1. jayjay says

    At first I was sadden by the title that a fellow Canadian would oppose same sex marriage but after watching the vid quickly realized that it was completely the opposite :) GO JON!

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Hilarious riffs on the anti-SSM messages we hear or read about so often. I especially like the comment that Jesus was killed because he was gay (isn’t that right, Mel?). So, until your posting, I wasn’t familiar with Lajoie but I sure appreciate his brand of humor.

  3. Michel Filion says

    He is the sweetest guy!!! And very shy and quiet! I worked with him here in Montreal. He was an actor on one of our tv shows.
    Jonathan Lavoie is his real name and he is fully bilingual.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Alex Parrish: I assumed you were being humorous – so was I. Unfortunately, we’re both speaking the truth.

    @Michel Filion – “fully bilingual”? He’s fluent in both French and Greek? LOL

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