1. wds says

    Because Mark – people ARE still watching and one man’s tripe is another man’s truffle …(and no I haven’t watched for awhile – although I might catch this episode – but I have straight/gay friends that wouldn’t miss an episode.)

    I will defend to the death someone’s right to watch what they want, and I’ll defend to the death my right NOT to watch it.

  2. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Mark Alexander,

    Glee is not Ibsen, but who would expect it to be since it’s a musical TV show about a high school glee club? Come to think of it, Mark, almost nothing on TV is Ibsen, or anything close. And yet your complaint singles out Glee, rather than American television programming in general.

    What most Americans remember about Glee is that two same-sex romantic couples have been front and center from the beginning, about the same amount of air time as the straight romantic couples. Apparently, that rubs some people the wrong way. By some uncanny coincidence, do the same people who hate Glee also hate shows which are not musicals about a glee club, such as Spartacus and True Blood? Are these critics “conservative” Jesus-worshipers? Perhaps the children of “conservative” Jesus-worshipers who are trying to kiss up to their homophobic parents? Your thoughts?

  3. Married in Mass says

    @ Roger – I agree. The NYC scenes have breathed new life into the show. This Thursday’s ep looks great, but I’ll need a tissue to two!

  4. AJ says

    Gonna bawl my brains out like usual. All the haters imagine this incredibly smart, well written and outrageously GAY INCLUSIVE hot show on the networks even 5 years ago! Oh yeah. And STFU!

  5. Andrew says

    I just can’t anymore with this show. The writing is uneven from scene to scene, episode to episode, and season to season. How many times have they broken up? Didn’t Finn get back with the girl you claimed he fathered her child and treated him like crap the whole time?

    I wanted to like it I really did but it’s just un-watchable crap.

  6. Davelandia says

    This show so parallels my life in high school – I love it and look forward to it every week. As a poster above said – its not Ibsen – but not everything has to be.

  7. I wont grow up says

    How much longer are we supposed to suspend belief that these “kids” are not in their late 20’s and early 30’s. This isn’t the 1950’s.

  8. Karl says

    For all those complaining about the actors not “looking” the age of their characters: do you really want actual 17-19 year olds spending the 40-70 hours a week it takes to produce a TV show stuck on a hollywood set? Take a kid out of the educational environment (academic & emotional) when they’re at their most vulnerabel/impressionable and see what you get. (Ever meet a “well adjusted” child star?) I can suspend disbeleif happily each week if it means that future actors get a chance to have, in real life, the experiences they might be cast to play and draw on in their careers.

  9. Redebbm says

    Why are people so hard against Kurt’s character? I have a feeling you guys are just really insecure about your own selves that you feel you have to attack a show character for being too “fem” or whatever. I’m tired of that. I happen to think the Blaine Kurt pairing was awesome even though I didn’t like the show much. Darren Criss is just hot all around. I feel bad for people who feel they have to attack a fictional couple and character to make themselves feel better.

  10. says

    @UFFDA – WDS is deliberately misquoting a saying wrongly attributed to Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    I haven’t watched in a long time. It’s a flexible star vehicle by design. At some point it stopped being fun on top of uneven treatment and writing.

  11. millerbeach says

    Sure, Blaine could have done better, but it’s more interesting to see a relationship with Kurt…a less likely match in real life, which makes it all the better in fantasy. After all, that’s exactly what all this is…someone’s fantasy put to paper. Not hatin’, just sayin’.

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