Paul Ryan Won’t Talk About ENDA

Paul Ryan won't comment on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which he voted for in 2007, and then voted to kill it:

Romney-ryanRyan's congressional office directed questions about ENDA to Romney's campaign, and Romney's campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The Log Cabin Republicans are pipe dreaming about the possibility they'll throw them a bone Writes R. Clarke Cooper in The Daily Caller:

Romney is not ready or willing to support same-sex marriage, but there are still concrete steps that his campaign can take to counter the liberal strategy of painting the GOP as anti-gay that would also provide tangible benefits for LGBT Americans. Before the president’s May announcement that he supports gay marriage, the main issue being pressed by LGBT advocates was actually workplace protections. As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to sign an executive order adding LGBT people to the list of groups federal contractors are barred from discriminating against. The White House then made it clear that no executive order would be signed, leaving 1.8 million Americans unprotected. It is wrong that federal contractors who are paid with taxpayer money are allowed to fire people for being LGBT. Romney has said that he opposes workplace discrimination. By vowing to sign an executive order preventing federal contractors from firing people for being LGBT, and joining Paul Ryan in support for ENDA, Romney can draw a favorable contrast between himself and the president.

(h/t Americablog)