1. Icebloo says

    I hope there are lots of non Americans reading this website each day. The world needs to see how insane Americans are !

    What the hell happened to this country ?
    Why do we have so many mentally ill and so many of them in positions of power ?

  2. Mark says

    That is right out there on the border line between terrorism and personal threats.

    The rhetoric has really heated up as the days tick off to the election. I wonder, and worry, if it will come to ‘fighting in the streets’.

  3. John Equality says

    Technically, everyone’s days are numbered. But this comes disturbingly close to a death threat. He should get a visit from his local police.

  4. andrew says

    Just more religious B*ll S*it! What does man need to be saved from? A sin committed by a mythical Adam in a mythical garden long ago? Man made religions are utter nonsense and it is sad that so many are still influenced by these myths in the 21st century.

  5. TomTallis says

    In a truly compassionate society this deranged individual would be receiving the medical attention and possible hospitalization he so obviously needs. Sadly for all of us, we do NOT live in a truly compassionate societ.

  6. MaddM@ says

    That picture is one where Dan looks exceptionally good- defend our rights you sexy thing

    But seriously, atheists and generally people that disagree with christianity should all become gnostics and we can hold protests that one political party seems devoted to a god we see as flawed and the designer of a material world of pain and suffering.

  7. Caliban says

    Wow. That is a very thinly veiled threat. Savage’s “days are numbered”? His “life cut short by God’s justice*” and “the end is truly in sight”?

    (*Please note that “God’s justice” isn’t reserved for Him, people commit acts in God’s name all the time. See: Terrorism.)

    How very “Christian.”

  8. graphicjack says

    And where is the moral outrage from Brian Brown, Tony Perkins, and their ilk who whine about the “violent” homosexuals who supposedly egged on that random one-off shooting of a security guard and yet amazingly have a deaf ear to all the violent anti-gay rhetoric that we hear from looneys like this and frankly on a daily basis from the pulpit, Faux News, Republican politicians, and sadly, often from family, friends, co-workers, and average Joes off the street.

    Our community gets murdered, raped, beaten, burned alive, mugged, threatened, belittled, mocked, bullied, and denied our basic human rights… but hey, that’s all well and good. Clearly, Gawd wants it that way.

    I will continue to be a “militant” homsexual until all my brothers and sisters are free. Act up!

  9. Simon says

    When Christ said NOT to lie , ‘religious’ anti-gays proclaim that they are of ‘christians’ faith.

    When Christ said NOT to judge, anti-gay ‘christians’ argue back it’s ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of religion’.

    When Christ did NOT condemn homosexuality at all, anti-gay ‘christians’ protest that homosexuality is an ‘abomination’ to their ‘god’ and condemn it as ‘sin’.

    When Christ gave the commandments to love God AND love thy neighbor as thyself as the GREATEST commandments of all biblical laws, anti-gay ‘christians’ strike back to voice their stand to love GOP AND to hate others by voting and supporting laws like Amendment1, Prop8 and DOMA that discriminate at the greatest federal and state levels.

    When REAL Christians and gays speak up against the antigay ‘christians’ , the latter call it ‘intolerant’ among other hateful words and lies.

    Just 2 words for anti-gay ‘christians’ : ANTI CHRIST.

  10. craig says

    Watching your country from the outside we see increasing amount of fundamentalist Christians moving in the same direction as radical Islamists elsewhere. Their numbers and incidences of verbal assault seem to be increasing and we can only wonder when will they turn to violence to get people to live under their view of the world. It’s s very scary prospect for the US and the Western world.

  11. mike/ says

    “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    yeah, i know! Carter & his ilk would instantly say this is from the man who said ‘god is dead’. but just like every other fanatic they pick and choose to use things out of context.

    what Nietzsche in effect said is, ‘and man has killed him.’ Carter is a perfect example of this murder of his own god.

    as another man said, “I like your Christ. I don’t not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” — Ghandi

  12. Charles Carter says

    Actually I altered the wording of the video and re-posted it. Get it straight. I did this, not because I deny anything said in the video but because I know how you people cry and moan like deprived infants everytime you mis-percieve something and/or don’t like what is said. It all still stands; God will severely judge this man and all who refuse to repent of homosexuality and all sins.

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