Stevie Wonder: Some People Who ‘Think’ They’re Gay Are ‘Confused’


In an interview with The Guardian about his five decades as one of the world's most talented and popular musicians, Stevie Wonder was asked about an up-and-comer, Frank Ocean, the hip-hop artist who recently came out, thanks in part to the path carved by Wonder, a blind and black musician who rose in a segregated world.

Wonder's response to Ocean's sexuality is disappointing:

Wonder is aware of his impact, and of those who have picked up his progressive soul baton, such as Ocean. Was he surprised that there could, in 2012, be a furore at the revelation that a rapper might be gay?

"I think honestly, some people who think they're gay, they're confused," he says. "People can misconstrue closeness for love. People can feel connected, they bond. I'm not saying all [gay people are confused]. Some people have a desire to be with the same sex. But that's them."


  1. joeyhegele says

    I think these comments say more about Stevie Wonder than they do about Frank Ocean or any other gay people. It seems like Wonder just came out of the closet. He has tried to convince himself he was confused any time he fell in love with a man. How sad for him.

  2. Javier says

    Yeah, but Ocean has not presented himself as gay per say. In fact, he has used a term for his sexual orientation, although putting it all together, he seems to be bisexual. He merely said he fell in love with man. Ocean is clearly not trying to identify with the label gay while acknowledging his love for at least one dude.

  3. VDUFFORD says

    Closeness,connection,bonding…sounds like love to me! Maybe the problem is his definition of love.
    His definition of love might only center around the hole (or holes) he plays in!

  4. Jack M says

    Yes, I am also disappointed in Stevie Wonder. I always looked up to him as someone who promoted love and dignity for all people. His music has brought so many people together, it’s a shame that he must now speak words that would ultimately serve to drive people apart.

  5. Ron says

    sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye, so just turn a blind eye. everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Just look the other way. An eye for an eye is not usually the best solution. Look up and don’t look down.

  6. busytimmy says

    I believe what he’s saying in a rather inarticulate way is that just because someone has feelings for someone of the same gender does not mean that they are gay. Which is true. SAme sex attraction is a part of many people’s experience, although it doesn’t evolve into a gay identity. Young people should be able to have these emotions and experiences and not have to put themselves in an immutable category. It’s all about freedom, right? Plus, Stevie Wonder is a genius and attacking his blindness over this quote is disgusting.

  7. DaveTN says

    I guess i’m missing something….while i don’t think it applies to the vast majority, i do think there are plenty who are simply confused….gay and straight.

    I think that sometimes when a person’s innate sexual orientation is heterosexual but that person experiments with someone same-sex…he enjoys it because the human body is going to enjoy sexual stimulation regardless…and it can confuse that person into thinking they’re gay based soley on the fact they enjoyed sex with the same gender…when in reality they are just a str8 man enjoying sex with other men.

    Likewise, if a guy’s innate orientation is homosexual…he can go have sex with women & enjoy it immensely….but it doesn’t make him str8, it just makes him a gay guy having sex with women.

    I mean i guess Wonder could have worded it differently or elaborated what he meant…but i don’t think what he said is all that awful.

  8. Ben in Oakland says

    Stevie– some of the people who think they’re STRAIGHT are merely confused.

    Ted Haggard. lonnie Latham. Bob allen. Alan chambers. Possibly John Travolta. Possibly Tom cruise.

    Possibly Stevie wonder.

  9. Francis says

    I’m not going to bother getting too upset about this. He’s from a completely different time and clearly has no idea what the hell he’s saying………..and by the way, it’s clear what he said. The only people that are confused are those who can’t comprehend the fact that people can be gay without being confused or corrupted into it.

  10. busytimmy says

    “can’t blame him for not seeing things the way we do.” Really? This type of comment is so juvenile. To think that this is the response to Wonder’s quoted statement, which if you read the article you would see it’s a rambling collection of observations and hardly a real interview. It’s childish. DaveTN’s comment above is right on. WE have biggger fish to fry than Stevie Wonder.

  11. Ron says

    BUSYTIMMY sweetie lighten up. have a sense of humor. Stevie Wonder is awesome, but he has a different point of view because, he has not actually seen 2 gay people loving each other, so you can’t blame him.

  12. NeverEclipsed81 says

    As a singer I respect Stevie, but a blind guy couldn’t possibly understand the visual aspect of sexual attraction. No other way of saying it.

