Joe Biden Commands the Facts over Paul Ryan in Debate: VIDEO

On the 47%, taxes, and the stimulus.

Biden calls "malarkey" on defense cuts. Ryan claims Biden is "under duress" talking about Medicare.

Biden calls out Ryan "Jack Kennedy" comment on taxes, joust on Libya.

On Social Security privatization.


  1. i could go on, but I won't says

    It was Joe Biden’s night. He did for Obama what Obama failed to do for himself. But it goes to show that Obama’s main strength is that he knows who to hire. Even though both Hillary and Joe were his opponents in the primaries he hired both of them for the top two spots in his administration. And his wisdom in hiring Joe Biden was fully demonstrated tonight.

  2. Name: says

    Trying to comment but Biden keeps interrupting me. Thought it was a draw. Biden was laughing when he was talking about nuclear weapons and Iran kind of creepy. Ryan was calm but could have been a little stronger.

  3. Randy says

    Biden won the debate, no contest. Ryan didn’t even seem like he showed up to the right event.

    Just compare the demeanour of both guys. Biden was on top of the facts (and Romney-Ryan’s lies) and didn’t let Ryan get away with any of it. Ryan clearly wasn’t expecting this, and had a deer-in-the-headlights lost-little-fratboy look on his face for most of the night.

    I couldn’t believe Ryan admitted that abortion could well be made illegal under a Romney presidency, particularly given what they’ll do to the Supreme Court. Wow. THAT’s how unnerved he was by Biden’s superior performance.

    Of course, the media wants a “draw”, so that’s what they’ve declared, even before polling viewers.

  4. EJR43 says

    Ryan won. All Biden did was laugh and get testy throughout the whole thing. Ryan kept his composure while being clear and forceful at the same time. It was a closer draw than the first debate, but Ryan won.

  5. Icebloo says

    It’s always going to be much harder for a Democrat on US TV. The Republicans OWN 98% of the media here so they slant the view.

    I don’t agree Obama lost the first debate but the right wing media got their story out first so everyone just went along with it because most people are morons and want someone else to do their thinking for them.

    I think Biden did a great job. He managed to show he has WAY more experience than Paul Ryan. Ryan looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He isn’t ready for the world stage at all. He’s still a little boy trying too hard to impress his friends.

    Biden also did a good job of highlighting that the budget planned by Paul Ryan DOES NOT ADD UP. So many independent financial organizations have been telling us for MONTHS that Ryan’s plan doesn’t add up at all.

    Of course when I turn on the Republican owned media tomorrow they will say Ryan won. It’s all so so predictable.

  6. MarkUs says

    Oh yeah, nothing says sincere like hair plugs, botox, and capped teeth. You guys are hilarious. If you’d never seen Biden before tonight you’d be making fun of him as ridiculous.

  7. elegir says

    Martha won, Biden came second. Ryan gets the special prize for “enthusiasm and participation”.

    Biden kept laughing at the outrageousness of Ryan’s answers – lots of little thought bubbles filled with nothing but air.

  8. Anthony says

    I was more impressed with Ryan. He could be just as snarkly as Biden, but his overall demeanor was more grounded, his tone was much clearer and he never like Biden get the best of him (despite how much he continuously tried.) Even during that delicate abortion segment, which I don’t much agree with he and Romney about, I was impressed with the way he treaded.

    Biden came off like a crotchety and frustrated old man, who was annoyed by the questions and seemed more my like a “Republican” than Ryan in his answers. Much of his attitude was “let’s not focus of what’s wrong, let’s focus on what’s right!”

  9. Michael says

    I started watching midway through. At first I thought Ryan was stealing the show, but as I watched for a few minutes, he started to come off as very smug and phony. (Did anyone else wanna smack that pretentious smirk off his face?) Admittedly, Ryan is a strong speaker—he speaks with great clarity and confidence, but I felt Biden was genuine and that his arguments held more weight than Ryan’s rehearsed monologues. People are saying that Biden was “feisty” and kept interrupting Ryan, but it seemed like Ryan was talking for minutes at a time! I guess if I had to choose a “winner” its Biden, but only by a small margin.

  10. io.caprone says

    Biden won but not clearly. Yes he killed in facts and response and honestly in believability BUT his demeanor for the first 45 easily lost some independents. Hopefully they stuck around for when he got serious.

    That damned smile can cost a lot of votes.

  11. io.caprone says

    Biden won but not clearly. Yes he killed in facts and response and honestly in believability BUT his demeanor for the first 45 easily lost some independents. Hopefully they stuck around for when he got serious.

    That damned smile can cost a lot of votes.

  12. Rafael says

    Joe was brilliant and made me very proud again to support the Obama + Biden ticket. He reminded me why I voted for them back in 08′. I wish he’ll run for President in 2016.

  13. Ken says

    Icebloo apparently only gets Fox news on his tv. Agree with most of the other comments though, Biden clearly won on the facts, but the smiling and interrupting by Biden my turn off some Independents.

  14. rjp3 says

    If Biden had not smiled or interupted — that would have bothered those that predisposed to “not like” his performance. It really has become boring now —

  15. rjp3 says

    Media with a bias toward republicans? Clearly you are living in another country. But..nice spin.

