1. james says

    I continue to believe the problem with his tax returns is not that he hasn’t paid taxes, but that he has not paid the required 10% tithe to the Mormon Church. If he hasn’t, then he would be subject to church discipline and the public embarassment of not being as good a Mormon as he claims to be.

  2. say what says

    @ James

    1- the first issue that will arise in his tax returns is everyone seeing he lied in 2002 race for MA gov….perjured himself on forms and by word and was not fit to serve due to his tax returns will show he filed Utah house as main residence

    2- highly probable took the 2009 tax amnesty = admission to a crime without having to suffer going to jail…just fines for hiding $ in swiss bank accounts

    3- is richer than he is telling us….a multi millionaire has their own issues of seeming out of touch with majority of america…a billionaire would be toast so he is hiding that fact

    4- possible he paid little to no taxes for over a decade while raking in millions

    5- possible he under tithed his own church…anyone who has done what he does on a regular basis will also stint on his church and mormons consider that as a huge issue…..the speculation on the source for reid’s allegations is a high ranking mormon and or mormons who invested in bain. they might have realized that mitt has under tithed the church and are furious thus spilling the beans

  3. UR CPA says

    #6) His tax returns will show evidence of supporting 2nd, 3rd and 4th ‘families’ in Mexico, Canada and France, for which he claimed tax deductions. And which the American taxpayer subsidized.

    Polygamy is alive and well in Mormonville.

  4. say what says

    UR CPA

    no clue on earthly sister wives of anne

    BUT heavenly ones… mormonism one can be bound / married in the temple to multiple wives for “eternity”

    The temple binding can be “for time and eternity” = anne

    “for time” = multiple polygamist earthly wives which i doubt

    and or separately “for eternity” = multiple spiritual wives in the here after

    they might very well have bee bound to multiple females to be mitts extra wives when there dead, just not here on earth because he has always been running for president by golly

  5. Call says

    Preaching to the choir. Anyone voting for Romney is not going to change their vote because of these issues. His numbers actually rose after the Obama campaign hammered away on his taxes and off shore accounts. I read that there are only 4% undecided voters this election, Is that a typical number? It seems very low to me and doesn’t give much bounce to either candidate once those voters make a choice – which is likely to be split between them. 2012 will come down to turnout – Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Baggers, etc. will make damned sure they vote on election day, even if some of them have to hold their noses to vote for Mittens. Their dislike of the President is strong enough that they’ll cast their votes for Romney and then hope for the best. Democratic voters tend not to be so organized, loyal or reliable on election day. That’s what scares me most about this election. Vote people!

  6. say what says

    Uhm call check the polls

    newest PEW poll shows obama with a 10% lead in the general….all swing states see Obama with 6-8% lead

    Romney has pulled all advertising from swing state Pa conceding the state already to Obama

    next concern troll

  7. Jack. says

    @KarenWalker: No, it was much easier to whine, because now the pop-ups are gone. No installation of a new browser (which I already had anyway, but which isn’t faster than Chrome), no installation of data-gleaning ad-blocking software.

    Just good, old-fashioned, low-tech whining.

    Need me to find a new problem for you to not solve?

  8. says

    Regarding the pop-ups—- Actually, I’m using Firefox and have the advert blocker, and still these annoying boxes are continually cropping up in the lower right side of the screen. It’s a constant annoyance.

  9. stanchaz says

    Reid is Right as Rain : Release your Returns Romney -Right Now! …OR… go back to playing “dressage” with your pet ponies! ‘Cause we all have a damn RIGHT to see a Presidential Candidate’s tax returns! Unless… perhaps….just perhaps…you’re hiding something dear Willard? Just asking.
    P.S. Sooo Mitt, just how DID you manage to stuff all those millions into your tax-loophole IRA account?… while the rest of us poor smucks have strict limits? Inquiring minds want to know. And you want even MORE tax cuts for you and your rich buddies, Mitt? WHAT GALL! These fat cats aren’t satisfied- they want it ALL! …EVERYTHING! Mitt baby -please- take my advice: if you want to run for dog-catcher THEN keep your precious returns, … and just clean off your car roof. :-) OTHERWISE, put up, …or shut up and go away ….preferably BEFORE the convention. The super-rich think that they have the God-given right to do anything they want in this great country -while the REST of us get screwed! ENOUGH!!! The divine right of kings ended a long long time ago Mitt. And so should your so-called candidacy.

  10. Randal Oulton says

    Leaving Romney out of the question, when did this “unveiling of tax returns” start in America? I just wonder cause in Canada, tax returns are considered extremely highly confidential information and no one, but no one, ever makes them public; it would be unheard of. No matter how wealthy and despised a politician on the left or right or middle has been, there’s never been a call — that I can remember — for tax returns to be made public.

  11. Call says

    @Quilton. Nixon started releasing his tax return info in the early 70s – but I don’t know when the candidates started doing the same. Perhaps after Geraldine Ferraro laid everything open during the ’84 campaign to address unfounded and unfair questions about her finances and other concerns.

  12. say what says

    ah call = markus

    same exact excuse …and as explained when you were using the name markus

    ALL pollsters weight polls per the percentages in the general population…there are more registered dems than repubs thus all good (non rasmussen) pollsters sample more dems to = the reality of the population

  13. say what says

    @ randall the revealing of tax returns in the US started with mitts father George romney when running for president

    george romney released 12 years of returns and said to not do so = your hiding something

  14. Chris says

    I am a huge fan of Rachel Maddow, but was anyone else slightly underwhelmed by the “astounding unseen video” she revealed last night? It was certainly interesting, but not at all what I expected from the build-up on Thursday night’s show.

  15. John says


    Your arguments are silly. Of course, his tax returns aren’t going to cause any Republicans to not vote for Romney or cause any Democrats to vote extra hard for Obama. The whole political game is aimed at the unaffiliated. That’s who this will influence. There are many people who don’t have a strong political tie to any party and those are the voters that campaign strategies target. So you’re right that it won’t change any Republican voters minds about Romney, but you’re missing the bigger picture.

  16. Icebloo says

    If Mitt Romney HAS paid tax in the ten years Harry Reid says he hasn’t then why isn’t Mitt Romney suing Harry Reid for telling lies ? The inaction by Mitt Romney speaks volumes !

    Keep up the good work Harry !

  17. Icebloo says

    Too bad the American media is so corrupt. We need more people to know just how many lies Romney has been telling and how much he is hiding.

    Unfortunately the Republicans own most of the media so once again this shi#head gets away it ! When will Americans wake up and demand a balanced media ?

  18. Darren in atl says

    Someone please get the man to say, I have paid INCOME TAXES every year. He keeps saying “taxes” (which could mean that he is paying property taxes on his vast properties, or sales taxes on the purchases of all his good and services). Given his vast wealth and purchases of car elevators, I’m sure he’s paid LOTS of taxes (just not any income taxes), just as he states. Someone just ONCE get him to say INCOME taxes, please. I’ll bet he won’t say it! (I’m an accountant, so this omission SCREAMS at me each time I hear it.) Get him Rachael!

  19. says

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