  13. CJ says

    nope, sorry he’s not gettin a free pas on this one just bc he’s “from a different time”. there are entertainers considerably older than him (62 isn’t really considered “old” these days) who do not have the same views by a longshot and the fact that he Is a blind, black man who has made a Very lucrative career about not judging, about loving everybody, ebony and ivory on my keyboard bullsh*t etc etc etc, makes him perfectly fair game for people to call him out on the hypocrisy.

  14. Jakeinlove says

    You know, it’s an opinion. It’s not offensive and there is validity in what he’s saying – regardless if you’re referencing a gay or straight relationship.

    Nothing really to see here folks.

  15. Vora says

    None so blind as he who will not see.

    “When you believe in things that you don’t understand you will suffer—superstition ain’t the way, Stevie.”

  16. Francis says

    “It’s an opinion” doesn’t justify the comments, Jake. I think we all realize this is his opinion but his opinion is ignorant and thus he will be criticized for it.

  17. DJSauvage says

    He’s been blind since birth, never been able to look at a man or a woman and decide what visually attracts him, so maybe it’s a little more ambiguous for him.

  18. DJSauvage says

    He’s been blind since birth, never been able to look at a man or a woman and decide what visually attracts him, so maybe it’s a little more ambiguous for him.

  19. Truth says

    the people defending him are black LGBT.

    Black LGBT short of becoming homophobic themselves will go to GREAT lengths to defend black homophobia. Great lengths! It’s unfortunate, but a clear cut pattern. And it’s only hurting themselves.

  20. MeetPollie says

    A homophobic black man? But…but it just can’t be. I mean, the gay meme is that white southerners are the face of homophobia. we can’t change that image we as a community attached to homophobia (hillbillies, rednecks, whites) even though time and time again, it’s black folks who show their proud homophobia on display.

  21. IonMusic says

    I’ve personally always found him annoying and I’ll say it….his celebrity had a lot to do with him being a blind artist and the unbelievable attention he got for it during the start of his career. Let’s keep it real now.

  22. Tiot says

    The people defending his remarks are the same ones who defended Chris Brown’s homophobia. Some people just don’t want to call out ignorance because it would require them growing a pair. It’s so much easier to burry their heads in the sand.

  23. 2Dads says

    How the hell would Stevie Wonder know about sexuality, inherent desires, being gay? I mean seriously, talk about not being qualified to comment on a subject that you are clearly clueless about. Has he lived a day as a gay man or women to know this? Because he seems to come from a very “matter of fact” way of speaking in this ridiculous quote.

  24. says

    There’s literally so much ignorance in his one quote there that I don’t even think it’s possible to touch on how many levels of ignorant that statement brushed on. Just some mindless, shameful ignorance right there.

  25. Sam says

    Product of another generation. I’m not gonna say he deserves a pass on what he said but I doubt his beliefs will evolve at this pont in his life.

    My dad still refers to my sister-in-law as a Protestant w**** because he didn’t marry a Catholic.

  26. Crown Jewels says

    He completely derailed the question about Frank Ocean and seemed more hell bent on getting off his chest, his inaccurate feelings on why some are gay and why gay even existed. Almost as if he’s been wanting to air this opinion for a while now. Really, there’s so many ways of handling that question regarding Frank Ocean and the interviewers question, and to respond in this manner is very very telling.

  27. MCnNYC says

    Unfortunately this statement by Stevie reflects not only his time but his AGE. This is why Luther and Donnie and MJ and so many other talented musicians remain locked in their closet vault.
    But if this gives Stevie some cover for his love of Michael Jackson.
    Steve “no homo” Wonder

  28. Scott Johansen says

    This is basically one of the most offensive things I’ve read.

    I’ve come to terms with some thinking I’m going to hell.

    Some believeing being gay is a sin.

    Some believing being gay is the last thing they’d want to be.

    But to go out and say many gays out there are CONFUSED, and correlate confusion with a very natural innate trait, is beyond offensive. It’s outrageous.

  29. NachosCorchos says

    Why are heterosexuals so fixated on our sexuality, why are sexuality exists, and the psychology behind our sexuality? Man, we know hetero life is sometimes dull, but their obsession with literally studying and commenying on every aspect of our being is so telling of how the average hetero life can be pretty darn miserable. Hence their need to fixate on our lives.
    Get a life heteros. Grab a new hobby. Go play in traffic or something useful.

