Minnesota Archbishop Spreads The Discrimination He Laments

NienstedtMinnesota Archbishop John Nienstedt is trying to blur the lines between church and state with a letter encouraging Catholics in that state to vote for a measure that would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage there.

In the letter, claims that marriage equality "licenses the romantic preferences of same-sex adults"and that while "every sign of unjust discrimination" against LGBT people "must be avoided," voters must approve "God's plan for marriage".

Zack Ford at ThinkProgress notes that Nienstedt's letter is "an exemplar of cultural abuse, simultatenously feigning compassion while advocating discrimination."

Ford also notes that Nienstedt's letter was read at dozens of Catholic churches in Minnesota last week and that many pro-equality parishioners walked out of service as a result and that many parishes flat-out refused to participate in Nienstedt's hateful politicking and that a Facebook page called "I am Catholic. I am voting NO!" is gaining steam in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


  1. Bingo says

    Could we get the fact that there’s a difference between the separation of church and state and what is at issue here. The good bishop can say anything he likes about how people should vote. The separation between church and state is a limitation on the government only.

    An entirely different issue is determining if the bishop’s political activity imperils his institution’s tax-exempt status.

  2. Mike says

    Report the Catholic Church to the IRS for violation of the church and state rules, demand the IRS do its job of taking away the exemption that the Catholic church pay taxes if the church violates the church and state rules. Keep church and state separate or we will end up like Iran with a Mullah called the Pope telling everybody what to do or not do. God help us.

  3. MaddM@ says

    I agree that the catholic church really needs to be coughing up some tax $$ at this point, especially with this BS.

    I do think this country is headed toward theocracy but it would never be a catholic one- it would be some kind of crazy ass protestant evangelical fundamentalist leader calling the shots

  4. cfox says

    Fill out Internal Revenue Service form
    13909, Complaint regarding Exempt Organizations for Political Activity, and send it in–the more they get, the more likely they are to terminate their tax exempt status.

  5. Ladfish says

    @Diognes Arktos
    That wasnt the point at all. The point is tracing the money of this tax exempt institute. There have been in the past Churches that abused teir tax exempt priviliges and there are rules and regulations churches are to obide by. It’s rather simple, but as is the case with most organized religion, that privilige is being corrupted because of corrupt leaders within the Church

  6. Jerry6 says

    Considering that no one in their right mind, not brought up in a Religion as a child, would join one as an adult, except for political or business gain, it is natural and expected, that Religions fight against homosexuality. Most Gays will not marry and bring up children in a religion; or if they do, it will be with a local sect that accepts homosexuality. Without brainwashed children, religions will not grow. Popes, et al, only fight Homosexuality because of the future loss of brain washed new members each generation to finance the life style of old men in The Vatican with their pretty red shoes.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    @LadFish: By “illegal speech” I intended to mean within the context of the tax-exempt status. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. I do know of an Episcopal church which was investigated by the IRS for supporting a liberal CANDIDATE in a sermon. On the other hand, I am also aware of the recent ruling that the RC church cannot collect for a specific organization. I think the whole matter needs clarification.

  8. millerbeach says

    I’m involved in my church (RC) and I don’t feel brainwashed. If my priest gave a sermon like that, I’d get up and walk out too, along with several of my church members. I still have a brain, and it still works, and I can still think for myself, regardless of what the church may say. Yeah, there’s the Pope, that idiot in the NYC diocese, Tim Dolan, but at the end of the day, guess what? They don’t go to my church, their hate does not affect me. All my fellow members know about me, and we really are family. They have been there for me and me likewise for them. I completely understand the angst religion causes for so many, I also realize my experience is far different than most, including my parents, who left the Church, ironically, due to their views on gays and women. It would be different if I were in a creepy parish, but I lucked out. I found a Catholic church where I feel accepted, which is most important to me. I wish everyone could find the kind of church I found. I really do feel my life is a lot richer and better because of my religious involvement. It took a long time to find a church like this. I had been away for decades, disgusted with most, and their lack of true Christian ideals. I found it all at my little church in Miller. I always remind myself of a funny line I heard years ago…”religion was fine…until man got involved.”

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