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Your Ears May One Day Be A Battery, Says Science

MilliondollarmanLet's take a break from this week's election to look at some technology of the not-too-distant future: an implant that turns your ears into batteries.

From New Scientist:

For the first time, an electrical device has been powered by the ear alone.

The team behind the technology used a natural electrochemical gradient in cells within the inner ear of a guinea pig to power a wireless transmitter for up to five hours.

The technique could one day provide an autonomous power source for brain and cochlear implants, says Tina Stankovic, an auditory neuroscientist at Harvard University Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lee Majors may soon have some competition, and the cost of these new bionic parts will no doubt be far less than six million dollars.

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Mitt Romney, The Saddest Man In The World


How do you think Mitt Romney's feeling right now? Probably not so great. Not only did he lose his last chance to win the White House, his campaign wasted about $25,000 for a fireworks display that never was, and his supporters' fair-weather qualities are more apparent than ever:

By the end of his campaign, Romney seemed to have a sense of peace about the type of race he had run. But the man who loves data also has to accept that he was rejected by young voters, by minorities of every kind, and even by his home town of Belmont and his home state of Massachusetts.

By the time he addressed his supporters on Tuesday night -- in a massive convention hall that opened when he was governor, in the same building where he staged the national call day for his first campaign -- the crowd had thinned.

They chanted “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!” and attempted to sing “God Bless America.” But it was lackluster and half-hearted. Some donors, who were vital to making sure his campaign was flush with cash, had left the convention hall when the result had become clear.


It is unclear what Romney, 65, will do next, but those close to him expect it could be non-profit work, becoming more active in the Mormon Church, or, for the time being, becoming a full-time grandfather.

Meanwhile, some are suggesting that Obama should offer Romney a cabinet seat, but would Romney even want something he can't buy?

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Joe Biden To Appear On Next Week's 'Parks And Recreation'


A few months ago, far before his job was secure, Vice President Joe Biden filmed a hush-hush cameo for NBC's politically-minded sitcom Parks and Recreation. That cameo will air next week, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Politicos like Sen. John McCain and retired Sen. Olympia Snowe have appeared on the show, but executive producer Michael Schur says Biden's the biggest get yet:

[Leslie Knope] has a lot of social figures that she considers heroes, but the funniest hero is Joe Biden. There’s an episode last season where she says, 'Joe Biden is on my celebrity sex list — well, he is my celebrity sex list'… It was amazing to have her meet Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer because that meant something to her politically. But this transcends that.

She’s meeting the man that she’s in love with on some deep level. It was a bigger deal to us in some ways that she meet Joe Biden than it was that she meet Barack Obama.

The scene also apparently would have also worked had Biden and President Obama lost on Tuesday. "We treated it in the writing and the execution like our main character was meeting her hero," said Schur.

[Image via EW]

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Gay Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu Wins Re-Election

BabeupaulArizona Sheriff Paul Babeu had originally hoped to win a seat in the U.S. Congress during this week's election, but pulled out after it the conservative Republican's ex-boyfriend outed him and accused Babeu of trying to get him deported.

So Babeu instead opted to run again for the Pinal County seat he's occupied since 2008.

The backtrack worked: Babeu won re-election on Tuesday and will join colleague and pal Joe Arpaio in maintaining Arizona's dubious law-enforcement tradition.

"A lot of you have been family to me and have stood by me through thick and through thin," Babeu said after clinching his win. "I can tell you there’s been some dark days, but I knew you were there with me. I knew that you had my back and you wouldn’t leave me."

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Rachel Maddow On The Election: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow was admittedly very, very "!!!" during her post-decision coverage of President Obama's re-election last night.


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Nate Silver's Book Sales Boom After 2012 Election

Signal-noise-why-so-many-predictions-fail-but-nate-silver-hardcover-cover-artNate Silver's nearly perfect call on the 2012 election is translating into massive booksales.

From a CNN report filed yesterday afternoon:

Sales of the book, "The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - but Some Don't" shot up 850% on during the last 24 hours.

It is now the second best selling book on the site, behind only popular children's book, "The Third Wheel, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 7."

So, what's next for Silver? Hopefully a vacation. And, according to Politico reporter Roger Simon's predication, perhaps some negotiations.

He tweeted, "The next sound you hear will be Nate Silver negotiating a new contract."

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