1. tommyboy says

    isn’t this interferring with the election process…like isn’t that illegal. maybe not this specifically, but what the Koch brothers are doing has to be illegal.

  2. kp05 says

    It’s a shame most people think ‘good for the corporation = good for the workers.’ That’s the point Mittens is trying to convey. And it’s clearly not true.

  3. Binders for Obama says

    This is what Romney believes in– Power coercing the average Working Man and Binder.

    Speak Truth to Power with a vote for Obama.

  4. MarkUs says

    Lol. Obama can’t get above 44 in Michigan. Michigan! Romney is at 40 “with a four point margin of error”. It’s going to be a Reagan-Carter rout.

    On topic: Oooooh capitalism. Boo! Bad!

  5. Jason in Florida says

    If you read eveverything he said it was great advice, sound business practice and highly ethical as he included the potential for an Obama vote possibly being the proper vote for ones employees. If I worked in a DOD centric business, probably not in my best intersect to vote Obama. If I work in Public Radio, probably be wise to vote for Obama. There was is nothing wrong with a business reminding their workers the effect of a candidates position on the business.

  6. Mike in nyc says

    Mitt promises to do just as great a job with the Economy
    as Bush did. Looking forward do a return to free fall?!?

  7. Guest says

    Sorry, there’s just nothing significant here. Business owners are perfectly within their rights to express their views to their employees, and it’s perfectly rational for employees to consider how either outcome might affect their job.

    I’m an Obama voter, working for a state government. Do you think I’m not considering these issues in just the same way? Even in government, do you think our agency doesn’t make it perfectly clear what implications the outcome of various votes will have?

    There’s plenty about Mitt Romney to be upset, afraid, or angry about. This isn’t on the list.

  8. Guest says

    @Markus, what are you smoking?’s average has Obama at 50.4 in Michigan, with a number of recent polls, including the last two from Rasmussen, over 50.

    “You can’t just make stuff up.”

  9. MateoM says

    Guest, all Markus does is make up stuff to attack Obama. Because he’s a republican troll. Don’t feed him and he’ll die off.

  10. BRAIN says

    When shall the rest of you ladies and gentlemen learn to ignore MARKUS and RICK?

    I guess when I remember to ignore them as well, and also remember that they are compound-idiots!

  11. BRAIN says

    Insisting your employees vote according to your political views is tantamount to “undue influence”: as you are crossing the fine-line of threatening an individual’s employment status if they do not vote accordingly!

  12. Guest says

    If a business owner strongly believes that an election’s outcome would have a very negative effect on the business, it’s not undue influence to say so. Since the employee’s vote itself is secret, there’s no recourse the employer can take in response to an employee’s disfavored vote.

    I suppose you could go for a hostile work environment claim if there’s some sort of harassment based on political views, but that would be some steps beyond this.

  13. Get Out the Vote says

    This is in keeping with the Republicans’ strategy to maintain control–threaten the average American with loss of economic security, loss of employment, and if possible, loss of health insurance. Keep the average American vulnerable, insecure and afraid. The Riff-Raff stir up less trouble that way, when you’ve got your boot on their throat.

    Gotta grab the Romneys by the shorthairs and thrash them at the ballot box.

  14. Bill says

    Interesting–Unions and the left can have their say protected but those who run the company must keep silent (even when they feel one side or the other would hurt the business and take away jobs)…almost as good as the people on TV today saying that letting people have a flex work schedule is degrading to women (even after unions fought for this very thing as part of their contracts for years).

  15. Alexx says

    Business owners are in a position of power. That is why politics and religion are no-no topics at work, unless you;re talking in privacy with your friends. And that has to be a Photoshopped image. Do we really need to stoop to the level of republicans/

  16. MATT says


    “With two debates now behind them, our exclusive WXYZ/Detroit Free Press poll gives President Obama a six point lead, 52 percent – 46 percent, over Governor Romney.”

  17. sugarrhill says

    We have you guys been? That is not a photoshopped image and it’s months old. Seriously?