1. andrewa says

    It looks like Brian is yet another example of a fine young man being raised by two moms. Seems like lesbians make really good moms. I know one lesbian couple myself who are great moms and now grandmoms.

  2. TANK says

    Okay, I know that some of the pathetic, middle agied queens around here are not going to be happy about what Tank is going to say, but I’m going to say it anyway. I admire this guy and think he has a great story, and I wish him well, but if he’s “straight,” then I’m the long lost love child of Madonna and Jose Canseco! Not hating here, guys, but just keeping it real! I mean, just look at that photo of the guy!

  3. Mary says

    Thia ad is well-done and likely to be beneficial. However, I marvel at how so many gays will tell you that they can tell someone is gay by watching a few seconds of the person on a flip clip. I think human sexuality and personality are so complex and there are so many types (and types within types) that you can never be sure who is what way sexually. How many times have we heard someone (straight) say “I never knew she was a lesbian, she didn’t seem the type” or some such remark?

    Tank, not trying to start trouble here. If you’d made your comment after speaking to this man for an hour about a variety of different topics or you knew him pesonally for a while you might have a basis for saying he’s gay. But I just don’t think outward mannerisms or appearance can be the basis for this judgment.

  4. RJ says

    @TANK, nice job pulling the readers’ focus away from the messages of these ads to your own need to be the centre of attention. I’m surprised you didn’t also say the man and woman in the other ad were abviously a gay man and lesbian using each other as beards.

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