  30. C says

    It’s dissapointing as a black man who has probably had preconcieved notions drawn about him and who he is, he could be so eager to spread such falsehood about another group of people, struggling to attain their place in this society. It’s not surprising though. After all, the oppressed yesterday are easily the oppressors today. Don’t we already know that as a community very well.

  31. says

    This is a pretty wreckless, irresponsible, and dangerous message he’s sending with this statement. Beyond just ignorance, I actually think the promotion of this idea that there’s a bevy of us just walking this planet confused, mistaking our inherent love to lust and confused desires is so damaging. I find his words deplorable actually.

  32. Derrick from Philly says

    “the people defending him are black LGBT.

    Black LGBT short of becoming homophobic themselves will go to GREAT lengths to defend black homophobia. Great lengths! It’s unfortunate, but a clear cut pattern. And it’s only hurting themselves.”

    There have been only about 3 Blacks who’ve posted on this discussion. There’s nothing here to defend, you silly b.tch.

    “A homophobic black man? But…but it just can’t be. I mean, the gay meme is that white southerners are the face of homophobia. we can’t change that image we as a community attached to homophobia (hillbillies, rednecks, whites) even though time and time again, it’s black folks who show their proud homophobia on display”

    Yeah, they were on display at the anti-Gay Republican Convention, weren’t they, you b.tch.

    I’m disappointed that Stevie Wonder has that “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy concerning Gay people and the many Gay people he’s workded with in the entertainment world.

    But b.tches like the two I just answered don’t want to know any Black people (Gay or Straight) so they can go stick something up their stinkin’ flat azzes–starting with their stupid opinions.

  33. Lipstick Diva says

    Expect this story to get linked to one of his fan sites, and his fans to raid this comment section, spinning, twisting and working all angles to justify and defend these horrific statements.

  34. Michelle says

    How the hell would HE know what same sex attracted people are truly feeling? Seriously, a statement so other worldly and false deserves to be qualified with some facts and citation. Is he speaking on personal account or did he take it upon himself to speak on behalf of the raw experience of millions of gays and lesbians?
    What a ridiculous thing to say on his part.

  35. says

    Sorry- I love music, but there is absolutely no way of justifying these comments. I’d find it laughable if anyone attempts to. Just call them what they are, ignorance. It’s blatant ignorance.

    He clearly hasn’t had enough exposure to gay people, and/or the gay people around him are so busy fawning over him being “Yes men” that they’ve never wanted to go there, and share their personal experiences, or even come out. This is the danger of not casually opening up and sharing your stories of being gay with your loved ones. When left with their own vehicle to decide what being gay is, they’ll usually travel down an ignorant path. It takes GAY people to educate straights on what being gay is. Not waiting for them to figure it out for themselves. Because otherwise, the results could be scary.

  36. BOB J. says

    Real Talk-

    I too have to co sign everything you just said. I agree that it’s not enough to just come out. Many of us have had reasonable and almost educational discussions with family & friends about what it means to be gay, the wiring behind it, our life story. It humanizes it. The more closeted LGBT remain, the more it breeds ignorance like this, as you perfectly stated. We are the best educators to create a mental shift in thinking like this. But it requires us taking that role, and wanting to help people better understand, and most importantly, being out and open about who we are. Not hidden.

  37. Steerpike says

    The first thing to remember about Stevie Wonder is that he’s an OLD BLACK MAN. My granny was an anti-Semite. Lovely woman but she was 86 and she just didn’t like jews. Dead now. Like her views.

  38. dot says

    This is a shameful thing to say on his part. This is the quote of someone who has their heart and mind halfway shut to a whole group of people he can learn from and learn from their story. I was literally shaking my head while reading it.

  39. Austinite says

    his response actually pisses me off! Frank ocean coming out and sharing his experience with a man had NOTHING to do with confusion. that answer was completely far fetched and unrelated to frank ocean being forthcoming about being with a man. it’s like he was just itching to get out a calculating speech on hoping to influence people to reject being gay. there certainly seems to have been an agenda behind his words.

  40. Roxanne says

    Beyond just ignorance, as many others noted, there’s such a level of arrogance in the way he worded this. Just the way it all comes out and his wording is so pompous.

  41. KLYT says

    I think if you read Frank Ocean’s own comments carefully, and especially listen to his music, you’ll find that Stevie Wonder was not making a generalization. He was responding very specifically to what Frank O. has put out into the world about his sexuality via his tweets, blog comments, and lyrics.

