Joe Biden Commands the Facts over Paul Ryan in Debate: VIDEO


What are everyone's thoughts on the debate?

Who won? Joe Biden? Paul Ryan? Martha Raddatz?

A bunch of clips, via TPM, AFTER THE JUMP...

IMHO Martha Raddatz did an amazing job driving this debate. Biden took control when he needed to. The pundits are trying to sell it as a "draw" but you can't argue with the facts, and Biden didn't allow Ryan a moment to maintain the Romney campaign's falsehoods. Biden's smiles and laughing may have bothered some but they also made him come across more human and authentic, while Ryan's demeanor was stuck in a board room.

On the 47%, taxes, and the stimulus.

Biden calls "malarkey" on defense cuts. Ryan claims Biden is "under duress" talking about Medicare.

Biden calls out Ryan "Jack Kennedy" comment on taxes, joust on Libya.

On Social Security privatization.