Two Days Of Maddow On Romney On Horses And Taxes: VIDEO


On Thursday, Rachel Maddow offered viewers this fantastic summing-up of Mitt Romney's Rafalca drama, discussing Mitt's tax situation vis a vis the dressage horse, and providing a neat critical analysis of Mitt's theatrical attempts to distance himself from the horse's existence. (Sadly, Maddow's analysis failed to ask the most important lingering Rafalca question: What kind of husband doesn't know what day his wife's horse is competing in the Olympics?)

Maddow concluded the segment with an odd tease. On Friday night, said Maddow, she would unveil astounding archival video, unseen for a decade, that would send the ongoing national conversation about Mitt Romney's unseen tax returns in exciting new directions. And she did unveil some video. You can see it AFTER THE JUMP ...

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