4. Mike says

    Looking forward to Romney’s high-minded discussion of his record as governor, as well as Ryan’s plan for turning Medicare into a voucher system.

    But I suppose that’s as likely as him releasing his tax returns.

  5. eplin says

    This is a sure sign of Republican panic — they know the election is slipping out of their grasp at this point and they are seizing on anything they possibly can to try and change the narrative.

  6. Rob says

    Sad really – here we have two very different views of the direction our government should take and we are getting hung up on if the Vice President said we would be in chains or the President said you didn’t build your buisness (please, let that one rest, what he said was you didn’t build the roads and the infrastructure to allow your business to thrive).

    Idiocracy here we come!!

  7. says

    There’s no outrage quite as outrageous as faux outrage. Watching the FOX bimbos vent their “outrage” over this last night was one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a while.

  8. zekeaz says

    I don’t get it. What did he say that wasn’t completely true? A bit incendiary perhaps, but true none the less.

    It was a total lack of government over-site, presided over by Wall Street Republicans, that allowed the economy to collapse the way it did. The housing collapse and the resulting chaos in the financial markets would not have happened if the Fed and other government regulatory agencies had done their jobs properly.

    This election is about class warfare, and the rich are winning, big time. The loss of the American middle class is the biggest single threat facing this country. Mittens and his fellow Republicans are out to destroy it, and they are doing a pretty good job.

  9. Drew says

    I’m sure if the Democrats cut apart enough Republican videos apart, they could splice together some nifty video of the following: “We-love-gays-we-hate-poors-we-love-money-we-hate-women” I mean, it would ALL be true, wink wink, just like this ridiculous effort to turn Biden’s lemonade back into lemons.

  10. anon says

    Romney is the rare Republican nominee not directly tied to the oil or defense industry, or a long term DC pol. That should be a big plus for him, yet he doesn’t seem to know anything about staging a good rhetorical campaign. Obama has changed tactics completely since 2008 and running a more biting and personal campaign, but it doesn’t seem based on anything. What fun.

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