  42. says

    It’s amusing how ignorant his comment is, but then again, folks he’s 63. That crowd is a crowd where sadly, ignorance on this topic reigns supreme. It’s the younger generation, 35 and under, who are coming around in droves. thats who we should be putting our efforts toward and celebrating as having on our side.
    The 65 year old crowd is rare to ‘get it’

  43. jamal49 says

    I’ve read other things Mr. Wonder has said regarding LGBT people. I’ve never found them offensive. Neither do I this. I take what he is saying at face value, even as inelegantly expressed as it is.

    In the context of what Mr. Ocean related in his coming-out reminiscences, it did seem that Mr. Ocean might have confused the emotions that the other man may have shown him for love instead of, as Mr. Wonder said, “closeness”.

    I will confess that, on a few occasions in my life as a gay man, I have often misread the affection and closeness of a given friendship and interpreted it as “love”, meaning romantic, intimate love when it wasn’t.

    I give Mr. Wonder a pass on this. Besides that his music at his peak was very important to me (oh the hours spent with dear friends, all sadly departed, listening to decipher all the deeper meanings within The Tetralogy!), I do not think his comments were meant to offend or harm.

    Now, having offered my worthless observations, I think I’ll go and listen to Innervisions yet one more time.

  44. Justin says

    Glad I never bought any of his music. I’m not really surprised by his comments though considering most straight black men are homophobic, especially the older ones (and I say this as a black gay man).

  45. says

    well, since he can’t see and is thus “robbed” of the aesthetic attractions all people-with-sight have maybe he’s opening a window into his own experiences – maybe dude really REALLY enjoyed the companionship of males and didn’t understand it, or why.


  46. Ari says

    What a freak! Some people may be confused but they are generally not the ones who come out.. and in such a big way. The confused ones are people that may be experimenting or the closet cases. Pretty rare for confused straight people to come out in a press release or through social media, etc.. Not to mention writing how happy they are.Too funny.

  47. GregV says

    There is a HUGE amount of pressure in society to be heterosexual (even if one isn’t) and pressure in the opposite direction is virtuslly nom-existent.
    For that reason, there are millions of confused people who “think” they are heterosexual (I’ve known msny gay people who say they ignored all the evidence for years because that pressure made reality too hard to deal with).
    By comparison, the Anne Heches of the world who think they are gay aliens from outer space (she admitted she was crazy) are MINISCULE in number.

    The question that was asked was itself on the verge of being misleading because Frank Ocean has never (yet) claimed that he is, or even might be, gay.
    But Stevie’s answer is pretty unintelligible. For example, the last two sentences:
    “Some people have a desire to be with the same sex. But that’s them.”

    I mean, the part before that (about confused people) is pretty much the reverse of reality (the people who talk openly, despite sll the pressures, about a same-sex crush are, no doubt, among the LEAST confused people he could meet). And those last two sentences are too self-evident to mean anything meaningful at all. “But that’s them?”. Yes, that is them. And some people are blind snd some are black and that is them.
    It’s hard for me to take too much offense to meaningless rambling, but my perception of his overall IQ may have just gone down a notch (even though I’m a big fan.)

  48. says

    @MeetPollie I don’t know what memes you’ve been reading, but wasn’t it the homophobic blacks who contributed to the success of Prop 8 in California? ( A line Dan Savage was heavily pimping, then recanted)

    Unless its an imitation of life situation, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Matthew Shepherd’s killers, Fred Phelps, all white.

    I’m not saying there isnt homophobia in the black community, because there is.. but black Americans are homophobic for the same reasons many southern whites are homophobic..because of their religious beliefs.

  49. Ron says

    There’s a difference between closeness, love or friendship and being sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. I don’t know how someone can think that I have a choice over which sex I’m attracted to. I am a gay man. I always have been, always will be. That is a fact.

    P.S. I’ve already deleted Stevie from my ipod.

  50. Ron says

    There’s a difference between closeness, love or friendship and being sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. I don’t know how someone can think that I have a choice over which sex I’m attracted to. I am a gay man. I always have been, always will be. That is a fact.

    P.S. I’ve already deleted Stevie from my ipod.

  51. jason says

    But haven’t you liberals loved Stevie Wonder for so many years? My, my, looks like you’ve been stabbed in the back. Overall, it’s very funny seeing you liberals squirming in discomfort when a black disses youi.

