Rachel Maddow Rips GOP on Foreign Policy, Tells McCain to STFU: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow delivered a searing look at the GOP's lack of leadership on foreign policy last night, looking at the situations in Iraq, Libya, and Israel:

"The Iraq war was not a good idea. If that is confusing to you. If you have not bothered to figure that out, that implies that you are not  thinking very hard or very clearly about the role of America in the world and the idea of what counts as a good idea for a war. And the GOP has not been thinking about about these issues for the past ten years...."

She ultimately delivered a major smackdown to John McCain and the position he's taken "for lack of any competition for the title" as the Republican Party's most prominent go-to guy on foreign policy when he just has no clue:

“How did John McCain get to be the Republican Party's northstar on foreign policy in 2012? ... There is a basic level of interest and competence required even of the opposition party on the subject, even if the country has decided they don’t want to put you back in the White House, not after what George W Bush did with it. Even if you’re just in congress, even if you’re just the opposition, you need to know what you’re talking about. You need to have a basic level of competence. And doing what John McCain says is not a reasonable substitution for basic competence on this subject.”

Watch Maddow's evisceration, AFTER THE JUMP...

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