1. Simon says

    Good, may he never have another hand in the creative aspect of franchise. He needs to take the money and get that fricking wattle fixed…physically, not digitally. The childhood dream-ruining jerk.

  2. Stefan says

    I agree with Simon. The best Star Wars film was Empire Strikes Back, by a wide margin, for which Lucas was more or less only a creative consultant. I credit him with the concept and starting ILM, but the property is better translated to film by others. And Indiana Jones, in my mind, can’t be bastardized any more than it was with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    I don’t think the leadership at Disney right now is capable of pulling together a strong creative team for a Star Wars movie. They really need someone like a Kevin Feige (who makes decisions on all of the Marvel side of things) to control the property–someone passionate about the stories who isn’t beholden to Lucas or Disney executives.

  3. Stefan says

    I also wonder if Pixar or Disney’s regular animation arm might be getting into Marvel and Star Wars movies at some point.

  4. endo says

    They already have someone in control of the property. Kathleen Kennedy, Spielberg’s longtime producer, was recently appointed to head LucasFilm. She now reports to the head of Disney, and presumably they will give her free reign to manage Lucas in the same way they’ve allowed Pixar and Marvel to run autonomously.

    Selling LucasFilm to Disney was the best thing that could ever happen to Star Wars.

  5. MikeInQueens says

    Well, this could be a good thing. Disney does do fantasy and make-believe about as well as anybody.

  6. woodroad34 says

    Star Wars is very Disney-esque so I can see this as a natural transition–and Disney has acquired a somewhat more adult feeling to it. I don’t think there will be singing Akk Dogs or Banthas in tutus dancing ballet with Canyon Krayt dragons