Hillary Clinton Watches Bill’s Speech: PHOTO


The State Department released the above photo of Hillary Clinton watching Bill's DNC speech from the Timorese ambassador's home inthe Southeast Asian nation of East Timor, where she is on a diplomatic mission.

Why wasn't Clinton at the Convention?

First of all, it's illegal. CNN notes (via Andrew Sullivan):

Federal law — the Hatch Act of 1939, amended by Congress in 1993 — specifically prohibits secretaries of state from attending political conventions, and the State Department's own ethics guidelines also rule out political activity. A senior administration official, speaking on background because the official is not authorized to speak on the record, told CNN, "The law carved out the State Department as having a unique position in the government in that foreign policy, by its nature, must remain nonpartisan/apolitical."

And if you missed it, here are 6 of the best moments from Bill Clinton's speech, along with the whole shebang.


  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    If Bill Clinton were running-again, I’d have voted for him…thinking he was succeeding Obama. But sadly, no.

    Clinton knew how to work with the Republicans, and get them to trust working with him. Obama? Not so much…

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    you beat me to it. Thanks.

    Then again, maybe TED B. was trying to make a joke–you know, like on Saturday Night Live. Yes? Not so much….

    And thanks for the needed history lesson, Andy. I never knew why a Secretary of State couldn’t campaign for their boss when other cabinet officials can.

  3. andrew says

    @Ted B: The republican dogs tried to destroy the Clinton Presidency. They impeached him and put him on trial in the Senate for what was basically marital infidelity. All the while one of the leaders of those dogs, newt gingrich, was secretly engagaging in similar activity. Newt is now married to his adulteress home wrecking partner while Clinton is still married to his first and only wife, Hillary. From day one the republican dogs namely Mitch McConnell et al were saying that there main program was to see that Obama would be a one term president. President Obama bent over backwards in attempts to get cooperation from the republicans but they were not interested. They marched in lock step in their attempt to destroy him. Try cooperating with people out to destroy you.

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