Chicago Archbishop Celebrates Anniversaries By Hating On Gays


Keeping it classy, Chicago Archbishop Francis George used a speech meant to celebrate the 50 year wedding anniversary of over 400 couples by blasting marriage equality.

Marriage "comes to us from God," rather than the government, he said, before using his Biblical perspective to lay out a discriminatory definition of the marital union: "Marriage is what it is, what Jesus said from the beginning: Two in one flesh, for which man leaves his family and joins himself to his wife; and wife leaves her family, and joins herself to her husband."

George went on to claim that equality-minded political leaders like Gov. Pat Quinn should be finding methods other than marriage to recognize same-sex relationships, the local CBS News affiliate reports:

There must surely be ways in our civil society, where we can honor friendships, where we can respect other people, without destroying the nature of marriage. It is very important, for your whole lives, give witness to what marriage truly means. And while civil laws might change –– if they do — then society will be the worse for it.

And surely some of the people celebrating their anniversaries with George yesterday were worse off for his speech.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    The RC Church continues to make itself more and more irrelevant by the minute. I can’t wait until it disappears into a whirlpool of the disgust if it’s own members.

  2. jason says

    The thing about the Catholic Church is that it doesn’t just oppose our marriages, it opposes us out of hand. It is completely opposed to homosexuality in any way, shape or form. Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that this is some kind of charitable organization.

  3. Bart says

    Maybe the Archbishop should brush up on his Bible. Jesus was asked a very specific question about a man divorcing a woman and gave a very specific answer to THAT QUESTION. He wasn’t talking about anything else. I love how this asshat thinks he can take the answer to another question and use it as if it’s about something else. That’s lying isn’t it? Lying is still a sin, isn’t it? And guess the good Arse-bishop would see as much money in the plate if he talked about what the quote was actually about…divorce.

    Oh and maybe he should also learn something about sex. Sometimes sex doesn’t lead to two in one flesh. Even for straight people. (Sad when none of his arguments hold up to the light of scrutiny. And that most Catholics are far more evolved than this sad, sexless individual.)

  4. jomicur says

    @Alex: Is there any indication any of the sheep in the pews objected to the cardinal’s rant? For the Catholic church to be swept into oblivion by the disgust of its own members, they’d have to have some or, if they have it, they’d have to show it. If the child-rape scandal didn’t drive them out of the church, it’s hard to see how opposing gay equality could. No matter how overtly villainous this vile institution becomes, the “faithful” just sit in the pews, nod, smile, and keep forking over the money that enables all the evil their church gets away with.

  5. Tom in long beach says

    How completely crass! Yes 50 year Anniversaries should be celebrated! But that has nothing to do with Marriage Equailty! Is heterosexuality so fragile it will only continue with special state sponsored perks ? Treating our relationships as less than proves this man does not understand the parable of the Good Samaritan. The story in the book of Luke where the religious leader was trying to find out which “neighbors” it was O.K not to love or treat fairly. By Jesus making the Samaritan the hero of the parable he was saying you can’ t use religious grounds to discriminate against people. The Jews of that day hated and despised the Samaritans. They were not the chosen people! Oh and the “friend” reference is insulting. The man that I married in California in 2008 and have lived with since 1995 is more than just a friend.

  6. james says

    unfortunately all the chicago media – who’ve never dared criticise the Roman Catholic church and fawn over cardinals, popes, etc. to curry the favor of the largely catholic population, is kissing his as now because he has cancer.

  7. simon says

    The French Socialist put it this way:
    “It was not the Church’s role to oppose the will of the legislature (or people), especially on matters relating to civil marriage in a secular republic.”

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