1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Seeing Romney and his supporters acting the Good Samaritans and getting food together to send to the Northeast, it’s like, “We want to take away your rights to control your own body, we want to take away your access to affordable health care, we want to make discrimination against you part of the Constitution…but here’s a can of creamed corn”.

  2. says

    And people wonder why he’s confused about why so many people have made up their mind about not voting for him. He doesn’t answer questions about what he would do in office! There is no guarantee he wouldn’t be a bull in a china shop if he is elected!

  3. M2 says

    Gnarly Narcissistic Personality-Disordered Performance Artist.
    What I also found interesting in that clip was all of THE NORTH FACE logo’s popping up in that charade. Did TNF donate outerwear to this GOP Event?
    In any case, just know that those jackets and pretty much all of TNF/VanityFair outerwear is sewn up in one Korean-owned factory/compound that can be found in the deep recesses of the Bangladesh countryside. Its the sort of madmax place that has the ‘dormitories’ out back but on this side of the electrical fences. (Oh wait….what’s that Mitsy? You say that’s your vision of Kentucky. Well, right on! )
    I can only hope that TNF/VF corp will align w/ the rad musicians who stepped up to this nelly bully and insist on a cease and desist of using their goods w/o permission.

  4. mikeflower says

    so is it true that the Romney Campaign purchased the canned goods , then gave them to their supporters who then handed them back in to the campaign as the “donations”?

  5. AdamA says

    @mikeflower Whether it’s true or not, what IS true is that the Romney campaign can’t or won’t listen to the Red Cross saying that, in emergencies, donated goods are more of a hassle (screening, cleaning, sorting, storage, etc.), and money is preferred. So much for being an expert manager from the business world…

  6. andrew says

    It worries me that this flip flopping empty suit who has no core beliefs is running neck in neck with an extremely bright and competent President. What does that say about the American electorate?

  7. DC Arnold says

    The reason the polls show them close is the triumph of monied propaganda and a electorate of spoiled americans fooled into thinking they are owed prosperity. Also fooled into thinking you can get something for nothing. We get the politicians we deserve because we want everything yesterday and the right think they are actually succeeding at suppressing enough voters.

  8. Bill says

    As a follow up to Andrew’s comment, someone once told me about someone he knew who had taken a business class where they had Romney come in as a guest lecturer for a day. The claim I heard is that Romney is basically a sales guy, and a sales guy will say anything to close the deal. If you’ve ever worked in the engineering department of a large software company, you’ll know the syndrome – the VP of marketing who will promise anything to get a sale, and then tell the company’s engineers to implement it by some date, regardless of the feasibility or the amount of unpaid overtime it will take to get the job done.

    Romney will tell you that he’ll create jobs based presumably on his experience in business. The problem is that Bain simply took over companies, laid off people working in areas where they were losing money, and maybe hired more in other areas but only if they were doing well, which means reducing business, and hence staffing, at competitors. What people should ask Romney to produce is an instance where a Bain takeover resulted in improved hiring with no loss of jobs at other companies that exceeded the jobs he “created”. My guess is that he can’t do that and, if asked, willl go on about how great the “free enterprise system” is, which we are to believe as an article of faith, and which we should apply in all situations, whether appropriate or not. It helps to be religious to do that – at least some religious beliefs require that you can believe something regardless of any evidence to the contrary (not merely in spite of a lack of evidence).

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