1. woodroad34 says

    While Anne Romney looked frighteningly rat-esque in that profile pic. I’ll take an intelligent black woman over a demented blond any day.

  2. Yo Momma says

    Gotta love the race card. When all else fails, it’s always the easy card to play. One can’t deny the truth, and girlfriend looks monkey-esque.

  3. Sistuh says

    All I know is I’d prefer to have a Sistuh in the White House than a bunch of frigid, prairie-dress wearing Sister Wives.

    Michelle is too hot for most smalldicked white boys, who get all intimidated by her industrial-strength chocolate power. Closet bottoms like YoMomma get all asshurt just thinking about getting worked over by dominatrix like Michelle.

  4. Audi-owner says

    @ Yo Momma

    If the snakeskin redneck boot fits….

    Secondly,it’s no surprise that racists like you deny your own bigotry and point the finger at those who call you out. I’ve seen alot of this around here,I can see right through you!

  5. Yo Momma says

    Never knew “Sistuh” was a dominatrix. You learn something new everyday. PS, get ready for “Sister Wives” to call the White House home. With a $16 trillion debt among other woes, even blacks who vote on race alone are fed up with Obama.

  6. RyanInWyo (formerly RyanInSacto) says

    Racist trolls say racist troll things, right? Stop feeding the racist troll. Starve him.

  7. MateoM says

    Moz’s: I think it’s a different troll. Probably related to audi-owner, who insisted on using a slur and generalizations in his/ her response. It’s not a coincidence when several trolls post around the same time.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    There’s not much difference in what any POTUS can do to affect any significant change in the debt over the next four years. It simply is not politically possible to reverse a $1 trillion defecit overnight without drastic dislocation in the country. Remember, moreover, that the Republicans have a notorious history on the issue. Debt doubled under Reagan and Bush II. Cheney even said that the size of the debt didn’t matter. Unfortunately, facts do not seem to matter in this election cycle.

  9. says

    She is one of two people who I want to see win this November (Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts is the other). I’m happy to see that Tammy has been maintaining a slight lead in the polls. I didn’t think she had a chance to beat Tommy when he won the Republican primary since he was so popular as governor. I’m happy to be volunteering on her campaign.

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