  52. Icebloo says

    Yet another over-privileged celebrity who has had no connection to the real world for 50 years. When they have been pampered too much for too long like Stevie they become insane and have crazy views that don’t link to reality.

    I have just deleted all my Stevie collection. What a piece of s%it !

  53. Mike says

    Stevie must be talking to or listening to the anti-gay Christians who work for NOM or the National Organization for Marriage who are using blacks and Hispanics to harass and make trouble for LGBT people. A lot of African Americans and Hispanics are not educated and so they can be used by people like NOM who know how to use people. Some body should tell these poor blacks and Hispanics that at least if they are being used by these hate groups they should be paid a lot of money to do it, after all these hate groups are getting funded by people like Mitt Romney who have millions of dollars to give them and that is why he is hiding his IRS tax returns, so nobody will find out how much money he gives to hate groups.

  54. says

    Homophobia isn’t just the act of physical HARMING a gay person. It’s also perpetuating falsehood, misconceptions and dishonesty about them without evidence to support your claims.

    We don’t say as a society that racism is only when you attack another black person. Heck, most things, even subtle, get labeled racist these days.

    Wonders comments are the height of homophobia.

  55. Mandoza says

    You just knowwww all the people defending him are the FIRST to get bat sh*t crazy if anyone dares say anything, even not racist, about blacks. The double standard in our country by those who shout racism the loudest but are willing to practice homophobia is outstanding. And needs to be pointed out far more!

  56. Cee Y J says

    Heterosexual privilige = when straight men like this feel they are qualified to state who we are as people, as if we LGBT are some lab experiment for him to research on. Ignorance is ugly.

  57. says

    Part of what’s happening here is some sort of misplaced sense of authority being given to a person because they are a celebrity. As far as what people call themselves and think they are, some people are confused.

    I have never gotten a hate vibe from Stevie Wonder and I’ve always enjoyed his songs. There was a lot of social commentary and positive messages. I don’t think he should be attacked.

    The thing is, we look ahead and think “how will the other side use this statement to oppress people?” and we then tie Stevie Wonder in with the viewpoint of the oppressor. Stevie Wonder did not say that all people are supposed to be straight. I’m not sure why they asked him about Frank Ocean anyway, but it’s not like Stevie was down at the mall passing out leaflets to ban gay marriage or something.

  58. Yellow-Mellow says

    I’m sorry but his quote is straight up hetero propoganda that has a very clear purpose of both discrediting many people who are gay as well as making those who are gay question being gay.

    It IS agenda fueled. It IS a heterosexual tactic, and it DOES boil down to not being fully understanding of what it means to be gay. And I’ve had enough of their ploys to make our gay youth who just want to be, feel like they are some preplexed confused beings. It’s all damaging and needs to be corrected.

  59. says

    You don’t see gay people commenting on heterosexuals, their marriages their ways of life- hardly ever. Heck, certainly not on a consistent basis like they fixate on us. Sincerely… Soon enough our collective memo as a community to heteros needs to be “GET OVER YOURSELVES!”

  60. Lesbian Momma says

    I counsel closeted people for a non profit I work with and have for years.

    These people are gay but their surroundings have dictated to them that gay is wrong, and verbatim Stevie’s statements above; that they are confusing their emotions.

    Telling someone who is on the cusp of one of the most liberating experiences of their lives in wanting to gain self acceptance and come out, that they are actually confused by this gayness is what leads to confusion… And suicide, and prescription addiction, and depression. But the confused heterosexuals who promote these myths already knew that and are okay with that being the final fate of these gays. Been around long enough to know. And it’s sad.

  61. Luis san siego says

    I say this as a hispanic gay man. We need to mobilize and educate our black and brown communities in this country. They are not at all bad people, they just don’t have much exposure to the LGBT community so anti gay groups like NOM mobilize fast and hard on them. In their communities. They truly brainwash them because they are so impressionable on this topic, and sadly many of us minority gays either stay on the DL for it or move out of our old neighborhoods. So what we need to do is more outreach to these specific communities to help change minds. We can NOT afford to let the only exposure black an brown people have to gays in this country be by Maggie and NOM!

