Susan Collins Hasn’t Decided if Mainers Deserve Marriage Equality

Maine Senator Susan Collins, a leader in DADT repeal, and an ENDA and UAFA sponsor who also voted against the federal marriage amendment twice, remains undecided on Maine's marriage equality ballot initiative:

CollinsSen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she remains undecided on the initiative in an email provided Thursday morning to the Washington Blade as she recalled her previous opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment.

“Historically, laws regulating family and domestic affairs have been almost exclusively regulated by the states which is why I have voted against federal constitutional amendments defining marriage,” Collins said. “Next month, the voters in Maine will be asked to decide if they will allow the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Like voters in my state, I am considering this issue very carefully.”

In related news, Collins married her husband, political consultant Thomas Daffron, on August 11 in Caribou, Maine.


  1. Disgusted American says

    she’s deciding? yea whether or not gay/lesbian soldiers from MAINE fighting for HER RIGHTS deserve Equal Treatement? That decision Susan>?

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    There sure seems something in supporting DADT repeal, EDNA, and especially UAFA that makes supporting marriage equality a no-brainer. What am I missing?

  3. e.c. says

    By all means Susan, take your time. I mean since we just sprung the question on you out of nowhere and you haven’t had any time to think about it or anything.

  4. Eric says

    As with most politicians this is an arithmetic problem for Collins. She supports LGBT issues like the DADT repeal which had a 70% approval rate but not SSM which is hovering around 50% support. Collins has calculated that its better for her next primary bid if she alienates both sides a little bit instead of one side a lot.

  5. Wade says

    Calm down gays.

    This is standard fare before saying something positive…she wouldn’t answer it at all if she was going to vote no.

    So take a deep breath, and be prepared to say thank you again to one of the single most important people in the strategy to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell forever.

  6. Icebloo says

    Another useless and dishonest politician who is too weak and scared to speak out because all she cares about is getting her pay packet. She’s more concerned with being re-elected. I hate morons like her.

  7. Opinionated says

    Why does marriage scare these people so? Who in their right mind who supported equal rights in the military wouldn’t support the same for marriage? It makes no sense. Collins and Snowe we ever mediocre at best and their biggest failure has been to allow for their party to become the party of biggots and zealots without speaking up more and now we have this? Go the way of Snowe Ms. Collins if you can only meet us halfway on deserved equal rights.

  8. Patric says

    Oh b.s., Wade. That is a story line pushed by Log Cabin types that overstates her significance in the repeal of DADT. It is true that she began to play an active role for the cameras in December of 2010 in order to burnish her “moderate” credentials on an issue that carried only political upside for her in Maine but we might have passed repeal far earlier that year had she and other alleged Republican “moderates” like Scott Brown and Olympia Snowe not placed party and concerns about primary challenges above priniciple and a commitment to our equality and not joined in Republican filibusters which sank repeated repeal efforts.

    Collins is repeatedly trumpeted by Log Cabin losers as an example of someone in the Republican Party who is a friend to our community. Her refusal to take a position on an issue which has been widely debated throughout Maine for the last several years shows that she is as much of a friend as other alleged Republican “moderates” such as Linda Lingle, former Vermont governor Jim Douglas, Mary Bono Mack(whose husband is running as the Republican’s virulently anti-gay nominee for the U.S. Senate from Florida this year), Charles Djou, etc., etc. Some friends. There is absolutely zero question that any Democrat from Maine, including our great ally Congresswoman Pingree, would be a significant improvement over Collins and I will continue to hope that we can find an opportunity to dislodge Collins in the future. She’s savvy enough to know that she needs to appear as a “moderate” on our issues and, as such, we can expect her to run for the cameras when at the 11th hour when an opportunity like DADT presents itself but she’ll never be with us when doing so might cause her a real problem with the wingnuts who are a growing force in the Maine Republican Party.

  9. David says

    I think she’s gay (check out her wedding photos!) and I think she is going to vote yes on gay marriage. I think she would vote to repeal DOMA as well.

    She isn’t always that brave though. But we should remember that she was the one who brought the stand alone repeal of DADT up to a vote. She does deserve credit where a lot of others don’t.

  10. Tom in long beach says

    I call bull and say she is pretending to consider it just like Linda Lingle in HaWaii. Will pretend to ponder it then stab us in the back like all Republicans like to do!!

