1. Tessie Tura says

    Ryan Murphy has hinted at a breakup next season, didn’t say who… I think there’s more chemistry between Kurt and Karofsky.

  2. Tessie Tura says

    Ryan Murphy has hinted at a breakup next season, didn’t say who… I think there’s more chemistry between Kurt and Karofsky.

  3. says

    Re: your question on FB: “Do young gays give each other ‘promise rings’ and talk to each other about Elizabeth Taylor?”

    Of course they don’t. But what else would you expect from the most chemistry-free, pallid, passionless couple on TV than a chemistry-free, pallid, passionless scene such as this (and most Colfer/Criss scenes)?

  4. AJ says

    That was absolutely the worst episode of that show EVER. It seriously almost made me stop watching for good. It was so wretchedly horrible it was almost like a weird art piece. This scene would have probably pushed me over the edge.

  5. ratbastard says

    *eye roll*

    Glee should be listed under ‘fantasy’. How does anyone get through watching it? Are you high and/or sh*tfaced on psychotropic medications and Vodka?

  6. says

    This clip has been around for quite some time (I ran it on my own blog months ago as did many others) and I’m surprised that TR is just now getting around to recognizing it. Would have been a fine television moment and if Murphy has any real balls before the show is sent to sitcom heaven he will allow these two to marry and give us several more kissing scenes. This scene would have meant so much more had they kissed. Darren Criss comes off as more comfortable in his ‘gay’ role then Kurt. Remember it was Blaine who kissed Kurt and that was entirely believable. If this had been your moment with your man you know damn well you would not have hugged him.

    Thanks for posting the clip. It never gets old.

  7. stich says


    Don’t be using this forum to hate on people who are high and/or sh*tfaced on psychotropic medications and Vodka.

    They have rights too ya know!

    Thank you.

  8. yonkersconquers says

    I understand this is an 8PM network show with restrictions on what they can say and do. But Ryan Murphy consistently smuggled in the contraband and he did it with style.

    The shows current crop of writers have turned it from a ground breaking show into a national punchline.

    That didn’t need to happen.

  9. gerry says

    So I guess I’m a sappy, awkward queer susceptible to tooth-aching sweetness cause I liked it.

  10. MikeH says

    @Yonkersconquers – hit the nail on the head. The current writers SUCK! One other comment, what is completely unforgivable is the hug… where’s the kiss? It didn’t have to be swapping spit, at leas just lips touching… once again gays are turned into Smurfs (who as I’m sure you’ve noticed don’t have genitals)… why don’t they just color us blue…

  11. Homo Genius says

    OK… is it just me or is the Blaine/Kurt relationship nothing like anyone gay has ever experienced?

    The totally lost me when the boys wouldnt do it and were waiting until they were “ready”. When I was a gay teen we were getting it on every chance we could. LOL. I always felt sorry for my straight friends because they had to work at getting laid.

  12. Sam says

    If this scene wasn’t cut, I don’t know how much more twisting of the anti-gay religious right’s panties can take. Porno Pete would probably lose the rest of his hair, that’s for darn sure. It would be fun to watch.

    Ryan Murphy, you should haven’t have cut that scene.

  13. Robbie says

    it is bubble gum TV but i liked it, too. go ahead and critique the writing, acting, storylines, etc., but c’mon, people, we are seeing a teenage, gay couple professing their love for each other on a tv show. that it major. and it is progress.

  14. mickey squires says

    …but more times than not GLEE gets it right…a perfect balance of song heart and mind…i am proud to call myself a GLEEK!

  15. G.I. Joe says

    I agree Glee was much, much better during season 1. Season 3 has had great highs and, unfortunately, terrible lows.

    The Christmas episode, complete with a built-in rally-for-jesus speech (performed by a Jew, because where’s the fun otherwise), was one of the terrible lows.

  16. says

    Even in the deleted scenes, RIB manages not to give Klaine a kiss. I’m so bored with this show – They shouldn’t have more passion both opposite sex and same sex in their crumby reality show ‘The Glee Project’ but they do. Sadly.

  17. mymy says

    Yeah, Glee is unrealistic, but it can be fun to watch, kinda like a variety show with a sometimes story line. Is that so wrong?

  18. lukebrux says

    Reading certain comments I regret that some people got the freedom of speech.
    I just want to ask: what a hell happened in your life to make you so cynic? They are freaking adorable and when are shouting against Glee, in the mean time Ryan Murphy is the first one who has brought gay teen love on prime-time TV show.

  19. Zlick says

    I’d seen it before, but I think it’s an adorable scene. Yes, where’s the kiss? But since when has Glee ever been the slightest bit realistic?

    Unfortunately, even its limited charms eluded it this past season with the worst writing ever and far less interesting musical numbers. I won’t be returning as a viewer. The show may revive or may no … but since it sucked last season, I’m going to use the logical excuse of the main characters all graduating to stop watching this trainwreck of a once-fun show.

  20. Seattle Mike says

    I’m not surprised that they didn’t kiss. At that point, they were still a little uncomfortable with some public affection.

  21. Max says

    Some people just gotta b*tch

    This was fun, light hearted and I celebrate ANY LGBT relationship that’s showcased on television. ANY of them. especially cute harmless kids.

  22. luke says

    @homo genius I was too awkward for sex in high school too, but then I wasn’t out either. Even after being out for a few years I’m still too awkward for things like sex and relationships.

  23. EdA says

    FINALLY, the most important question posed — How do you afford all your outfits?

    And the answer: I have an eye for bargains???

  24. Gabe R L says

    I knew lots of gay guys who knew they were gay in high school, some of whom were even out, that were not sexually active for a number of reasons. One guy i knew came out at fourteen but was not sexually active for at least six more years. I myself was not active sexually at that age.

    I actually loved the scene and thought it was touching, if a little sappy, and I love all the nice clothes people wear on the show.

    And to echo a previous poster, it is funny that Criss seems more comfortable in the gay role than does Golfer.