It Would Take John Sununu Lots Of Beer To Discuss ‘Complicated’ Marriage Equality

Asked about the RNC platform's discriminatory language on equality, as well as Mitt Romney's commitment to a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex nuptials, Sununu said the topic was simply too "complicated".

"I think there are some issues that need national respect but I really do think that states ought to be dealing with this until there is a resolution at the national level," he said, before copping out on further explanation: I don’t want to get into a debate on this thing. It is much more complicated than just throwing a couple of answers into a radio interview. So I’m going to pass on it.”

Then, after being asked about Romney's politics, Sununu told Signorile:

If you tell me it’s in the platform, I’m going to believe you. If it’s in the platform, it’s in the platform. I’m not going to discuss this issue on the radio. It’s much more complicated. If you want to buy two cases of beer, and sit down and talk about it, I’m happy to do so. But there are some places that deserve more than a hackneyed, two-sentence answer.

Perhaps conservative self-reliance goes straight out the window when it comes to buying beer?

You can listen to audio of Sununu and Signorile's conversation at The Huffington Post.


  1. says

    Your post is ridiculously misleading,. He said it was more complicated than a two sentence soundbyte and he wasn’t willing to discuss it so briefly. He’d kick back with two cases of beer and get into it with whoever. We don’t need our rights reduced to a few seconds of psychobabble. I applaud him for taking it seriously. So should you. Unless of course you think our rights struggle is very simple to the millions who are against us…

  2. EchtKultig says

    Another day at Towleroad, another new Republican troll. Clearly this is all part of the blitzkrieg of ambiguities, lies and falsehoods that is the Republican 2012 platform. It’s too complicated to go into because he’d actually have to express an opinion, and that opinion could actually cost them the vote of some moderate and/or borderline “conservative” LGBT voter. Since about 94% of the electorate is already locked onto one or the other candidate, this is the stage where lying to the remaining middle becomes a real art form.

    Newsflash: almost all Republicans are opposed to gay marriage. The plurality of them are opposed to any kind of gay rights legislation. They are now, and they will be in 10 years. (MAYBE not twenty, but even that is pushing it). Many are willing to lie to get your vote…but especially Romney. Let me remind people of one of the most perceptive articles written about a politician in recent memory:

    To the trolls who will likely respond…is this remotely comparable to Obama? Nope. He had one opinion on gay marriage, he evolved, and new he has a now opinion. Something agents in a free society are SUPPOSED to be able to do. He never made a secret of either opinion, or of the fact that it changed.

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