1. Ratbastard says

    Politics is little different than marketing a product or service. Marketers of course go to great lenghths to ‘Target’ specific demographics such as ‘white’ suburban middle class, white female soccer moms, Hispanic middle class, Black middle class, Asian middle class, etc. in addition to wealthy people of ALL ‘races’, ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations. They target demographics broken down by age, by region, by ‘lifestyle’, etc. Regarding the up-coming election, the Democrats PUBLICLY admit they need a certain percentage of WHITE FEMALES to win the presidency for Barack Obama.

    Special interest groups and ‘advocates’ for this group or that, are a dime a dozen and quite powerful. They exist to get not only equal status but usually also special and more than equal status and perks for whatever business, institution, ethnic group, religion, ‘Race’, etc., that they’re ‘advocating’ for.

    My point is Ms. Perez is being very disingenuous.

  2. Graphicjack says

    Rat bastard? What’s your point? So a corporation targets a demographic for profit? Duh… But while they may target Asians or blacks, you can bet that there’ll be a white person beside them 90% of the time. Rosie’s point is that as a rich white man, he has had privilege from the day he drew breath… He had opportunities that a Latino man, a GLBT person, a woman, any other person of colour, should never have had… Even a straight white man bornin a poor or middle class family. Those opportunities helped open doors that allowed him to run for office, something only a select few rich people can do. Even if he were Latino, he’d still be facing racism from a white majority… Yes, America has it’s first president of colour… But… Look at all the racist behaviour that’s still going on because of it ( the norther nonsense, the racist posters, tshirts and billboards from tea-partiers, etc.) Rosie is dead right, and Romney borders on being a sociopath with his callous, uninformed “humour”. But that’s for trying to throw a red herring into the debate.

  3. ratbastard says


    COLOUR? You aren’t Lil’ Canadian doing his routine, are you?


    A wealthy, upper middle class, connected Asian, Black, Hispanic, AND WEALTHY, CONNECTED WHITE WOMAN, has THE SAME privileges as a wealthy white man. And they are ALL far better off and more privileged than a lower middle class, working class, or poor, unconnected, white male, white woman, or similar Asian, Hispanic or black man or woman.

    Believe it or not there are upper middle class, even ‘wealthy’ Asians, Hispanics, and blacks. And there are ‘connected’ Asians, Hispanics, and blacks. It even applies to stuff like government jobs. I knew a black kid growing up whose family had ‘connections’ at city hall; he ALWAYS got a summer job with the city [highly sought after] while me and other white, black, Hispanic boys and girls who weren’t ‘connected’, didn’t.



    YES, what happened to my dad is 100% true. Why do you keep bringing it up and ridicule it? And no, Lil’ Canadian, I have NO INTENTION of giving you any private info about me. That would be really dumb thing to do. You are of course free to be the attention whore that you obviously are, I don’t want it.

  4. Jo Mama says

    I had no idea that Rosie Perez was such a bigot… I am of partially Spanish Heritage but my surname is Irish. But according to Perez, if I said “I wish I was latino. It would make it easier to get their vote” then I would be a bigot? I wouldn’t be telling the truth? Does Rosie Perez deny that even Latin’s don;t vote for skin color? I don’t think Romney was being bigoted, he was being honest and he wasn’t saying that would be enough to get the vote. He of course meant in combination with his incredible experience in business, as a leader in his church and community which far exceeds anything Obama has ever done. Regarding the Dream Act, as difficult as it is for her and other “Latino’s” to accept, we can’t enforce our laws selectively based on her voting block. That WOULD be racist… But I know she’s okay with that because Rosie Perez is in fact a bigot in her very own unique but just as ugly way. She went off on a myopic tirade and showed how truly ignorant she is.

  5. Thomas says

    Rosie Perez makes the Top 5 List of people who I wish were the narrators of my brain.

    Thoughts as read by, Rosie Perez, Cyndi Lauper, Sarah Vowell, and Jerri Blank.

  6. acevdo says

    Most Latinos would tend to vote for local and national Latino politicians because they would be more sympathetic to the needs of the community (poorly funded schools and service in the Latino community etc.) whereas most wealthy folks (who happen to be disproportionately White in this country) will vote for Mitt so they can get special tax breaks and lots of funding for special services in Greenwich or Gross Point or whatever wealthy burb they live in. Most gays want to vote for gay or gay friendly politicians to push forward gay marriage and other gay rights issues. Every voter has their own interests and agenda.

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