1. KURT QUINTON says


  2. KURT QUINTON says


  3. Homo Genius says

    Im still trying to figure out what a Demi Lavato is but all these young girls who ruined all my gossip sites worship her.

  4. Pommie says

    @Kurt Quinton: Kurt, I love you and totally, 100% agree with you. However, please from next time try not to write in all caps. That would just be easier on eyes and more fun to read. And because I took the burden to read your comment in all caps….. it’s lip-syncing and not sincing. :)

  5. Tim says

    I’ll never understand why the contestants think they can tell off the judges. Will it make a difference? “Oh, you’re right, sir, please carry on with your horrendous efforts”. They know they’re at the mercy of these judges when they enter the room, wether they like them or not.

  6. Joseph says

    Tim, it’s simply the satisfaction of telling them off. Haven’t you ever been in a situation where you know it’s not going to go your way, but you tell the person off anyway. It’s satisfying in a masochistic way.

    As for the X Factor, I’d love to see all four of these judges disappear into a black hole for the rest of eternity.

  7. Jack says

    Honestly, the entire show deserves to die a painful death for perpetuating the line of thinking that anyone should care what Britney Spears says.

    What utter, worthless gutter trash. Couldn’t tell if the noise was coming out of her mouth or her hoo-ha.

  8. Pommie says

    It’s actually both. Lip-syncing and synching. I looked it up. However, I use the one with ‘h’. I just forgot to add. Thanks. :)

  9. Pommie says

    It’s actually both. Lip-syncing and synching. I looked it up. However, I use the one with ‘h’. I just forgot to add. Thanks. :)

  10. juan says

    I’m not an obsessed Britney fan, and I do doubt that she could sing very well currently, especially when she’s dancing (like anyone), but she HAS been in the business since she was in elementary school and she IS the X-factor. She is what set the bar in the 1990’s for what young, new, unfound talent was in the current pop world. And she did have to be able to sing and perform and act and dance when she was young to get to where she is….so I agree that her voice is actually not better than the people who will win the show obviously, but her opinion comes from a place of experience and knowledge simply.

  11. Can't stand them says

    I never did like Britney and I never did fall for the America’s Sweetheart bullsh1t that other’s fell for. She’s always come off as a stuck up b1tch, and this clip proves it.

  12. says

    isn’t it amazing that this woman that so many of you have such seething disdain for has managed to, against all odds, become one of the most famous and successful women in the world despite being the list of things said about her?

    wanna know how she did it? simple – she has that X factor.

    even those of you that *hate* her have a passionate hate for her. enough that you were inspired to comment.

    you just proved why she’s on this show. she continues to get your attention. and hold it.

    funny, that.

  13. Chicklets says

    Britney may have millions but shes still straight up southern TRASH. And who the hell is Demi Lavato? She’s about as exciting as a Mama June sex tape.

  14. redball says

    i guess a lot of y’all don’t listen to top 40.

    demi lovato is the HOTTTNESS.

    her single “Give your heart a break” has been a fave of mine for a couple of months now.

  15. alex says

    Thank you, Redball. I like a lot of her songs. In fact, one just started playing on my Pandora feed now.

    People are quick to dismiss the Disney/Nickelodeon tween stars as inconsequential or untalented. While there are plenty of bad actors/singers in that genre, that doesn’t mean all can be ignored.

  16. Tim says

    Haha, yes, Joseph. More often than I’d like to admit. Just glad its not on celluloid for anyone else (or me) to ever see again.

  17. says

    LOL – those no talent hacks got put in their place ! LOVE IT ! Hey Brittney – who let your ass behind that table?

  18. acevedo says

    What I don’t get is Simon Cowell’s perpetually bad haircut. Is he trying to cover a huge bump on the top of his head? He has always had a Supercuts haircut and I know he can afford better. I only say this because he is so critical of others. He should look in the mirror.

  19. jason says

    The Fake Factor is a yawn. Britney can’t sing and neither can Demi. They are both fakes.

    The whole show is manufactured. This story of the contestant “fighting back” is a publicity stunt. Don’t fall for it.

  20. Raphael says

    Oh yes! I freaking love it. I only watch these talent shows for the auditions then drop them after that.

    But I love seeing Britney like that. Everyone knows how her voice sounds and she does have the x-factor because she’s been in the industry through ups and downs. Stop being haters and making snide comments like “who gave you a career?” (fyi, it was the millions of people who bought her music)

    If you don’t like her or the show, why waste your time commenting?

  21. MarkUs says

    If they would replace this panel with Honey BooBoo and Momma June and Sugar Bear, they would have struck ratings gold.

    Did you actually see the stories of Pimp Mom Kardashian upset with Honey Boo Boo’s Ma stealing her thunder?