    Posted by: Funny really… | Oct 12, 2012 12:18:43 AM

    THE MEDIA BIAS IN AMERICA is TOWARD CONSERVATIVES. Sorry that is FACT. They can however not become total propoganda like Fox News … which is what you would like to see (and what Fox News has taught you to want)

  16. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    Yes, I was more impressed by Ryan but at this point, these debates are just half time entertainment. I have already decided that I am going to vote for Romney-Ryan. All the debate did was reemphasize why.

  17. GB says


  18. simon says

    Ryan just a boy reciting his facts like a robot. Many frat boys can do a better job. To an experienced senator familiar with foreign policies, Ryan’s views are truly laughable.

  19. Sargon Bighorn says

    No body is really winning anything here, except maybe the rich who are getting richer. As a nation we are still not out of this depression and I suspect no one D. or R. or I. or what ever is going to turn things around real soon. I suggest you all start saving some money and stocking up on food.

  20. M Taylor says

    Wow, looking through the first page of comments there are a lot of Republicans being paid to comment on here tonight. Not worth my time to stick around.

  21. David Enterkin says

    As an independent, I have to give this one to Ryan. Biden seemed fairly outclassed and the constant smirking and mock laughter made it seem as though he was trying to tell America, “don’t listen to him, just watch me and follow my lead.” I can’t help believe Biden just had nothing of substance to offer. Not a very fitting performance given the office he holds.

  22. Yupp says

    David Enterkin : Doesn’t the older catholic guy (the VP) have a history of stupid things popping out of his mouth? Younger catholic did seem to win this one. (Independent here, too, but still voting for Obama again).

  23. PostPonyPhase says

    I thought Joe won, but might only have cryptically referred to LGBT issues time will tell. His references to the supremes, and the grave Catholic church part at the end might’ve included us if you know the context of Joe’s faith, but you’d have to be reading between the lines, or believing him.

    US politics is just hard with the social media savvy “version” of politics blasted 24-7. Instead most opinions here were formed by watching an entertaining show on TV starring Joe Biden and that glassy eyed spun guy.

    I don’t want to victimize anyone, but it’s really frustrating being the elephant in the room for eternity.

    I’m going with the hope and change thing though, the 47% group of the LGBT cohort sort of have to, don’t we? If we had a choice to build and develop our own lives freely, we’d probably have to be fully human or something. Hi, I’m PPP, and I’ll be your waiter.

  24. ratbastard says

    These ‘debates’ are a load of BS. Our two party political system, left vs right [when of course in reality they both serve big 4 and big institutional interests over the best interests of the average citizen] is BS.

    The average citizen ultimately decides which one of these 3 dollar bills get’s elected, but it’s a phony contest to begin with. But they can ultimately not compete with the BS myriad of special interest groups, big $ interests, institutional interests, and their high powered lobbying at every level of government.

  25. bambinoitaliano says

    When you pay a Romney luggage lifting rent boy like Ryan to be in front of a stage to speak, it’s not going to be pretty unless he is totally naked. Kind of like those naked news channel we got a few years ago.Oh well, he should be joining Sarah in the Hall Of Going Down in Flames soon.

  26. says

    The CBS poll on undecideds said they thought Biden won by about a 50-20% margin, so it wasn’t really close. Biden was the big winner.

    (CNN had a poll that didn’t look at undecideds, instead asking everyone in their sample. It gave a within-the-margin-of-error ‘win’ for Ryan, *but* oversampled Republicans by 8% more than their other national polls… ruining their poll.)

    The key here, though, is Biden revved up a dispirited base… which is exactly what was needed coming out of this. Ryan didn’t really do much of anything for the GOP, in terms of matching any notable goals for the night… other than avoiding an epic George-Bush-sized gaffe.

  27. anon says

    Had Ryan showed up without his shirt he might have won the thing. Had Biden showed up without a shirt, he might have retained Barbara Walters’ vote, but probably no one else’s. Ryan should just campaign shirtless.

  28. Alex says

    @TRISTRAM Joe Biden has the 2nd lowest net worth in the Senate with a net worth of $100 – $500K – not really a rich guy – pretty middle class – especially when compared to Ryan (about $4.5MM) or Romney (>$200MM).

  29. antb says

    Second that, Sharon. Plus Romney has already said he supports a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to prohibit marriage equality.

    How much do you have to hate yourself to vote for your continued second-class citizenship?

  30. gayalltheway says

    Ryan is just plain weird, and he was constantly sipping water. Was he dehydrated? He’s not ready for prime time and shouldn’t have accepted Romney’s VP offer. If he rejected the offer, with a few years of prep work and polishing up his records in Congress, he could run for the Presidency himself perhaps in 2016, or 2020. Now, running on the same platform as the Shapeshifter Mitt could potential hurt his chances of running in the (near) future.
    At last night debate, it was so obvious that he was trying way to hard to show whatever little foreign policy experience that he has when compared to Biden by dropping the names of foreign places, leaders, extremist groups, without having any substance in his statements.

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