Lady Gaga and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Have Dinner: PHOTO


Lady Gaga posted a photo last night of herself in a pointy witches hat with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

They had dinner at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the Telegraph reports:

The WikiLeaks founder, who is wanted in Sweden over alleged sex attacks on two women, has been holed up there since June and has claimed asylum.

Lady Gaga is said to have spent five hours with him, emerging at midnight after the two had shared a meal.

Earlier, singer M.I.A. had tweeted a message to Lady Gaga saying: “If ur at harrods today, come visit Assange at the Ecuador embassy across the st. im there. Ill bring TEA and CAKE (sic).”


  1. says

    He is not wanted. He is wanted for *questioning*, over an incident he was previously exonerated for, for very good reasoning (the “evidence” was dubious, at best) and was only brought back into questioning after the big release on the US diplomatic cables.

    Getting him into Sweden has long been about putting him in a country where he’d be more easily flown to the US, never to see the lights of day again. Lest we not forget, he offered to be questioned in the UK, and was refused. And let us also not forget that Bradley Manning has been in prison for YEARS without ever having a trial, and he probably won’t ever get one, either. Not for further years, anyway.

  2. ozonedude says

    Hey, let’s dress up and go take photos with an alleged rapist who can’t be bothered to clear the charges. Also costing England $80,000 a day. Fun! Makes Madonna seem wildly intelligent.

  3. says

    what are the SPECIFICS that people level against him, again?

    not the buzz terms. not the meaningless babbel the Bill O’Reilly’s talk about. the SPECIFICS.

    what did he SPECIFICALLY leak that has put “america in danger”?

    Specifics, anyone?

  4. "The Gay" says

    Specifically, he had the audacity to actually DO something that makes the nasty illicit and illegal $hit the government does less of a big f*cking secret.

    Shame on the UK for being such a bunch of cowardly little toadies that they stand on the side of tyranny, and shame on the US for making a mockery of the ideals it was founded on.

    Secret charges, secret prisons, and whisking people away without charges or a trial is nothing to be proud of, and is the type of thing that should only happen to the ind of people who support and make excuses FOR it.

    I have to agree with KIWI on this one.

    Oh, and for all the remarks about Gaga being irrelevant, she’s more “relevant” than any of the people making those remarks will ever be. Irony.

  5. says

    There is an excellent Australian documentary drama called “Underground: The Julian Assange Story” that looks at Assange’s early life – how he got into computers, his childhood on the run from a fanatical religious cult called “The Family” and the basis behind Wikileaks. The man is determined to expose the lies our own government tells us along with the coverups and killings. Yet many of us refuse to believe it or don’t want to.

  6. says

    well the “anti-Gaga” crowd are prototypically pathetic. sorta like those miserable closeted-queens who, for more than 30 years now, have been screaming that Madonna is a “flash in the pan”..

    yeah. right. 😉

    hating lady gaga won’t make your own life better nor will it in any way make her life worse. it just makes one bitter. it’s like drinking a cup of poison every day and waiting for HER to die from it. won’t happen.

    and Assange….and Manning…..what utter nonsense. what, punish them based on buzz-terms you can’t defend and hope the public is stupid enough to buy it? we won’t. we’re not all republicans.

  7. ratbastard says

    Mr. Assange should simply go to Sweden and exonerate himself. Assuming he didn’t actually commit sexually assault.

    As for meeting GaGa, it’s silly.

    As for Brad Manning, yes, he should be brought to trial, and should have been before now.

  8. Guiseppe says

    It is hilarious that she is dressed like the Wicked Witch of the West. But she is still a commie whore. Unless she’s working black ops and plans to whack him with food from her parents’ rathole restaurant. Now that would make this slag interesting.

  9. JohnAGJ says

    Blah, blah, blah. If Assange were some darling of the Right being “persecuted” like this I doubt many here would be singing his praises. Tell you what, to show there are no hard feelings how about he and Lady Gaga come on over to the USA for lunch? I’ll even buy.

  10. Jonathan says

    Julian Assange is guilty of nothing. The first comment by Ryan is accurate. Mr Assnage is guilty of nothing more than embarassing the US government.

    Assange also offered US intelligence the right to review the planned release of documents to ensure the safety of agenst abroad and the US ignored him.

    Stop being such petty apologists for a government that only wants him extradited to Sweden so they can send him to the US to rot in prison without charges.

  11. EchtKultig says

    He’s only costing England $80,000 a day because they are rolling over to the United States again.
    That being said, Gaga’s attention seeking is getting ridiculous, even for a “celebrity”.

  12. Rovex says

    LittleKiwi. I appreciate her for her pro-gay work, which i think is genuine and not just for publicity, but i still dislike her generic, recycled music and her pathetic calculated public image. You dont have to buy into her entire thing you know.

  13. says

    Judging by the look on Julian Assange’s face he was probably thinking to himself ‘Fxck now my plight has been turned into a meat hook side show starring my extradited ass to Sweden and of course by default the USA where my ass will burn in hell for shoving it to them Yanks and of course now Lady Gaga who is using my sorry ass as tenderloins for her own nonsense agenda. Well at least I aged well in my white tank top that matches my white hair these days….even if I can’t figure out why Lady Gaga is wearing a witch’s hat….’

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