1. Howard says

    Wonderful message, but I wish the couples were more reflective of the diversity that we see every day in our life. Or maybe it’s because we live in the SF Bay Area and the diversity we see only exists here. Whatever, more diversity would be a good thing.

  2. dorishin says

    Thank you for that Andy…without Towleroad and my multiple daily fixes of your wonderful blog I would not be so in tune with the good and bad that affects our lives so much as LGBT people. I love that you include our straight allies as well. :)

  3. "The Gay" says

    I don’t expect a “diverse” representation of gay couples in videos simply because I don’t expect a particularly “diverse” representation of straight couples in videos either.

    The kind of couples that are going to make a vid about their relationship are going to be a certain type of couple that is hardly representative of anything, other than just that.

    Just sayin’ !

  4. scott says

    I think they were diverse. Older and younger couples, people of different ethnicities and races, obviously different personalities- they couldn’t get more diverse. Unless you mean a leather daddy couple replete with whips, collars, and hats or drag queens- which really aren’t representative of the gay community.

    These were charming , effective, and to the point- thank you and well done!!!

  5. Patrick and Chuck says

    I would like to have seen a couple that is not obviously better than middle class.

  6. redball says

    This was “aight.” A little too full of cliches for me.

    –“When I saw you, I just knew.”

    –“I can’t imagine my life without you.”

    Several other lines that sound like they’re from that Tom Cruise “You complete me” movie.

    Would’ve been more riveting and fresher if they’d told personal stories that illustrate something unique about their connection :).

  7. SFRowGuy says

    @Howard: Nice sentiment but I think most of the Nation is still trying come to terms with interracial hetero marriages.