1. ratbastard says

    OMG! She’s ON HER WAY OUT anyway! And people fall for this cr*p? All the president and and Clinton have to do is admit their responsibility for a dead ambassador and diplomacy and intelligence gathering being left in a FUBAR state? Many people everyday are terminated from their places of employment for A LOT less.

    Fact is the state department contracted out security for the Benghazi consulate to a tiny, inexperienced British security firm based in Wales. They in-turn hired 6 UNARMED, poorly trained rent-a-cop ‘locals’ and 1 British supervisor to protect the consulate and staff! Other security firms with wide experience who routinely are contracted by state were denied this contract. Why? Why in a place so dangerous and volatile was this allowed to occur?

  2. Joey says

    So did Rice ever take responsibility for her absolute failure to protect America on 9/11? Or for her failure to vet the Iraq war. No Republicans are the party of no responsibility

  3. ratbastard says


    They both S*CK. They are basically ALL frauds, Republican and Democrat alike. And I certainly never claimed the Republicans past or present were or are any better, they of course,aren’t.

    Why do otherwise intelligent people continue to buy into this cr*p?

  4. ELI says

    @ Joey
    I have to add to your comment.
    The Republicans are the party of personal responsibility because they all believe that the Democratics are personally responsible for all the problems.

    Just ask Markus about the Iraq war, he’ll be happy to tell you it was all the Democrats fault.

  5. Jack says

    Ahh, the Obama admin once again throws everyone under the bus to protect the Holy O’s image. Fact of the matter is, he lied to the American people for weeks.

    And yea, like others mentioned, both parties are liars and charlatans. Voting for either is a complete waste of time.

  6. AERES says

    Only people who aren’t paying attention fall into the false equivalency trap of the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.

    They’re not – and they’re not by a long shot.

    The problem is people have an extremely limited capacity to actually recall news facts over periods of time longer than a year. So its just easier to say, “Well hell, they’re all a bunch of lying, cheating crooks.”

    And thats exactly what the ACTUAL lying, cheating crooks want you to believe!

  7. ratbastard says


    Sorry, that’s just B.S. If you think the Dems and most Dem politicians especially at the national level aren’t OWNED by special interests, included BIG BUSINESS, you’re at best naive. Even President Obama has been Wall St and the military-Industrial Establishment’s best friend these past 4 years


    The day’s when propagandist of all political parties, ideologies, etc., had tremendous control over what info the average person got on a daily basis is over. With the advent of the internet age and Information Revolution, all people can now get almost instant access to info and data ALL political parties, special interests, big business, etc., would prefer they not know. But, the old school still controls all of the so-called mainstream media [and some non-mainstream], and they control MANY blogs,

  8. anon says

    Rice was National Security Adviser during Bush’s first term.

    Of course, the gesture of “taking responsibility” is completely empty. There are no consequences. Is she going to dock her own pay? (which can’t be done under civil service regulations anyway). Is she going to resign? Not take vacation? Ah, no.

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