  62. Manny A. says

    Confused gay people? No stevie. Confused was my old co worker and friend who was gay all his life, but forced into conversion therapy as a child to de-gay him. Set up in an arranged marriage by his pastor from the family church. Surrounded by nothing but homophobia, and ultimately took his own life because of the confusion of the world around him who didn’t let him just be and tried to sell him on the idea that HE was the one who was confused, when in reality, it was just those around him with the confusion/ignorance. What a shameful society we live in.
    RIP Mario

  63. jaragon says

    Homophobia is accepted in some cultures usually as result of strong religious views-but to be fair to Wonder perhaps he did not mean to offend- he is of an older generation to whom homosexuality was a sin.

  64. John says

    Stevie was 100% on the money and I hope he doesn’t retract or try to clarify his comments to cushion them for butt hurt (irony) members of the gay community who need to be coddled and overreact when someone isn’t an overblown placating ally.

    Not everyone is going to support or even like you; get over it!

    Rock on Stevie. I was always a fan and today I’m even moreso.

  65. XoMoDe says

    Heh…I knew the GayKK would come out of the woodwork and turn this into a race issue when it wasn’t one. Funny, I can name numerous of white guys in the media who’re younger than Stevie who have made it clear that they’re no friend of the gays, and the response on blogs never even peeps at a mention of race…but let a black guy say something that isn’t GLAAD-award-ready and you gaycists throw a fit and start making all sorts of pronouncements about homophobia in the black community and blah-blah-blah. Typical. You all LIVE for s**t like this. Methinks it temporarily distracts you from how your own family members are disappointed in your homosexuality.

  66. Francis says

    John, do you think anyone cares whether or not people like you or others “like” us because of our orientation? If you dislike people on the basis that they’re gay, you’re a horrible individual. Your approval is COMPLETELY unnecessary.

    With that being said, no, we are not going to allow some ignorant man make denigrating statements (whether that was his intention or not) and get away with them. Period.

  67. Justin says

    I think that people are over-reacting. He’s not inferred that all gay people are “confused.” It’s a clumsily-worded statement, but it’s not inflammatory when taken into the context of discussing Frank Ocean, whom has never labelled himself as bisexual (although Ocean evidently is).

    In fact, I can’t help but read his remarks as being a veiled admission of a past same-sex love of his own.

    To me, it reads like: “I think honestly, I once thought I was gay, but I was confused. I misconstrued closeness for love. I felt connected, I bonded. I’m not saying all [gay people are confused]. Some people have a desire to be with the same sex. But that’s them [people whom identify as being gay].”

  68. Chloe says

    “WHO cares? I don’t need his approval.”

    What a vague retort for anybody who disagrees with you.

    Stevie Wonder said SOME people, not ALL people. Now SOME people are up in arms all over these comments, raging against him. I agree with Gabriel. You’re all now making these judgments against him because you assumed a generalization when he didn’t make one. I’m going to stop reading these stupid comments before I rant any more.

  69. jason says

    I think women are more “confused” than men because women’s sexuality is often based on pleasing a man. Men’s sexuality, on the other hand, is about pleasing himself. She has to be true to him, he has to be true only to himself.

    Because women are prone to market forces (ie the changing demands of men who are sexually interested in them), a lot of their behavior as women changes and shifts according to the moment. One moment they’re one thing, the next they’re another. This constant fluctuation creates the impression of confusion. It is evident in how women constantly change their hairstyles and their fashions. You don’t see anywhere this constant change in men.

    In terms of sexual expression, women often find that they have to be sexual in order to please a man and his fantasies/fetishes. This can take the form of falsely claiming to be bisexual and also faking their orgasms in order to live up to his wishes. There is thus this huge layer of faking that dominates a woman’s frame of mind, adding to the overall impression of confusion.

  70. Truth says

    Black people disgust me. We need to call out the violence, stealing, illegal activity, dog fighting, birth out of wedlock, drop out rate of the black community as much as they call us out. They think they can say and do whatever they want because they pull the race card. F YOU ALL. ghetto thugs!

  71. Viox says

    That anyone would even pretend this statement is not homophobic is showing their own homophobia.

    This comment he made is the epitome of homophobia. Don’t try to spin it because someone you like is being called out for their blatant ignorance.

  72. Jerry Cheese says

    If a gay person made similar sounding comments about black people, the same people defending him would coime out strongly, viciously and perhaps violently against not just the person who made the comment but against the entire gay community. When a black man says homophobic things, you’ll have a segment of the population go out of their way to REWRITE what they said all to make him look innocent. Even though the words stated above by Stevie Wonder are insanely ignorant. That’s how the double standard in our society works. Some truly don’t want to “call out” their own. But I’m thankful others don’t fall for that PC meme. I don’t care if you’re black or old, you make ignorant remarks, be prepared to hear a mouthful in return. PC fanatics be damned.

