Anti-Gay Marriage Propagandist Frank Schubert Says Election Losses ‘Don’t Signal Any Shift At All’ in Public Opinion

Frank Schubert, the advertising propagandiast and mastermind behind the Prop 8 ads and the ads in all four states that lost same-sex marriage measures this last election, suddenly thinks the losses have no significance:

Schubert"The activists in the homosexual movement are very aggressive trying to spin the election results as somehow signaling a big shift in public opinion on the issue of gay marriage, when in fact it doesn't signal any shift at all," he remarks.

Schubert goes on to explain that last Tuesday, traditional marriage lost in liberal states by a relatively small percentage — even though its supporters were outspent considerably. He also told OneNewsNow that the poll should reassure traditional marriage proponents the movement is still very much alive.

He has to think that. His career depends on it.

Writes Jeremy Hooper:

Interesting, huh? In the run up to the election, Schubert & Co. told us that everything was riding on these state battles and the presidential contest. But now that the everything that they told us was at stake blew up in their faces, with American reelecting its first pro-equality President and defeating discrimination in four states, we are are suddenly told that the historic outcome was of no significance whatsoever. Isn't that convenient?


  1. Fahd says

    What a collection of childish sore losers! The longer they are lost in their denial, the likelier their demise.

  2. matt says

    I agree with Schubert – no shift in public opinion. Its confirmation of the direction we all know public opinion has been moving in – more support for equality.

  3. says

    Gayface. There. I said it.

    Look, I’m as tired as everyone else by claims of “oh, he hates gays therefore he’s a closeted homosexual” but it’s just so gallingly obvious.

    I don’t know any comfortable and confident heterosexual males who are in any way threatened by not only gay people, but “open displays” of homosexual affection or sexuality.

    Whether it’s men like my father and best straight friends who joyfully celebrate WITH US each year at pride, and in the parade, to my casual straight male acquaintances who always, without fail, ask how my romantic life is.

    They’re not threatened by anything that they know is in no way a threat to them.

    whenever men like this plebe, or the Rick Santorums of the world, vent their nonsense all they’re really saying is is “I got busted with a j/o buddy when i was a teen and i’m still trying to live it down”

    well, thanks for sharing, sugarpie.

    behind every anti-gay male is an insecurity about his own sexuality.
    behind every anti-gay woman is a sad housewife who hasn’t had an orgasm.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Excuse me but this propagandist Schubert is considered a “mastermind” yet spews drivel like this statement? Puh-lese, Ms. Thing (yep, look at THAT gay face), just whose bank account are you trying to pad in your state of homo (and home rights) denial stage (no, wait, I already know the answer)!

  5. Paul R says

    Sorry to kvetch, but “states that lost same-sex marriage measures” isn’t the clearest way of putting it. You could just as (likely more) clearly say “won.”

    I agree with you, per usual, Kiwi. Those who protest too much usually have some bizarre issue. It seems like a stupid stereotype at times, but many stereotypes exist for a reason. Not all, obviously.

  6. Steve says

    He is an ultra-conservative Catholic nutbag, but a lot of his motivation is purely financial. He gets paid a lot of money and needs to keep his employers happy somehow

  7. Rob says

    Frank, Clearly you are trying to save your account which made you hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal income. As a business owner who hires ad agencies to market my product an 0 for 4 record equals me firing your ass.

  8. Chris says

    Let’s hope they continue to behave this way! Let’s hope they continue to spew out such nonsense and that the Republicans believe it! That will just be one more (big) nail in the coffin.

    Already many REPUBLICANS are saying that if the party doesn’t change, it will go the route of The Whig Party. Let’s hope they never change.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    The more I hear of the Republican/conservative attempts to spin this election, the more I see how quickly they forget recent history, especially their own words. Romney seems not to have been a loose canon after all – he has simply been a leader in the mass amnesia.

  10. FlexSF says

    Who cares what these obsessed-invaders-of-privacy think? Once we have the power of the SCOTUS on our side, home run. Their power and control over our autonomous lives shall be cauterized.

  11. says

    I’d love to hear what his lesbian sister has to say about all of this!!! What a horrible brother… I heard him being interviewed by Michelangelo Signorile. He came across as very smug and even had a small meltdown.. It is hard for me to imagine actually making a living by demonizing a group of people..including one’s own sister!

  12. Jack M says

    Yes, gayface. Let the crybabies cry, the American people have had their say and the bigots lost pretty much everything. Boo hoo hoo!

  13. simon says

    Public opinion has changed at least in Maine as testified in the voting outcome. It is an undeniable fact.

  14. Bill says

    I just tried to post a funny wisecrack about Schubert based on a W.C. Fields film. Unfortunately, towleroad automatically censored it, I suspect because the title of the movie I referred to used some 1930s slang for “detective” that consisted of a “D” followed by the letters, “ick”.

    I’d suggest they fix their filters or at least tell people what the problem is before wiping out the text.

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Bill: I have been trying to figure out TR’s policies and have given up. That includes comments that have been deleted after being posted.

  16. Bernie says

    and again, I even hate responding this nucklehead. The American voter has spoken! What can be clearer than the results of last Tuesday!!! The conservative movement is declining and will never climb its way back. denialll, delusionallllll

  17. Clint says

    He is using anti-gay propaganda by you posting this here, you know. He most likely learned how to use propaganda from the CIA or FBI or the Nazis who were good enough to get the German Catholics to kill millions of Jews and homosexuals. So when ever you see any anti-gay propaganda you now know where it is coming from, for that matter most of the anti-propaganda is coming from those people. Some of them also happen to be anti-gay Christians as well as CIA and FBI, etc..

  18. Mary says

    Schubert’s lack of discussion about the outcome in Iowa was instructive (the pro-gay judge was retained by 54%.) Nor did voters return Republicans to control of the statehouse so they could begin amending the state constitution to get rid of gay marriage, as conservatives had hoped would happen. Since some SSM supporters were opposed to the judges ruling (they wanted a voter referendum to give it legitimacy) the judge’s 54% retention vote actually underestimates the number of Iowa voters who support same-sex marriage. What happened this past Tuesday effectively places Iowa, a midwestern, middle-0f-the-road state in the pro-equality column. That says more than SSM passing in 3 or 4 liberal states. As usual, the media misses the biggest story.

  19. Bill says

    @ Diogenes Arktos While Towleroad may want to censor “d” followed by “ick” due to its use as slang for a male sex organ, the censors should realize that “D” followed by “ick” often has a different meaning, including its use as the first name of a former but recent vice president of the U.S. Hint to towleroad (and others): when a word is capitalized mid sentence, chances are that it is a proper name. If you must censor the word, at least make it case sensitive – while some people use all upper case to “shout”, someone on a rant is not likely to capitalize the first letter of a word simply to get by towleroad’s filters.

    Some of the web-censorship policies of various sites are absolutely crazy – I once had a comment censored because of a word in a quote from an article that the web site had in fact published: they could say it, but you could not quote it.

  20. andrew says

    Little Kiwi and a few others should turn their gaydar the f*ck off. It just shows how they buy into silly stereotypes.

  21. EchtKultig says

    We need to start rating these people…since they ALL look like closet cases, the only fun would be in comparing HOW MUCH they look like a closet case. I give Schubert 7 out of 10 airport restroom toe taps.

  22. jamal49 says

    @PAUL R: Thank you! Semantics mean everything. I think TW could have used a little better editing and/or proofreading on several stories today.

    What? OK, Andy, I’ll sit down and shut up.