  22. James says

    Ya’ll are some miserable queers. Both Britney and Demi will do just fine on the X-Factor. The may not be able to sing according to your standards but they’re in fact very talented.

  23. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    @ James,

    Everyone individual has different taste in music and singing. Fair enough. If a gay man said, “Meh, I really don’t think that woman’s singing is very good,” the vast majority of straight men wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong with a man ‚ÄĒ gay, straight or bi ‚ÄĒ expressing an opinion. You sound really pussy-whipped.

  24. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    @ Little Kiwi,

    You often hit the nail on the head when you’re excoriating the GOProud/Republican basket cases who shill for Romney on this board, and good for you for doing it. Electoral politics is where you are at your best, and even Rick would have to admit it.

    Alas, on this particular topic, you’re not at your best, and you might want to listen to others (even Rick). My feelings about Britney Spears are neutral ‚ÄĒ actually my feelings about Britney Spears are non-existent. However, on this clip, she struck me as an ignorant snippy c—. Your unfortunate quote was “Hating Britney Spears will not make you successful.” Let me turn that on its head: Kissing up to snippy straight women who diss you behind your back will not make you successful. Your comments are coming dangerously close to Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” disaster. Really, Kiwi, I have the best of intentions when I tell you that don’t want to go there:

  25. Randy says

    Let’s see — Britney Spears & Co can’t sing and have no talent.

    X- factor contestant — every one of them can sing wonderfully and have terrific talent.

    Nope — don’t think so. Regardless of whether Cowell or Spears or anyone else has talent or should be a superstar, the fact of the matter is that most other people are NOT. And most of the contestants come on the stage and they don’t have it. Sorry, but that’s the hard truth. Heck, American Idol has been on for at least 10 years — can you name the top three finalists of each of them? Most aren’t doing anything anymore. why? Because even they have no X factor or true talent.

    You may not like the fact that the judges diss most of them, but the fact is that most of them are dissable. Of course, there is no need for them to be rude or make fun of contestants — at least they are trying and worked at whatever they do. But almost none of them should quit their day job, and it’s the judges job to tell them that.

  26. Deee! says

    Demi is an amazing singer, and I’m talking live singing here. I would ask you to check out her live performances on DWTS, but you haters probably don’t think it’s possible that a Disney girl can be talented. I hope she performs on the show just to prove you guys wrong. GO DEMI!

  27. Miguel R. says

    Wow, who knew that Ms. Spears could be so condescending? She’s like some kind of duchess! Of course the guy is right to point out how manufactured Demi Lovato is, and that she has no right to talk about talent. But Britney just precludes any further attack by asking “Who let this peasant into my sight!” I’m not a Spears fan, but that was masterfully done. Demi, take notes. That’s how it’s done.

  28. Graphicjack says

    I’m not a fan of any of the judges, but really everyone crossed a line here with the exception, surprisingly, of Cowell. Yes, the guy was rude and we can assume he sucked, but Britney especially was pretty rude as well… “I’m uncomfortable with you LOOKING at me.”? That really speaks volumes about her high self-opinion about herself. I’m not saying she has no talent, though her voice sets my teeth on edge, but she’s really out of line by saying this guy can’t even look at her when she’s speaking to her. Wow.

  29. johnny says

    C’mon, people, Wake up! The producers let a small number of no-talent idiots on the stage for TV Gold moments like this. It’s “real” because it not only reveals the idiots for what they are, it reveals the bitches at the judge table for what they are.

    Kiwi’s love for Britney… figures. LOL

  30. Matt Lindsay says

    One has to wonder why ANYONE would put themselves in the line of fire of these vile people but such is the folly of fame. Beyond that uncomfortable fact I am so glad he fired back because they just look like mean people. If we are holding them aloft as arbiters of good taste or talent, then we should be very worried

  31. Polyboy says

    I have to say, anyone who asks, “Who is Demi Lovato?” is not being edgy. It’s not a “zing.” It’s a demonstration that you live in a bubble.

    It’s terribly easy to find out who she is and why she’s on the X-Factor.

    It’s inexplicable why this no talent attention whore in a cardigan who knew what he was auditioning for would draw so much “gurl power” here.

    The true “come uppance” for judges like this are the “Susan Boyles,” normal looking people with extraordinary talent. Not people who are legends in their own addled minds mouthing off to people to have made it in the music business.

    Great voice or no, achieving staying power, fame and notoriety is not easy and takes more than a bad audition.

    If anything if he was really serious about it, he would have a viral video to release. Cobie Smaulders and Jennifer Hudson survived American Idol.

    This dork can survive X-Factor…if he really is talented and has the guts and resilience to do so.