Marriage Equality Ahead In Maine And Minnesota Polls

LoveEqualityThe latest Public Policy Polling survey on the marriage equality votes going down in Minnesota and Maine next week shows that most voters appear to support same-sex nuptials, but the numbers in Maine are also closer than they were in polls past.

From TPM:

[PPP] shows 52 percent of likely Minnesota voters oppose a proposed
constitutional amendment to recognize marriage between a man and woman
as the only valid union in the state. Forty-five percent support the
amendment. PPP's previous Minnesota survey conducted in early-October
showed a decidedly tighter race.

In Maine, a survey from in-state pollster Critical Insights released Sunday shows 55 percent of likely voters support a referendum to provide legal recognition to same-sex marriage. Opposition to the measure has jumped 7 points to 42 percent since the previous Critical Insights poll in June, while support has remained largely static.

Only a few days left, folks!


  1. scott says

    The good thing about the amendment in Minnesota is that it will have to have at least 50% of the votes cast in the election to pass- which means if there are any undecideds out there who feel uncomfortable voting either way- their vote will count as a “no.”

    fingers crossed though- Minnesota is pretty conservative in some parts.

  2. Francis says

    We’re leading in Washington, and even if you account undecideds voting NO, we still have between 52-54% support. So at this point, it comes down to turnout. If we get the people we need to the polls, we’ll win Washington. Washington and Maine look pretty likely to vote for equality.

    Maryland is extremely close. We’ve seen gains in polls against the amendment ban of equality in Minnesota the past few weeks and if that holds, then we can win Minnesota, which would be a major win for us. A Midwestern state with major conservative areas would be a major win. Iowa as well has a recall vote of a justice there who voted for equality and we’re winning there as well.

    We’ve never had a legitimate lead this late in the game in any state. Even with Prop 8, we were tied and/or losing in most polls by now. But we cannot be overconfident. Now is the time for a concentrated effort in bringing all equality minded citizens out to vote.

  3. rdiac says

    We’re anxiously watching this here in Oz – a win in mainstream states like WA and MN would have a real effect on our polity as to what’s a more reasonable neutral future. Did I mention anxious?

  4. hm says

    I’m up in BC, near Washington, so I get to watch the ads for and against the proposition. I have to say the against ads have the stench of desperation.

    This opposition to marriage equality from Washington is really weird, as they can see that we haven’t had a breakdown in society in BC (have had marriage equality since 2003.

    I really hope that pro side wins.

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