  11. fritzrth says

    “Historically, laws regulating family and domestic affairs have been almost exclusively regulated by the states which is why …” I’m unsure whether or not I’d support a referendum in Maine to ban miscegenation.

  12. says

    Either this is BS political theater (likely) or she is brain dead. Perhaps if her recent marriage had been on the ballot she would have already considered this very simple issue of equality. Fail.

  13. shevmonster says

    People should speak of Susan Collins with more respect. Few people have as much at stake in the marriage equality fight as I do. My husband is Australian and after 3 years of going down one dead end after another, we are out of legal options and we need marriage equality now if i am to avoid wrecking my career, abandoning my aged mother, leaving my home, and living in exile overseas. Passage of marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington would greatly increase the odds that the Supreme Court will strike down section 3 of DOMA, which would allow my husband to have a greencard, which he would already have if we were straight. Few people, therefore, are more frustrated than I am with the pace of marriage equality’s arrival. That said, Susan Collins is definitely the sort of person we can get on our side, and getting her will be a huge win for us, and saying nasty things about her is not the way to get her on our side.

  14. Rick says

    More blabbity-blab from the Far Left airheads in these comments.

    This woman saved DADT repeal from certain death and without her efforts, it would still be on the books.

    And yet you are cursing her and calling her names and insulting her for having not taken a stand on same-sex marriage, which still makes her position more favorable than Hillary Clinton’s position of being an opponent of same-sex marriage…..whose fat, ugly butt you all nevertheless kiss passionately at every opportunity.

    Stupid, stupid people.

  15. says

    Susan Collins’s (do you realize she’s one of those loathesome straight women, Rick?) vote on DADT would have meant nothing without all the Dem votes for repeal and without a Dem President. She, after much unnecessary hemming and hawing, did the right thing, but she deserves no more credit than anyone else who did the right thing. She’s not a Kansas Republican; she’s a New England Republican with a moderate constituency. Not like she went out on much of a limb with that vote.

    And the Maine ballot question is truly very simple. (Any mainstream Dem in 2012 would support it, including, obviously, Hillary.) Does she believe the gay people of her state deserve or do not deserve the same freedom to marry that she took advantage of recently. If she decides yes, good for her. If she decides no, she is saying gay Mainers are 2nd class citizens. Up to her, but there’s nothing complicated about it.

  16. Pete N SFO says

    Okay, so she feels it should be decided by States, fine. So, Ms. Collins, how do you personally feel about equal protection under law, and protection for children in gay families.

    I’ve known you for years & you’ve always enjoyed a reputation as an independent thinker and apart from the GOP wonks.

    I’m callin’ bullshiz, girl. You aren’t a Mainer, you’re just another politician.

  17. Patric says

    “She, after much unnecessary hemming and hawing, did the right thing, but she deserves no more credit than anyone else who did the right thing. She’s not a Kansas Republican; she’s a New England Republican with a moderate constituency. Not like she went out on much of a limb with that vote.” Excellent point.

    September 21, 2010: Susan Collins and Scott Brown join all of their Republican colleagues in the Senate to filibuster repeal of DADT. The reasoning offered by Collins for her obstructionism, while bogus, makes clear at a minimum that her commitment to her political party and its priorities and talking points exceeds any commitment she has to equal treatment for LGBT people.

    December 9, 2010: Susan Collins and Scott Brown join all of their Republican colleagues in the Senate to filibuster repeal of DADT.

    Shevmonster, it is highly likely that DOMA’s fate is going to be sealed in the next nine months in the U.S. Supreme Court and not by Susan Collins or any U.S. Senator. Even if the Court were to uphold DOMA (an unlikely result), passage of the existing repeal bill will surely require 60 votes in the Senate since Republicans will certainly filibuster. It is unfortunately almost inconceivable that those 60 friendly votes will be there in the next Senate, meaning that it is far more likely that Susan Collins would join in a Republican filibuster of a DOMA repeal effort in the Senate (similar to her cooperation with DADT repeal filibusters in 2010) than that, as your fantasy suggests, she might be the 60th vote needed for repeal. For all these reasons, I’m unsympathetic with your plea that we walk softly around her and kiss her butt so as not to offend her in pursuit of her vote and would suggest that, if you’re concerned about the rights which you and your husband enjoy, you think instead of donating to her Democratic opponent in her next re-election bid or for Democratic Senate candidates this year in states like Massachusetts and Wisconsin.

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