  73. King Lion says

    Insulting, offensive quote that goes hand in hand with the false THEORY that a majority of gays chose to be gay and or are confused about it.

    I will stand up to homophobia till the death, with every fire of my being, and the people defending this homophobic speech are lucky they are not doing it in person with me because it would turn really heated.

  74. Ying mori says

    The one thing that’s worse than homophobia is when homophobia is preached, like the ignorance Stevie Wonders spews above, and we’re told by internalized homophobe/apologist crowd that it’s not in actuality homophobia.
    Nothing more offensive than telling well adjusted gay people that the homophobia they are witnessing is not in actuality homophobia. Talk about calculating ploy.

  75. Bret says

    @ John
    atleast us homos are proudly gay, and proudly out. Unlike you who camps out on these sites to make negative commentary against gays, because you resent us having the courage to be who we are, and openly so. Something you will never- ever have.

    Oh and Jesus and your BUY-BULL is all fake, and I take great pride in belittling your religion.

    Have an enjoyable day.

  76. says

    I honestly think some black people who want to be with white people, they are confused. There’s some confusion with interracial marriage. They confuse wanting to be accepted by society with truly wanting to be with a white man. I mean I guess if that’s what you really want, interracial relationship, well….that’s them

  77. Mendoza says

    @ USC Trojans Fan

    You nailed it perfectly by rewording in the most poignant manner. That really sheds perspective on the issue, and reaffirms how ignorant Wonders statement is. Of course, it will go over the head of some people, but job well done.

  78. Brad says

    I think honestly, some people who think they like Stevie Wonder’s music, they’re confused. People can misconstrue caterwauling for music. People can feel like it’s good music, they groove. I’m not saying all people that listen to Stevie Wonder are confused. Some people have a desire to listen to Stevie Wonder. But that’s them.

  79. Sam A says

    I don’t see what there is to be confused about. Are you saying that if two straight guys are good enough friends, they might want to blow each other because too much closeness breeds confusion?
    I had this guy who was my best friend from 3 ’til 17, and because we were so close, doing stuff with him would have felt like incest.
    Stevie Wonder may be from a different time, but your time period doesn’t excuse not continuing to pursue knowledge and understanding.

  80. Dynex says

    I find the whole quote offensive, ESPECIALLY that it is the response given to a question that didn’t even beg that response. Almost as though he just really wanted to air this ignorance against some gays, and promote myths about being gay. The question asked did not warrant that response, which is laced with ignorance.

  81. Z.T says

    No, gay people don’t need to ‘accept’ this kind of false notions about who we are. It’s damaging, and we have every right to respond to it, challenge it, and educate those who say things like this. I’d argue we have a duty to, and to ignore various levels of homophobia is to encourage it. That’s lazy.

  82. Peter M. says

    @jamal49 “In the context of what Mr. Ocean related in his coming-out reminiscences, it did seem that Mr. Ocean might have confused the emotions that the other man may have shown him for love instead of, as Mr. Wonder said, ‘closeness'”

    Really, Jamal? Wonder’s comments were not about what the “other man” might or might not have felt for Frank Ocean, it’s about what Frank felt for the other man. Wonder didn’t refer to Ocean’s possible misreading of the other man’s feelings for him but to Ocean’s “gay feelings” for the other man, which he thinks are just a confusion on Ocean’s part.
    It doesn’t matter if Ocean is gay or bi, he made several songs about his same-sex crushes and to dismiss that as “I think he’s confused” is just ignorant and homophobic and was totally uncalled for given the question he was asked.

  83. Mary says

    This won’t make me popular on Towleroad but I’ll say it anyway: I don’t think Stevie said anything even remotely homophobic or insulting. He even went out of his way to say that not ALL people who claimed to be gay are confused. He was only speaking about some. Sexuality is complex, it’s about more than just physical attraction. I know that many Towleroaders have been victimized by homophobia and I don’t mean to minimize the pain you’ve been through, but I think you’re too quick to see an insult in what Stevie said. Unfortunately this kind of hypersensitivity is natural when you’ve been victimized.

