1. MikeBoston says

    Good that they are trying to make people aware of the meningitis outbreak but isn’t it a bit strange that they list a few specific methods of meeting?

    I guess that picking up a trick on the street or subway is okay. And you get a free pass if you’re go the anonymous route in the Rambles.

  2. BEAHBEAH says

    A very prominent member of the gay community in Pittsburgh died from this recently. He went on a Grindr hookup spree while visiting Columbus OH… a week later went to the hospital with flu like symptoms and was dead shortly thereafter.

    This is very real and very dangerous, people need to be aware of the symptoms.

  3. Sanderson says

    Terrifying. Protect yourselves.

    Unrelated, but the owner (not the son on the news but the actual owner) of that body shop in Roanoke VA that fixed the gay college student’s car after people vandalized it is currently in the hospital with the fungal based meningitis that has been in the news.

  4. says

    Considering 1 out of 3 gay men who are infected were ‘not’ HIV positive, and the report I read said it could be spread by intimate contact, such as kissing, why is this warning just for HIV+ men?? @leliorisen

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    I’m OK with the recommendation to take the vaccine if one engages in risky behaviour. But doesn’t one usually take a vaccine to prevent problems BEFORE they occur?

  6. Sam says

    Here’s what I don’t get. At least for a recent college grad, it was required that I have had a meningitis vaccine before even entering a dorm room. I assume it is the much younger people getting the vaccine like all the other ones (tetanus, polio etc.).

  7. justindada says

    This may offend some people but the reason the gay male community gets these scary health scares is because gay men are incredibly promiscuous. Can we please at least tone it down somewhat? Yes, straight people get their share of STDs but not to the extent the gay community does. I’m not saying this to be an a-hole but I really would like the community to stay healthy and alive and not give the religious right another reason to say that this epidemic (like AIDS)is God’s way of punishing our super slutty behavior.

  8. JustinTime. says

    @Justindada: What offends is your stupidity in thinking that the religious-‘wrong’ need any kind of legitimate excuse whatsoever to attack the GLBT community. They will gladly do so without any justification at all. In fact, that is their modus operandi.

    Your post sounds like a classic case of projection. Promiscuity is soooo 2000s. Stop painting the rest of us with your own filthy brush.

  9. jdb says

    A few points that seem to not be widely understood about bacterial meningitis

    1. It is NOT an STD. It is transmitted via close contact. Thus you can get it from your roommate almost as easily as from your hookup.

    2. Condoms will NOT protect you from any form of bacterial or viral meningitis.

    3. The guidelines are based on the idea that if someone you’re close to and know gets meningitis, you’ll hear about it and be told to get vaccinated. Unlike that trick from last month who probably already lost your number.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Justindada: The Religious Right already think that. Just lookup “homosexuality” in conservapedia (“The Trustworthy Encyclopedia”). In addition to the unsurprising homophobia, they also include a thorough discussion of STDs.

  11. stevenavalos says

    @JDB-If the strain of meningitis that has hit gay men in NYC is not considered an STD, why are they setting up vaccination stations in gay bathouses and gay community health clinics? They have also set up vaccination stations at gay bathhouses in Toronto.

    But yes, you are right in saying that you can also just pick this up from a roommate who you share a fork and knife with.

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