1. gr8guyca says

    Yeah, a prank.

    Like those funny guys in sheets who burn crosses on lawns.
    That always cracks me up.

    Or like those kids who go gay bashing.
    That’s a hoot.

    Or like what happened to Matthew Shepard.
    That was just hazing, right?

    Don’t you guys have a sense of humor?

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Yeah, I’m laughing my ass off at this prankish hilarity. The “independent contractor person” who created this message must have one hell of a funny streak. HA HA HA it’s so, oh, I don’t know…insulting and demeaning to part of the state’s population! Buy, hey, it’s Utah and majority Mormon and all that religious BS that even Mittens won’t discuss during his campaign so…what the Hell. Just smile and ignore it. NOT!!!

  3. Bernie says

    I hope this so called “prank” is taken as serious as possible under the law. This type of “prank” just feeds into the hatred and discrimination of gays.

  4. Jt says

    I wonder if those are easy to hack? About 8 years ago now there was 1 along k street in dc that got changed to say “kevin loves Robert” or something similar.

  5. abe says

    They are supposed to be easy to hack, i see posts about how to do it periodically on the internet. Normally the workers don’t change the code from the default.

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