  84. RJ says

    I’m actually getting angry over how what Stevie had said is being trampled over. He’s right. And he could well have said ‘the same could be said of heterosexuals, bisexuals, and any other sexual identity’, and have been right.

    Stevie’s given a non-apology for this one, and he’s right to. Anyone who was offended by an elderly heterosexual ally trying to openly understand a way of life he can never know needs to turn down their sensitivity several notches.

    Andrew… this wasn’t cool.

  85. says

    Here’s a fascinating observation:

    You’ll often hear African Americans, including my black friends, talk about codified racist language. Sometimes it’s warranted, and other times they are reaching. But many African Americans believe that even subtle, indirect, and unintended language that’s deemed racist should be automatically called out, and shut down, with the recipient getting an educational lesson. Our society, for the most part, has respected that, and have gone out of our way individually to be sure we’re both culturally and racially sensitive in the words we use; every word we use.

    Now on this story, you have a man who wasn’t asked about being gay per say, but turned the question into a psycho analysis of what it means to be gay, and his very inaccurate preception of some gays. With TRULY codified words like confused inserted in, and we as a gay community are being told to pretend we don’t hear what we hear, and in fact, by a few posters, WE’RE the ones being called out for daring to respond to this far fetched statement.

    We live in a society that states racism is the worst humanly possible trait worthy of being shunned for good.

    Homophobia? meh….it happens. (according to them)

    Don’t then get shocked when the reaction by those gays you pushed in a corner, and told homophobia didn’t exist, come swinging back. You push someone long enough, they’ll roll up their sleeves.

  86. Craig Cellasto says

    Telling LGBT to not find this quote upsetting is actually more upsetting than the quote itself. I also find it to be a strategic tactic by some who harbor homophobia, to get the gay community to be that much more complacent toward disrespect they witness toward them for being gay. I’d request most gay people not fall for that, and respectfully educate those who slip and make ignorant remarks about who we are as a people.
    We don’t expect Latinos to not respond to ignorant remarks about them.
    We don’t expect women to overlook ignorant remarks about them.
    We don’t expect the African American community to stay silent when ignorant remarks are made about them.

    Clearly enough gay individuals do find this quote to be somewhat offensive. Telling them they don’t have a right to be offended is both counter productive and reaffirming the notion that our country does not let gay people have the freedom to be reactionary, whereas EVERY SINGLE other demographic is entitled to that, and we afford them that right. It seems some are very unwilling to hear out the gay communities issues, and heartfelt reactions to what offends them. That’s unfortunate, and yes, also in line with societal homophobia.

  87. Dynex says

    @ RJ: You wrote..
    “(Stevie) could well have said ‘the same could be said of heterosexuals, bisexuals, and any other sexual identity’, and have been right.”

    But he didn’t. That’s just it, and the prominent point those like you who are trying to defend him refuse to understand. He DIDN’T say that about heterosexuals, and other sexualities. He very well could have, and had he, he would not have garnered this reaction. He chose to single out gays, when the question posed didn’t require him to even discuss the “confusion” of gays. He went there. For you to be outraged by the reaction of the gay community toward this, is outrageous itself. For you to speak on his behalf and create an unrelated point to sugar coat his statement, and add in things he didn’t mention (like including heterosexual confusion) makes you look pretty calculating, and almost like you have your own hidden agenda.

    Check your homophobia, before approaching a room of homosexuals. Really now.

  88. J.D. says

    Nope — men who have sex with men never experience confusion. Nope, not one, not ever. And all men who have sex with men have advanced degrees, scads of disposal income, wear expensive designer clothes, stay in five star hotels, drink lots of Absolut vodka, and are terribly witty. Thought you knew …

  89. Cris Kimbrough says

    Still love ya, Stevie. Just get a clue about sexuality. Would do you some good for understanding. One day, my dear friend and talented guru of soul, you’ll get it. One day…

  90. Cris Kimbrough says

    Still love ya, Stevie. Just get a clue about sexuality. Would do you some good for understanding. One day, my dear friend and talented guru of soul, you’ll get it. One day…

  91. Guy says

    Wonder was a child prodigy and probably poorly educated. Good education does help people overcome their prejudices and small-mindedness if only by presenting them with a truth outside their own circles.

  92. Poster says

    Lol, that quote from Stevie Wonder isn’t even insulting: he’s saying some gays (some means not ALL, of course) think feeling close is the same as being in love.

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