Reporter Goes Undercover at Anti-Gay NOM Conference Meant to Instruct Students to Defend ‘Traditional Marriage’


Equality Matters staffer Carlos Maza went undercover at the weekend-long "It Takes A Family To Raise A Village" (ITAF) conference in San Diego, CA sponsored by NOM's anti-gay Ruth Institute. It's a conference meant to prepare college students to defend "traditional marriage".

Writes Maza:

NOM had spent the entire weekend trying to widen it by teaching…that gays and lesbians – including me – are unstable, dangerous, and unworthy of raising their own families. Despite the promise to focus on "marriage, not gayness," ITAF had been a veritable crash course in demonizing LGBT people.

That's because, for NOM, there really isn't much distance between being "anti-gay marriage" and being "anti-gay" – the latter motivates the former. "Raising the negative on homosexuality," as one NOM memo put it, is a central part of the organization's effort to defeat same-sex marriage. Even Morse recently confessed that NOM's decision to publically attack gay marriage instead of gay people is purely "strategic."

ITAF showcased the kind of anti-gay animus that activists have for years accused NOM of harboring behind closed doors. In the public eye, NOM depicts itself as fair-minded and moderate pro-marriage group. In reality, it's the kind of organization that seeks to train college students to justify anti-gay bigotry by relying on stereotypes, pseudoscience, and a sizable dose of right-wing religious extremism.

His report is full of hideous audio clips. Check it out HERE.


  1. Caliban says

    This is from the article:

    “Of those attendees who were no longer in college, many had already begun their professional careers. According to the bios distributed by the Ruth Institute at the start of the conference, attendees included a high school teacher, a staffer at the Institute on Religion and Democracy, and an attorney with the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

    Carlos Maza doesn’t name any of the attendees (though he does say many are students BYU and AZ State), but if that teacher has a position at a public high school I believe people should know. Given the overt homophobia at the conference there is NO WAY it doesn’t effect that teacher’s dealings with gay, questioning, or gender nonconforming students.

  2. Mike says

    Homophobic propaganda is nothing new, the Nazis used it in World War Two to turn the mostly Catholic German people against the homosexuals and make it possible to make the people hate the gays just like the Nazis used propaganda against religions like the Jews. They got the people to hate these groups so much they drove them into concentration camps and murdered them by the millions.
    The shocking thing is that NOM or National Organization for Marriage is doing the same thing today that the Nazis did, turn people against LGBT people today, many of these gay people are Christians yet that is something the antigay NOM Nazis try to keep out of the news and suppress.

  3. says

    This is why Porno Pete said Dan Savage won the Dinner Debate with Brian Brown. Dan and Terry appeared perfectly normal ordinary gentlemen — as did rheir son. They weren’t the monsters NOM and its allies require to spead their lies,and so they “lost.”

    Once again the power of Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen Degeneres should not be underestimated.

  4. castaway says

    It’s not just that they hate us, they focus their lives on hurting us. Then they recruit more people to hurt us more. Confrences, seminars, bus tours, universities, radio shows, weekly Sunday sermons. I mean W T F! Leave us the F**K ALONE and let us live and love how we want.

  5. johnny says

    It’s the same basic human primitive reaction to something that is unfamiliar:

    Pick on someone (or some group) that is weaker than you are based on fear, ignorance and your own narcissism. Try to gather more individuals like yourself together to do the same. Demonize them as much as possible based on fear, religion, eugenics or whatever tools are necessary. If successful, exterminate them in as great as number as is possible.

    Right out of the Hitler playbook. These NOM groups aren’t people, they’re Nazis.

  6. Opinionated says

    The nice thing is that in today’s age these kids are more likely to be ostracized for these views than embraced assuming it isn’t a bible belt college. They will be outcast themselves with only their fellow American Taliban (thanks Newsweek, loving this description!) to confide in and hang out with.

  7. Bill says

    Finally, a gay person did something that bore results. For gay people who are not passive these viewers are expected although rarely said explicitly in public. Maybe a few gay people will be changed by this and will no longer take the anti-gay forces casually anymore.

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